Constitutional Challenge by Daniel De Costa

Many Singaporeans have been following with apprehension, the high levelled defamatory suits launched by the PAP ministers who at times, utilised personal resources to do so and on other occasions, through the AGC.

I begin with a spin-off from an infamous quote by Rev. Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “When they came for JBJ, I didn’t bother as I was not an Anson resident, when they came for CSJ, I didn’t care as I am not a SDP member, when they came for Daniel De Costa and Terry Xu, I didn’t help as I am not a blogger but by the time they came for me, there was no one left to defend me.”

What is particularly disturbing on yesterday’s verdict is that it renders the appearance of the Executive shadowing over all branches of government, not just the Legislature alone. Words said by ministers past and present were being twisted to suit agendas and applications by the AGC are almost always a given but not when it comes to the Defence. When AGC applied to vacate the trials from 9-12 Sept 19, it was granted but the defence’s request to postpone the trial of 2 Jan 20 for time to file a criminal motion was being flatly rejected by the District Judge citing “precious resources”. But AGC had no qualms plundering those said resources when it aborted the Sept 2019 trials and assigned 4 senior DPPs in July 2019 to nail De Costa and Terry.

The Senior DPPs of course, had resorted to personal attacks on the integrity of De Costa and called into question his Singaporean identity. This is precisely the underhand tactics that Prof. Tommy Koh and others have cautioned about when levelling criticism against civil rights activists who love the Country no less than the PA or PAP.

If such a scenario were to persist, I’m afraid we will descend down the slippery slope of a Totalitarian State, only pending confirmation of this status at the next polls. The next stage after that will be Anarchism, when citizens awake from their slumber to discover a situation similar to the Najib-era Malaysia. The fears of what Chan Chun Sing said on Hong Kong will then be realised!

The AGC said we’re “special” and Western style democracy and discourse have no place in our society. Hence, should we become the poster for fanboys of crony capitalism?

The measure of our success can only be determined by our measure of grace and that is what makes the people of America great, whether it comes to their contributions of finances or technologies to the world. It’s not their president or political parties but their ability to always rebound when facing setbacks and not awaiting a government manual on life! We cannot rely on the EU, UK, Australia or NZ to fight our battles on our behalf, for they so often contradict themselves on Human Rights issues while inking trade deals with affluent dictatorships. We must find back our lost S’pore spirits to do so.


Matt Yap




8 Responses to “Constitutional Challenge by Daniel De Costa”

  • INSIDE 200 is not within 200m:

    for a system that can say INDIAN is malay for the purpose of selecting an INDIAN as malay president,

    it is no different than the lying one which rules INSIDE 200m is not within 200m.

    why so crooked?

    money. always about S$m which the pliant pap parleement approved. see the rot in pap PA abusing S$m (actually it is S$billions) for pap political advantage. when asked how can like that, pap says approved by pap pliant parleement so what is illegal becomes technically legitimate.

    daylight APPROVED lying thieving cheating.

    we never cry over this. we just vote OPPO every time there is vote to be cast.

    as long as the crooked is in charge, cry also no use. from agc cpib spf bank negara all under thumb. like when Msia najib was in power, all under him so all declare najib and wife very fine.

    as soon as Dr Mahatir PH formed New Government after GE14, suddenly, with new spf cpib agc bank negara every crooked deed of najib and wife comes out in the open and daylight clear najib and wife guilty as hell.

    so the same with pap clown and wife and their S$m gang. GUARANTEED.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    A Bastard who betrayed his country and people will CHANGE the CONstitution to suit his Evil Plan faces Karma on his deathbed…calling for Jesus to save him from agony to NO avail…Not REMORSE but of FEAR of Death the Coward that he TRULY is after inflicting Fear and Misery on his adversary and people…

    for those carrying out his LEEgacies…Retribution and Karma awaits!!!

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  • WorldAtWar:

    You must remove the business of politics in government, all over the world, which gives tremendous insane power to one man and his choice of key ministers. If you live by a system which elevate man to such position of power and authority (god like), he will employ all that is invested in him to implement his world view by force, of law, and if necessary through violence under his command

    The disaffectation in societies at national and international level will ultimately lead to global war or conflicts and in turn provide the justification for these strongman to assert their world view on their people…by force. This is played out in larger scale between China and USA and or smaller states. Singapore is no exception. 0

    The fight is for people of the world to unite against this grave evil. If you localise your fight, you will only end up in a hot pot of frog soup(you being the activist frog)

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  • Crony Executive: Do as i say!:

    “Crony capitalism is essentially a condition in which… public officials are giving favours to people in the private sector in payment of political favours… I have found no greater satisfaction than achieving success through honest dealing and strict adherence to the view that, for you to gain, those you deal with (cpf-citizen) should gain as well.”

    - Alan Greenspan

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  • Singkee por:

    Singkees will remain selfish until they suffer ten times more and become jobless and unable to withdraw cpf.

    Fingers crossed .

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  • we need change:

    their ownself check ownself laws that can ownself claim theyre always white as newly fallen snow!

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  • trublu:

    first GRC must be abolished.
    when GRC is abolished,only the REAL MPs /law-makers will enter parliament.
    those who just want fame and money,pls go to private sector.
    Become CEOs,hedge-fund bosses,venture capitalists,inventors/patent-holders,start-up founders etc.why join govt so unwillingly???

    only those who are willing to SERVE the PEOPLE need stand for elections.
    those luke-warm and half-committed,pls do not join and cause hardships to fellow sgs.

    like LEE SHENG-WU said: MO MORE LEE family members or LEE-RELATED people.

    enough of the same mould as it shows that things cannot work anymore.
    we need DIVERSITY and not more of the SAME PAPple in govt.

    we have ebough PAPple with groupie-thinking that is not much of thinking in the first place!



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  • justanothercitizen:

    Well said Matt Yap. All our situations ( I hesitate to use the word problems), are only symptoms. The root cause is an arrogant government that behaves like they own us.

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