Expiry of NETS Flash card

Someone complained to me that his money in the NETS flash card was confiscated on the expiry of the card.

He send to me a copy of the letter from NETS explaining that the card is valid for 7 years and the owner is allowed another two years to claim a refund of the unused balance. This is stated in the “terms and conditions” on the website.

I do not understand why there is a need to have an expiry date for the NETS card.

I checked and found that the London Oyster card does not have an expiry date. The Hong Kong Octopus card also do not have any expiry date. The Sydney Opal card has an expiry date of 9 years.

It seemed that London and Hong Kong are fair to their customers, and Singapore and Sydney are not fair.


Tan Kin Lian




6 Responses to “Expiry of NETS Flash card”

  • TruBlu:

    For once,i agree with your observations.
    Sin City gahmen greedy,extremely greedy to the point of being UNCARING if sgs get farked by their poLEEcie$ or not.

    Take FT POLEE$Y.
    Anyhow conceived and more anyhow implemented.

    From my many years of working with ang mohs,Australians more CALCULATING on average.
    Actually,a bit ngeow.

    Americans more straight forward but demanding.
    British a bit sarcastic,though subtle.

    Amercans,though more generous than other ang mohs like to HIRE N FIRE but nowadays not sure,they like indian FTs and PEE-noise.
    Europeans more conservative.
    Germans on the ball but quite fierce.
    Dutch quite innovative people.

    But NO ONE CAN COMPARE TO PAPple when it comes to BASHING OWN people???
    Anyone disagree?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    What better way to suck money out from idiots?

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  • PAP Supporter:

    You don’t understand then let me explain it to you; [read from somewhere].

    You are talking about cash stored value card, so many hackers would be targeting at it. Believe me, there are many hackers around and in Singapore also. Many have benefited from it but will not big mouth publish or tell you about it. Imagine you pass thru the ERP uncharged or eat for free, small token but definitely as a small reward for their knowledge and challenge.

    Counter hacking could have estimated that a smart hacker using the best super super computer using brute force technique would takes about say 10 years to descrypt their keys encryption and encoding technique, thus 7 years to change the card would mentally dissuade any hackers from attempting at their card.

    You should instead appreciate “NETS” for their simple and wise security approach. But users are made to pay for the extra kiasu security.

    Advise potential hackers not to try or become greedy unless they have a wide and big means to draw and disburse the cash fast enough which is always the hurdle of the game.

    5cents in the pocket is better than $1 to jail.

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  • oxygen:

    MY RELIABLE INFORMED SOURCE TOLD ME THIS – a NETS card with an unconsumed balance of almost $17 credit on expiry was forfeited silently. The owner of the card complained and was asked to filed a reclaim via standardised form which stated clearly the service charge was $2 for this action.

    Guess what the amount credited into the owner’s account finally? It is around $2 i.e. the service charge for processing the refund is $15!!


    The owner got mad, called the helpline n fought tooth and nail over this “extortion”

    Guess what the outcome was? He got a refund in total of nearly $15 i.e the processing fee was only $2 as stated on the prescribed form.

    THE MORAL OF THE TRUE STORY FROM MY INFORMED SOURCE IS THIS – with card business – FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS TOOTH AND NAIL, if you want your respect and not be excreted upon of what amounted to daylight robbery.

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  • Bapak:

    Whats wrong with making more money – this is their motto. Boundless greed.

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  • DavidNeo&IreneVanessa:Morons:

    All Singapore cards expire and money consficated.

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