What our men’s softball team can teach the FT-friendly PAP Government

The Singapore Men’s Softball team’s won a historic gold medal in the SEA games today, upsetting the host Philippines. For them to beat the Philippines’ men’s national team on the latter’s home soil is no mean feat. The Philippines have been the powerhouse in this sport in Asia for decades.

This is a very relevant lesson for our Nation on how we must rely on our own native talent and not be overly dependent on so called ‘foreign talent’. [This was a team made up of 100% native Singaporean young men!]

This young team’s success (the average age is only 22.8 years old  was no fluke. The genesis of the team’s success can be traced back some 10 years, when principally 3 secondary schools, namely Catholic High, Anglo-Chinese and Raffles started a very serious softball program.

In the case of Catholic High, they even started special sports classes, where promising athletes were identified and parents were encouraged to enroll their children in it. The schedule was gruelling, with the schoolchildren being dropped off as early as 6 am to train before classes started. After class every day, there would be training as well. The schoolchildren would often reach home at around 7-8pm, and then they would have to do homework as well.

It required a lot of discipline, but the schoolchildren not only excelled at their chosen sport but in their studies too!

These young sportsmen often landed up in either Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Raffles Junior College or Hwa Chong Junior College, which were the top 3 teams in their age-group. Former rivals became teammates and a real camaraderie was established. From these teams, the core of the Men’s youth team was formed before they stepped up to the National Men’s team.

What it shows is that Singapore does not lack talent – I eschew all the nonsensical talk of our country being talent deficit. What we need is a government that is serious about training our citizens to do the high-end and well-paying jobs and not import foreigners to take those jobs away from Singaporeans!

And by serious training, I don’t mean the absurd SkillsFuture program, the 2 most popular courses of which are K-Pop and how to qualify as a PHV driver! We want Singaporeans to be doing the high-end and well-paying jobs.

Every government must realise a simple truth- when the need arises, no foreigner is going to bear arms to defend our Nation. Only native Singaporeans are going to lay their lives on the line to defend our people! A decent government owes our citizens the duty of looking after their interests ahead of the interests of any foreigner!

Lim Tean





9 Responses to “What our men’s softball team can teach the FT-friendly PAP Government”

  • $300,000.00 per day:

    Money pooled to take care of own. when Money pooled to give to others (~$1 million every day) and reward to selves ($300,000.00 per day), neglecting and punishing own (parents owed $156), then “NO WAY – Why should I be subjected to such lavish spending and abuses”.

    Taiwan should continue to sing song.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Indeed “No mean FEAT”…Pinoys had been playing Baseball the fore-runner of Soft Ball??? during US rule and that is almost 100 years when we were playing Rounders & Cricket under British rule

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  • Harder Truths:

    And this triumph helps us…how?

    Raffles, ACS and Hwa Chong are full of rich kids who never have to work and can spend their time playing games. They will get a good job courtesy of their rich family or if they can’t – then they will migrate. No problem for them.

    Talent from the rich is because they are rich. Try doing the same thing if you cannot pay $156 school fees. You will realise this post is barking up the wrong tree.

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  • Bapak:

    I suggest to the KNNCBC PaPigs to buy over all the champions (Gold medalists) on the 30th SEA Games and convert them immediately to gold. Next SEA Games will see only Singapore taking every sports. And no one is interested to watch it.

    Live will be too predictive and boring.

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  • Relevant Lesson ?:

    The only lesson is 1 good time dont last forever and 2 if you strive hard enough, you can make it.

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  • Evil, Greedy And Corrupt:

    You think those in office do not know these common sense things??

    There is a larger concern, extreme greed and how to milk more money before being booted out.

    Where are all the well fed ex ministar sycophants now?
    They have amassed millions to last centuries.

    Citizens and foreigners alike are just digits to be used and exploited.

    Do our dafts realise that?!

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  • Majulah Singapura?:

    Tean, the Republic always had raw natural talent in many fields. Only damned thing, the Corporation made sure that talent must be honed for its, by now, elitist fiscal objectives – or else remain very very mediocre …. hahahaha.By the way bro. you play good football or not?

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  • saying manpower crunch:

    //Only native Singaporeans are going to lay their lives on the line to defend our people! A decent government owes our citizens the duty of looking after their interests ahead of the interests of any foreigner!//

    really or not ? with open-leg policy of 6.9m or 10m (no-exclusivity), do you think it is worth defending sinkie land ? with so many people, surely the white idiots can galvanize good enough people from the 6.9 or 10m to defend sinkie land ?

    but even moving towards and slowly closer to 6.9m and 10m open-leg policy, still heard from the white idiots saying manpower crunch in armed forces leh ?
    it seems that when white idiots moved towards more people, the wayang crunch still cannot be solved ? they need more wayang crunch to keep daft sinkies as possible ?


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    The only reason why foreigners are caleed “talented” is because our govt digned deals promising jobs to aliens.

    Funny how unrhinking foreigners want to buy into that lie and rate themselves so highly.

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