Giving away $238 million scholarships every year to Foreigners but chasing for $156 from a poor Singaporean

Enough has been highlighted to Ministry of Education (MOE) on the plight of a PSLE student, whose exams results slip was withheld for not paying up a mere $156. MOE responded shamelessly, saying that withholding exam results slips over unpaid school fees is a “long-standing practice”. MOE said that the student can still progress to secondary school using the photocopy of the results slip.

In Aug this year, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung made a shocking revelation in Parliament that his Ministry spends about a whopping $238 Million a year of Taxpayers for free scholarship grants to Foreigners, in responding to a question by Workers’ Party’s Non-constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Leon Perera, who asked about the Government’s spending on foreign students.

After much drilling queries from Mr Perera of Workers Party, Mr Ong admitted about 4 per cent of international students default on their bonds now and the tuition grants given to this group of students come to about S$5.5 million yearly. There was no mention of the exact number of students who actually defaulted, a standard PAP style of evading the question, giving responses in percentage but not the actual number.
Since MOE has been giving away scholarships for last 20 years, we would have lost about a whopping $110 Million in total, of Taxpayer money to foreign students who had defaulted payment; only to recover from a few of them.

If MOE’s policy is to withhold original PSLE Certificate of a poor Singaporean for not paying school fee arrears of $156, Singaporeans are puzzled as to why the same rule was not applied to thousands of Foreigners who absconded after collecting their educational certificates. Why such disparity?

After much public scrutiny by Singaporeans, MOE is now seen as a bully of the weak, by inflicting irreparable damage to the affected children by humiliating them in front of their peers, rather than going after their parents.

The public outcry of MOE’s actions has been so intense, Ministers have been avoiding any public statement on this issue, fearing opening up the Pandora box around foreign scholarship recipients who absconded after collecting their diplomas and degrees.

Another failure of PAP’s schemes favoring foreigners using Singaporeans taxpayers money. It is also disgusting to know that MOE seems to suggest Mr Gilbert Goh may not have honorable intentions in exposing this issue on social media.

MOE, shame on you!


Roger Kok




16 Responses to “Giving away $238 million scholarships every year to Foreigners but chasing for $156 from a poor Singaporean”

  • 70% sheep truly stupid:

    pap abuses S$m of 70% sheep CPF money on aliens.

    while S$156 seems to be a lot of money to the same pap Ljs and pap Cbs, citing long practice in bullying local born who voted them into power, the same pap Ljs and pap Cbs no hesitation in dishing out S$m on educating aliens.

    these aliens are citizens of another nation. but they do rank much higher in pap hierarchy over the local born, especially over the local born male who need to waste years of his precious life in NSF NSR.

    in the end, pity the S$156 student?

    it depends.

    if child’s parents have never voted pap, we pity. Just let us know it is so, a cheque shall be sent out asap to the parents. S$100. no further questions asked other than the NEVER voted pap question.

    if child’s parents are pap voters, then, too bad. we lift not a single finger. we just continue to write arm chair pieces against such sheep mentality.

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  • Bapak:

    Shame on Sinkies70 also. You subject your children & their children to such treatment never mind don’t subject others of such treatment. Be responsuble to our future generations, VTO!

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  • tell the truth shame the devil:

    we need more gilbert goh’s to expose issues that may be out of ordinary peasants reach.
    the many good opposition parties are doing their part too we know…but getting POFMA-ed.

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  • Longan must b farked:

    Although to some idiots, this figure is small amount, it is OUR MONEY!
    They must never say its small amount.

    They do not own our money!
    How many dialysis machines can be installed and lives saved??

    Fark the longan and LJ heng

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  • Despicable $300,000.00 per day:

    Uncaring and despicable, treating us like animal, down to humiliating even a small kid. How can this be acceptable.

    Imagine a simple traffic offence and you are kicked until blood and injury. The poor PMD rider conditions still unknown. The scars he sustained will be permanent, that is if he survives and no brain damage.

    If someone knows what hospital he’s in, I will go visit him and take photos for all to see.

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  • Help our poor:

    Need to help our poor.
    No need to punish their children…
    MOE should stop the poor policy..

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  • Singapore Fooled Again n Again:

    please vote wisely come next GE for our future generations. Now the elites are helping their own kinds and those kakis and privileged groups they want to help but the rest, die your own business

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  • the hardest truth:

    why are we KPKBing for? 238 mio (i could stand “corrected” but read somewhere it was nearly 400 mio) yearly has been going on for decades. we gave them free access to do anything they liked. the outcome will be the same after the coming GE. so why bother wasting bandwidth and server space with posting all this unnecessary noise when nothing will ever change? think about it lah. you willingly bend over and when ppl poke you, you cry mother cry father.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Ever ask yoursele why when you are near a Minister especially the PM they smell??? …

    the spit spat at them were NEVER wiped…

    they will face the wind to let it BLOW DRY…to CONfirm they have no SHAME!!!

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  • justanothercitizen:

    Long standing practice is neither a reason or an excuse. It is a self damning statement!

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  • Pioneer:

    I think one Uncle Gilbert Goh is worth more than so many white feathers sitting and sleeping in ParLeemen. They are so highly paid until their brains run out of ideas. They are seated so high up there counting their monthly salaries, that they have forgotten the common citizens struggling at the ground, e.g. the poor 12-y.o. being denied an original exam results infront of her classmates in school !

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  • lying pap S$m liars:

    patriot of TUMASIK:
    Ever ask yoursele why when you are near a Minister especially the PM they smell??? …

    the spit spat at them were NEVER wiped…

    they will face the wind to let it BLOW DRY…to CONfirm they have no SHAME!!!

    they say money is color blind.

    but they never say money, the pap ownself justify ownself S$m approved by pliant pap parleement, is smell blind.

    in fact, these pap Ljs and pap Cbs all smell so bad we don’t even want to look at them when accidentally their faces come out in pap tv mediacorpse or pap newspapers the states times.

    it is that bad, these parleement approved S$m ownself pay ownself S$m thieves.

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  • Memo for the educated:

    Four traits lift a person to the highest ranks, even if their works and knowledge are little:
    forbearance, humility, generosity, and good character. This is the perfection of faith….
    Live as long as you want, but you must die (one of these days); love whatever you desire, but you will become separated from it (without fail); and do as you wish, but you will be recompensed (accordingly) for it.”

    Imam Al-Ghazali

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  • Kettle and Pots Are Both Black:

    MOE only knows how to bully the locals who can not pay the school fee by their parents for whatever reasons, by holding back their original PSLE/O Level/N level, A Level certificates.

    If this is the practice across the board by MOE, then why are foreign students on scholarship not having their original degrees withheld until they have fulfilled their obligation.

    If this is the case, then I suppose the $5.5 M per annum will not come to waste as those who defaulted will not be given the original degree.

    Why is there a double standard. One for locals and the other for foreigners. Ironically, locals are worse off than foreigners which in fact the scale should tilt towards the former. Even on the same scale, it is already a disadvantage to the locals. I reckon, citizens should ALWAYS have the privilege as compared to foreigner in any country.

    Is this the Government that you want, which favours foreigners FAR more than their own citizens using our Taxpayers’ money????? You decide on the next GE!!

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  • Heng Coma Longan Faint:

    I know of 2 china turned sg new citizens grad from NTU . Both PhD. I wonder who paid for their course fees?

    I think i know the answer.

    I know of two other china parents new citizens one of whom is grad from sg universities and holding job as architect. The other still studying law .

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  • Harder Truths:

    It’s called replacing the stupid.

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