Save our Hawkers and our elderly poor

I am writing about 2 important issues facing our society. Many foreigners and our elites may not care about this matter but as a Singaporean who care about our culture and our elderly poor, I am very concerned about these problems.

There are 2 problems, Hawker food prices that are getting more and more expensive, and the lack of Hawkers in our small country.

Firstly, expensive hawker food prices are unfairly punishing our elderly poor. If we look at the new social enterprise Hawkers, they are always charging high prices and coming up with new wacky foods and “hipster” takes on traditional foods, so they can justify their expensive prices. Gone are the traditional fare we grew up with and loved, but new Hawkers come up with more and more twists on traditional food at expensive prices. The truth is many elderly poor may not be able to afford the $4.50 bah Chor mee, even if it has more meat. Those ah gong ah mas who may not make much money will not be able to enjoy the $8.90 Western food or $20 mala hot pot. The truth is consumers want affordable, quality traditional food, not more rules and regulations about returning our own trays, new instagrammable foods that come along at elite price points. Ordinary Singaporeans are being unfairly pushed aside through rising food prices, and they are left feeling helpless as a result. This is not just about new Hawker centres, but I notice the same thing happening to old Hawker centres and HDB coffeeshops. More and more, I see old people eating at the same regular coffeeshops and they end up eating the same food all the time from old time Hawkers that are kind enough not to raise prices. I think it may be due to the fact these are the few affordable options in our heartlands, as many Hawkers now charge more and more even in residential coffeeshops.

The next problem is our lack of Hawkers. Even though food prices are rising, due to mismanagement by social enterprises, many youngsters are now unwilling to become Hawkers. So many PMD food riders would rather protest against the government when pmd riders have injured many elderlies and young children by riding on footpath. They should work around the ban and Ensure they do not ride on footpath instead of grumbling. Also why are none of them taking up jobs at coffeeshops if they truly lack jobs? I think the problem lies in the PAP Govt’s indoctrination of Singaporeans to worship degrees and quick cash, instead of truly embracing the dignity of labour.

Decades of telling our children to study hard and steal foreigner rice bowl has led to a generation of Singaporeans that now do not wish to work as Hawkers, even though these jobs are very respectable and many Hawkers who do well drive cars and live in condos. Even important jobs like Hawker assistants have to be outsourced to foreigners when Singaporeans rather deliver food than make the food themselves. Is this what they mean by moving up the value chain? Instead of having our own locals start businesses and hire more locals in F&B, Hawkers are not blatantly hiring foreigners, while Singaporeans are only interested when it comes to delivering food. Think about it, the singaporean delivering one packet of food may only make $5 per trip, maybe once or twice per hour, but the Hawkers running the business make way more by selling many more dishes every hour. Why are Singaporean’s moving down the value chain?

Overall, the PAP government has to solve 2 problems, control expensive food prices and manage the attitude of youngsters so they will be able to take over from the previous generation, and save our dying hawker trade.

Hope to see change soon.


CG Tan




13 Responses to “Save our Hawkers and our elderly poor”

  • Boh Kia See:

    It is all very well to blame food deliverers concerning PMD accidents.

    But just how many accidents caused by PMDs involve food delivery personnel rushing to deliver food?

    If, and only if, PMD riders delivering food only comprises .05% of the accident statistics, then why have a blanket ban that affects their livelihood. the employment situation of most of these riders are precarious enough–no need to add further regulatory strangulation onto their work.

    The officer that did a kung-fu kick on that PMD rider actually deserves a medal in my books.

    The problem with the PAP is they always resort to cheap and simplistic methods without sufficient thought about the people their regulations will affect.

    In the old days for those in the pioneer generation, they would remember one PAP leader, Ong Eng Guan who conducted an anti spitting campaign. Under current PAP leadershp–there is no need to have any campaign. Simply change the and fine culprits for spitting and if that is not enough, introduce canning to go with it. It would be an overnight cure for spitting in public.

    This PAP, in my view, no longer cares about its citizens but about their bank balance. What they have been doing all these years is to control the citizens to make sure that no one topples their apple cart.

    Public figures that is gaining traction with citizens will be targeted. See what happens to Uncle Leong–no more noise. Effective or not? The next one is also in their sight at the moment–the person who orgainsed the anti CECA meeting at Speakers Corner.

    This will continue–if we let them. If the trend continues, what kind of a world will your children be living in?

    The PAP simply has to go–for you and your children to have a chance to breath and grow.

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  • who is the one at fault ???:

    pity these poor old folks?

    nah. no way.

    we are also poor living in Aljunied over priced HDB rental. but we have never voted pap. because we know pap is a very corrupt group of S$m money faced clan of legally approved thieves.

    every GE, the so called poor old folks they vote pap. we are harmed by their very stupid action.

    now they are hurt by pap brainlessness, do we give a hoot?

    nah. no way.

    let them suffer the consequence of their stupidity in voting pap.

    sure. they are mostly unschooled and so afraid of pap ampai they just do what pap says. even so, reap what they sow.

    are we better off not giving a hoot? no. we are hurt badly by these poor folks who voted pap. but are we so gracious we help them despite being hurt by their stupid action in voting pap?

    nah. we help only those who help us by toppling pap.

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  • 70% sheep truly stupid:

    why should we pity such?

    they are by any measure the folks who harmed us in their voting pap.

    they voted pap to harm themselves, and us in the process. why should we care about their plight?

    they can jolly well improve their lives if they voted OPPO. they have chosen not to. so they harm themselves by voting pap.

    pap is bad because it is a gang of S$m money faced legalized thieves via a pliant pap parleement out to make S$m at the expense of these poor folks who voted them into power.

    in the end, pity the 30% OPPO like us who are harmed by the stupid actions of these so called poor.

    should we pity them? nah. they are the root cause of all wrongs in pap Singapore.

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  • Bapak:

    After every upgrading of hawker centre or food court, prices increase. Even after every announcement on taxes increase like water & electricity, food prices increase. Ever year their rental also increase. Who gain, who loss you all know. Where does the problem lie? You all know. No point kpkb, just VTO!

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  • Dr. Chan:

    The hawkers and elderly need to save themselves first. Vote PAP out. God save those who save themselves

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  • Help our people:

    Need to bring the hawker prices down..bring down the costs of doing business for them.Good for the poor and elderly in this expensive Singapore.

    Do more to encourage more to take up hawker trade…mindset change needed.

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  • Singapore Fooled Again n Again:

    Yes, cheap meals at hawker centres are getting rarer. Only those low footfalls hawker centres we can still see cheaper prices. 20 to 30 years ago, prices can stay the same for 10 years without change. Nowadays we see the stallholders just use stickers to replace a new higher price tag as the changes are so frequent they no longer change the pricing signage.

    A meal before adding drink price can be between $4 to over $10 a person. Something is not right.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    they tried through NTUC social enterprise hawker stalls @2$ for a meal standard fare…

    they should have more of such stalls in the same hawker centre selling different food @2$ too… example Malay, Indian & Vegetarian plus a drink stall…

    Since these stalls are subsidised and employed workers the prices are competitive against the unscrupulous hawkers rising prices and Providing JOBs for the elderly and young if they are jobless instead of riding around

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  • justanothercitizen:

    //Overall, the PAP government has to solve 2 problems, control expensive food prices and manage the attitude of youngsters so they will be able to take over from the previous generation, and save our dying hawker trade.

    Hope to see change soon.

    CG Tan//

    Still looking to the MIW to solve your problems? Alamak!!

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  • Hope mr Shanmugam see my post:

    When petrol n diesel taxes are raised and water alsoit increases prices down the chain;end resultseveryone pays more for finished goods and services,
    Hawkers are clever now they donot raise prices some cases but they give less;so you order more if you still hungry;
    Look at popiah stall Kebun Baru in NEE soon Grc ; last time it was 1.50 per roll now $2 but no sausage or prawns just plain turnips inside;worse and worse,it’s in mr shanmugamgrc; plse try popiah in kebun baru Hawkers centre;
    Jln Leban,ask someone buy for you becos if they see you they put in extra ingredients; buy unnoticed
    Off course our ministers donot know Becos they eat in restaurants like xo carrot cake or d21 durian delivered doorstep
    U get boutique designer food in hawker stalls now
    I was talking to gasoline Stn manager ; it costs millions to get lease sell petrol n and off course end result Petro
    Price high affects food prices as raw materials have to be delivered;
    Diesel price cheaper but they impose the damn diesel tax and now no importer brings in diesel cars; they squeeze everything they can and I hope to see change Govt in my lifetime for sake of future of children,
    I am 72; at my age still working as CPF not enough ,used to pay for house and no retire allowance for elderlies
    Except for Pioneer beggarly tidbits thrown at us like pariah dogs

    Hawkers too are deceitful momentthey hear civil servants get raise they increase price not realising many in Pte side are retrenched

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  • Bapak:

    I think he is having his manicure done – black and white!

    Hope mr Shanmugam see my post:

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  • Harder Truths:

    All this (and more) is the outcome of greedy citizens voting clowns into positions where they decide how our lives can benefit them.

    If $G citizens think that working as hawkers and servants to the FT – like our forefathers did to the British and French – is an hanour then by all means they should serve FT and be proud of it.

    I guess the need to serve foreigners is in the $G citizen’s DNA.

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  • BHG = Bring Home Goondus:

    Spore has been a snobbish society. People don’t want to be caught dead working as cleaners, cashiers and other lowly jobs because scociety will laugh and brand these people “mei chu xi”.

    Some Educaors have been facilitating these nonsense for many years.

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