With endless broken dreams and promises, can we trust the 4G PAP politicians again?

As we start afresh in 2020, it is natural for everyone to want to stay optimistic on what 2020 can bring or offer.

For Singaporeans, these past years had been dreadful to say the least. Many of us truly missed the leadership of our first generation political leaders, who walked their talks and who were ever ready to acknowledge their shortcomings or failure. While they may not be perfect, they have at least the courage to admit many of their mistakes and more importantly, they have the resolve to do what is right. That is Real Leadership.

With 2020 being likely to be an election year for Singapore, the 4G politicians and their propaganda-machineries are already busy trying to exploit the positive sentiment of the New Year by making more promises. Nowhere can anyone finds them admitting their past mistakes or thanking Singaporeans for the feedback and criticisms. This is not only elitist but shows their arrogance and their dislikes of being pointed out by the “Little People of Singapore”.

If the majority of the 4G politicians cannot admit their mistake and yet continue to display such arrogance, it shows their lack of sincerity. This is precisely the problem of the 4G PAP politicians these days – they are arrogant and insincere. Can anything good come out of such arrogance and insincerity?

If these 4G politicians have indeed been hard at work in resolving the hardships and concerns of Singaporeans, then Singapore would have been a “fair and just society” by now. If our “growth and prosperity” have been benefiting everyone, why is Singapore still so depressed and divided? As a nation, we have fallen so badly simply because the majority of these 4G politicians had been incompetent but yet refused to step down from their lucrative jobs.

When it comes to the future of Singapore as a nation, the onus is already upon us. If we do not want to see or acknowledge that Singapore has already fallen into the hands of questionable politicians who have no sense of leadership, patriotism or care for the well-being of the people, then we have ourselves to blame s if we do not help ourselves by voting wisely and finding the courage to do what is right.

Singapore indeed has been blessed for the longest of time and the collective effort of our first generation of leaders and the people had turned this blessing into a reality. Unfortunately, greed, complacency and selfish tendencies are now threatening our success as A Nation and as One United People. Singapore is becoming a divided nation, torn between the rich and the poor, between the privileged and the unprivileged, between the patriotic and the sycophants of the elites and their cronies, between those who seek to do what is right and those who seek to do only what benefit them most.

Without intervention, Singapore risks becoming the new Sick Men of Asia as our society become even more dysfunctional and social tension escalates further. More agenda like “Singapore Together” will not help as the root causes are all still intact. We need to remove some of the rot from within if we aspire for a better outcome.

In his New Year Day message, Prime Minster Lee tried to paint a rosy future and advocated more help for the people. Question is, why is he only doing it now when these issues have been plaguing Singapore for so many years? Is he doing it now because this is going to be an election year or because he finally gets to hear about these Hard Truths only recently?

If he is sincere or if he wants to be taken seriously, he ought to first have the courage to openly sack some of his worthless 4G politicians from their ministerial roles for their massive failures and demonstrate his resolve, just like his father. Otherwise, more questions and coffee-shop whispers will surface to question his real intention or even mock him for his lack of courage to do what is right.

Singaporeans from all walks of life cannot hide from the Hard Truth that Singapore is being plagued with a serious crisis from within itself. The official narrative on the risks of Foreign Interference, while may be probable, is not as imminent or as damaging as the “Rot From Within”. We need to accept the Hard Truth that we have been, for the longest of time, been electing useless politicians into parliament for all the wrong reasons. This has to stop if we want real change and real leadership to bring Singapore forward.

As such, this upcoming election is going to be a critical crossroad for every Singaporeans. Whether one is patriotic, materialistic or religious, concerned or aloof, we all have a critical role to play before Singapore sinks beyond hope. While prayers are essential, doing nothing constructive simply nullify the essence of our prayers. Why indulge in hopeless prayer when we can make our prayer effective?

In 2020, let us wise up and wake up as a nation and reunited as One People for the sake of our children and the future of Singapore. As Singaporeans, new or old, we all need to stay united and find the courage to do what is right to supplement our collective prayer by voting out all useless and undeserving politicians from our parliament as Singapore truly deserves better.


Joseph Nathan





12 Responses to “With endless broken dreams and promises, can we trust the 4G PAP politicians again?”

  • N.Jungne:

    Trying a last minute Con.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    “We need to accept the Hard Truth that we have been, for the longest of time, been electing useless politicians into parliament for all the wrong reasons.”

    There was a saying “Idiot politician is not the problem, the problem is we have idiot voters keep voting them in”.

    We still have a few months to cure stupidity. Before the next GE.

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  • TruBlu:

    Complacency and foolishness are not exactly good leadership traits?

    Even worse is GREED.

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  • Hypocrites can't be trusted:

    (RE: If he is sincere or if he wants to be taken seriously, he ought to first have the courage to openly sack some of his worthless 4G politicians from their ministerial roles for their massive failures and demonstrate his resolve, just like his father.)

    Come on lah Joe, his father was the ah gong who purged the PAP of its founding natural aristocrats in the 80′s. Don’t you remember LKY’s stance against the founding chairman and first DPM Dr. Toh Chin Chye who insisted that people’s CPF not be ravaged further by ah gong’s Medisave initiative; Dr. Toh also demanded that the CPF accounts be transparent to the citizens. For certain Drs. Toh and Goh Keng Swee were the captains of the institutional developments of this Republic.

    His father responsible for making expensive businessman-politicians lah Joe… with vested interests and hidden salaries…in order to get the “best brains” from the private sector into government hahahahahaha…. but what do we get today? A supremely overpaid oligarchy from the military sector, scores and scores of them retired top brass…. all got scholarships one you know? So couldn’t ever be very very mediocre lah…… hehehehe.

    Joe, your rather intelligent expositions would have got you into hot soup with ah gong man. Teng Cheong paid dearly for his integrity. Ong should have been our next PM lah, most of us Singaporeans felt that way back then….. until he was duky nullified into a lonesome figure in the istana…. Realpolitik lah of the prince.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    You can look forward to a host of promises and plenty of hand-outs from now on and when the budget is announced. Most of the promises in the budget will be aimed at providing a general feel good factor going into the election period. From past experience none will be realised or if implemented the benefits will be reduced in other sectors.

    We all know there is a general increase in charges for utilities such as water, electricity, SMRT and GST(shortly). How the increase in revenue will be used will flow through the next budget as “goodies” for the people. So in effect, you buy your own “presents” for yourself and thank the PAP for it.

    When there is a flow of collective endorphins due to the ‘feel-good” factor of the budget, the Clown’s son will announce his candidature for the next election. There is always a flurry of public activity before the real intent is surreptitiously slipped in.

    If history is any guide, all the promises made in the past, Singaporeans still by and large remains trapped in a cycle of poverty–the Singapore kind— a facade of well-being but hollow inside. Even that facade of well-being will be harder to maintain as time goes on.

    I think citizens should also look critically at the machinery of the election process. I would not put it past the PAP to cheat at the polls. My suspicion is that the last election results were falsified.
    Polling agents should be at the polling booths nt only to observe but also do their own counting to make sure that the final results tallied by the computer is right. Nothing beats a manual count unless the whole process is independent. Don’t forget Saddam Hussien got 99.9% of the votes when he conducted his last election.

    As the country de-generates into a third world state, we seem to see inhabitants’ behaviour reflecting the same trend. Taking off shoes and putting feet on chairs in restaurants is an example. Very soon spittoons will be making a come back too. TB makes a comeback as well.

    Only solution is to VTO the PAP–completely and totally. Then the real work begins to put Singapore on a proper path to prosperity.

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  • Seal the Ballot box:

    Our whole lives live in a country dictated by the choice of the majority.

    This is the flaw of democracy.

    Our lives dragged through shit by the 70%.
    With no end in sight.

    They even eagerly waiting to support the 9% gst hike and clapping for the cpf withholding.

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  • no worries, just vote OPPO:

    there is a season for everything.

    a season of plenty S$, a season of little or no S$.

    the good news is, the season of pap lies is ending.

    the better news is, najib and wife are good examples of what shall happen to pap clown and wife and their S$m gang.

    the best news is, it is going to happen in our life time. a happy way to end the mostly no good being lied to lives.

    that pap clown and wife and their S$m gang shall be indicted shall happen. it is no lie. it is a sure fact. and it is going to happen soon, just when these liars start to celebrate in their minds another more good years of S$m ownself pay ownself justification.

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  • Phillip:

    Irresponisble = lawlessness

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  • Harder Truths:

    Look at that face. How can you not trust that face? So kind. So happy. So …. rich. So powerful.

    Accept the fact that he is the best of the best of the best. Look at his salary. His legacy will be passed to his sons and then they will rule one day. Where else can Indian become Malay? Or inside is not really inside? Or where your house has zero value?

    Let us sing the $G funeral song – I mean the new National Anthem.
    Let us all be patriotic and drink Milo. That is the wish of 70% of the population.

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  • stephentan:

    Aiyah the only recourse to the affected sporeans with bas pap policies affecting their families is for each citizen to vote for more Oppositions to be put into parliament.
    God can never help us unless we the citizens VTO pap in this coming elections for lack of transparency, accountabilty and compassion towards the vommon people.

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    I do not trust PAP. That is why I am voting for regime change.

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  • Jman:

    In this new world order, things work very well for the able who can put things together themselves, and not have others do it for them.

    And many of us in Singapore, are very used to having people do things for us and put the job in front of us. And it is very difficult to get people to unlearn this sort of longstanding habits. And those who cannot unlearn will pay dearly for this.

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