Beware of PAP’s free lunch!

The great Margaret Thatcher, arguably UK’s best post-war Prime Minister, once  said “There is no such thing as public money or government money, there is only taxpayers money”.

When the PAP is concerned, you will have to pay back many-fold whenever it gives you anything. How many elections have passed where 1-year of “freebies” & “handouts” were given before polling day, followed by the next 4 years of increases in utilities, transport, conservation taxes, tariffs etc.?

Whatever they “give” us, they will try to claw back from us plus more in the longer term. This has been the story since the 1990s since GST was introduced. New taxes for everyone else came about.

We have to say no to PAP’s repeated cycle of short term, election year “give outs” followers by 4 years suffering of added, additional costs.

In other countries there is a saying of the rich getting richer & the poor getting poorer. In Singapore, it’s the government who gets richer while the rich & the poor get taxed for anything & everything.

Let us make a seismic change this year in the new decade with our new found hope.


Prabu Ramachandran




27 Responses to “Beware of PAP’s free lunch!”

  • Land of stupig:

    Does having to remind people of the obvious not suggest how stupig people already are?

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  • Sinkie:

    New word in English dictionary:

    PAPised ~ [verb] , to be given a chicken wing tip and have to give back one whole chicken”

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  • Phuck Pinky:

    Before GE: Give you free lunch
    After GE: Give you middle finger

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  • More pain, No gain:

    more pain coming in the the near future.
    That KBW just announced a total renewal of the NS-EW mrt lines.
    Its going to cost $2bil plus plus .
    Guess who’ll be paying for it all.
    Not from their bil$ profits thats for sure.
    Bloody hell!

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  • GoDie:

    What new found hope? You are in the trench of idolatry, both religious and political.
    So who is going to be your next big shot anointed mouth piece in the house? Next anchor you worship our bow to? Another strongman like lee? His about Mr Kong hee hee? Mr Prince or Mr Poke to be next in power to take the hit seat of voters choice? Maybe time for a malay or indian strongman? How about a great leader from China or India? Maybe your special spoilt brat will be the next Lee? Next Obama or trump or who who who is your favourite wise guy in power? You should tell them all go and die maybe then we have peace on earth.

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  • 4G PAP political scums Bs:

    4G PAP political scums Bs r just a pack of pompous, super greedy, super arrogant NFI political scums n Bs. All they r capable of is SELF, self foccussed, self gjoratifyiing, self glorifying, super lying shameless baskets in human form. Of course the 3G pack is no better. Admitedly 1G has delicated men with the interests n benefits of Singaporeans in mind who rein somehow the hidden greed n neotic evil in the loud speaker Amos le’Orrible man. Though such real professionals n patroits like Dr GohKS, Mr OngPB n Mr LimKS are rare, but their strength is sufficient to contained le’Orrible until they resigned.

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  • Uncle lim:

    An outspoken PAP MP in the 80s had said the same thing about the government being rich while the people were poor.

    After that he was dropped like a hot potato.

    This is a Govt that’s always consumed by greed.

    For example, it changed the GST offset from $150 to $100 for day trippers to JB. Already billions in its kitty and yet it chases after every cent.

    Another example is the car park charges levied at public parks. Street parking now ends at 10 pm instead of 5 pm before.

    Anything that can be turned into gold, you bet PAP is interested.

    Thaipusam will be a ticketed event soon is my guess. After all you have to pay to watch Chingay.

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  • Uncle Lim:

    Even a ONE cent increase in transport fares PAP wanted to wring from senior citizens a few months back.

    With the latest fare increases, senior citizens have to fork out another three cents.

    In China, South Korea and even Malaysia those above 60 travel FREE on public transport.

    The kitty must always be full to fund the Super salaries of Ministers and MPs.

    But many senior citizens are no longer working yet their cost of living keeps going up and up.

    Vote the greedy pigs out.

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  • Hire Singh:

    Haha remember take a chicken drumstick ……only $1.50………. return a whole chicken $7.50……..kampong one $10/-.

    Stupid Sinkies take own money n give back own money ……bigger sum?

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  • Rich gov poor gov:

    The government’s money is the people’s money. Without high savings and strong reserves, a small country like ours would not be able to enjoy a luxurious living now.
    Look at the exchange rate against many other currencies today. Our dollar keeps increasing in value.
    Let’s say we vote in a weak government and spend away all our savings and country’s reserves now.
    And our dollar depreciates to, for example, 1 SGD to 1 Ringgit.
    What will happen?
    Over 90 percent of our daily necessities are imported, so we will face hyperinflation.
    All the foreigners will run away. Many business will close because there are no workers. And we will be jobless.

    Another example.
    Let’s say our government is the best in the world.
    We have free housing, free food, free transportation and everything free, so Singaporeans don’t need to work.
    Is this a good thing?
    The factories and businesses are unable to find workers. They will close shop and move elsewhere and Because we have no goods and services to sell, how can we exchange them for food?

    In 2018, Singaporeans make more than 8 million trips by air only for holidays.If our dollar will to become 1 dollar to 1ringgit our overseas holidays will become a pipe dream.
    Look at the queues at famous food outlets and many other luxuries we are enjoying now.

    The Singaporeans who buy cheap groceries outside Singapore, who understand our strong dollar is due to high savings and well managed economy and hard work of all Singaporeans that bring us these luxuries, they are grateful to our system.
    Those who are ignorant will always curse the government.

    So government’s money is people’s money.
    Rich government benefits Singaporeans.

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  • 4G pap shlthead bustards:

    Ya u r damn right. Just look at public transport charges for seniors n doc consultation charges. An old uncle at a busstop was looking at the poster n swore loudly these goddamed pap bustards, bus fare up by 18 cents to $1. Really humka chan shlts. Another old uncle at a drug store swore equally loundly shlts, singapore drugs coat must be the higherst in the world, bloody greedy shltheads. LKY left such greedy punks who can spend billions on aliens while raising cost of living sky high.
    Also at a big hospital, Another senior swore equally loudly hell these paps r tiensa de. Their medical consultation fees jumps 600% in leless than a decade. Really bustards. They get millions n free benefits n lie they don’t get see khaw $8 n Gorillaheng said he paid humdreds of thousand like Singaporeans. Blooy liars man!. Many seniors beside him echoed equally loudly YaYa these ungrateful bustards n their chief has the shitface to say Singaporeans like him. In Other countries they will be destroyed decades ago! Bloomy elephant skins punks, esp the the humkachan n the indianees!
    While at a koptiam, groups of old uncles n aunties were all roaring about how these 4G PAP pigs r selling away Singapore by spending millions to create tons of oily water to smoth their feet to Switzerland. Wonder what they mean? But millions yea $130 millions +++ to educate alien children, $28+++ millions to sweeten the foul mouths of acclaimed liar n crook etc etc etc. selling away yes becos these 4G political scum bustards
    R putting their n pap interests before those of Singaporeans n nation. One blew angrily how many billions have they spent on feeding those CBs Hsien Yang n Wei Ling talking about n was not challlenged n resigned as the DSL taled bloody big publicly with Rotten Idiot SW Goh n the loud speaker Le Orrible (apology Amos)!
    It seems the pioneers n seniors r waking up from their long depream! What abt the MG n the young voters. R y ready to kick these bustards out n see what they r hiding that they need to feed billions to such a huge harem of CBs!,

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  • Ya let send them to cesshole:

    Ya, let us send these ingrates n greedy shitshead to where they belong – the shitpot or cesspool bycoming GE. They love bankrupting other, bankrupt them n recover billions even down to their estates outside SIN. High time these cums take their own medicine!

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  • Bad Boy:

    @ In China, South Korea and even Malaysia those above 60 travel FREE on public transport.

    SK not sure. Malaysia i wonder ? Whereas China not all state’s are free.
    Shanghai has abolished free public transport for the elderly
    NO. 31 AUGUST 4, 2016

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  • Harder Truths:

    Actually this is not exactly true. The reality is

    The government takes a chicken and then leases you a chicken wing at market rate, the loan to be paid in installments over a maximum thirty year period after which the chicken wing will have a nett value of zero.

    Until the loan is repaid you cannot own, cook, consume or dispose of the said chicken wing. The chicken wing may be sold back to the government at the end of the lease period.

    At no time are you the owner of this government asset – simply the holder of the item until it is leased to some other unfortunate victim.

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  • Mai Hum Lor:

    Be very alert when the gahmen say they want to help. New year message it was said again, they will help the older folks and so on. When they “help”, each of us ends up paying through all sort of taxes, fees, charges etc.

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  • Bad Boy:

    And yes some China cities or states is free for elderly.【大灣區】深圳擴大敬老優惠%2060歲港人長者可免費搭巴士地鐵

    【大灣區】深圳擴大敬老優惠 60歲港人長者可免費搭巴士地鐵

    If u bother to read only implemented 4 months ago due to … my guess – HK protest.

    Last time only 在此之前,僅限65歲或以上、有深圳戶籍的長者才可以享受市內的敬老優惠待遇。Meaning you are not from Shen Zhen but Cheng du , still pay.

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  • Bad Boy:

    Other “free lunch” offering from China Shen Zhen as link below. If you wish to compare and appeal to PAP.

    深圳60岁以上老人可免费乘坐公交地铁 不限户籍港澳台皆可

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    Absolutely true. Any increase in the price of public services like transport will be continuing (until the next increase) but PAP only gives one-off to offset the increase in the form of vouchers. The same will apply to the announced GST increase after the next GE. That is why Singaporeans should vote for regime change at the next GE. Throw out the PAP.

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  • TruBlu:



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  • But:


    Well, but fasting good for health. Good for diabetes , high blood …m

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  • Pappy two-faced three hearts:

    “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

    - Mahatma Gandhi

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  • Nothing good comes F.o.c.:

    We are NOT asking for anything F.O.C.
    In fact sgs malu to put hand out..eccept for desperate times.
    We just dont want our rice bowls yanked away from us..
    Fairness is all we are asking for.
    Is that too much to ask?

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  • Greedy, Evil, Corrupt:

    Many of the goodies are actually not for the sinkies but pass-through wayangs using sinkies, just to make sinkies feel good, simply because pappies control the delivering and taking back outlets.

    For example, the childcare subsidies, taken back through the pappies and cronies kindergardens.
    The education fund, taken back through the schools.
    The healthcare, put into the see-no-touch medi account and take back through the inflated medical charges.
    The utility charges, same, take back through increases
    The conservacy charges, same, take back through fee increases
    Any token transport aid, take back through fare increase and NETs link card..

    The only direct giveout is the $50, $100 or $200 credited to your bank.
    If you study the budget carefully, this amount is largely taken from the workfare fund, so there was a corresponding reduction in aid given to those who lost their job.

    True blue born-bred sinkies should know very well the DNA and tricks of pappies.

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  • Stupig Education Sys:




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    Chicken wing of the lowest quality.

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  • Dafts Will Be Dafts:

    Sinkies are ostriches who hide their balls, eat their pride.

    Look good on paper but empty in the head, who would never stand up for anything altruistic, except self interest perhaps.

    Don’t expect “seismic” changes from dafts.

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  • George:

    Khaw BW and Tan CJ are part of a regime that does not care for Singaporean tax payers, vote for seismic change and VOTE THEM OUT !

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