Any new initiative in the upcoming budget need to be thought through carefully

Finance minister Heng Swee Keat will deliver his budget statement on 18 February 2020. In the face of a slowing economy (and being an election year), I foresee that Heng will most likely dish out a generous Santa Clause budget.

By and large, all national budgets are similar: We want to invest in our people, our future, help our companies to become more innovative, strengthen our defence, etc. I want to add that they are all the right things that any responsible government would do.

However, I want to sound a word of caution and a reminder.

Foremost, I applaud the government’s good intention of coming up with the Productivity and Innovation Credit Schemes (PIC) and the SkillsFuture Schemes to help our companies and our people. At the same time, I am also realistic enough to recognise that there will always be cunning or dishonest people who will try to game or cheat such schemes.

Between 2010 and 2014, Inland Revenue Authority investigated 158 PIC cases, recovered and/or blocked 49 cases involving about $3 million. The most audacious SkillsFuture scam resulted in a loss of about $40 million!

Having good schemes to help our people and companies is one thing but robust systems must also be put in place to prevent or at the very least, minimize any such scams from being successfully employed.

PAP ministers and senior government officials need to be alert to avoid any similar losses of public funds and also loss of public confidence if they were to introduce any new schemes in the forthcoming budget.


Simon Lim





12 Responses to “Any new initiative in the upcoming budget need to be thought through carefully”

  • NotMyProblem:

    This government has cooked up a lot of schemes but they just don’t know what the purpose and how they are to be carried out, resulted in waste.

    Example; I find one wasteful project of teaching the senior how to use mobile phone making use of the Skillfuture funding. Is this really useful and marketable skill? Is this skill useful so that our seniors don’t need to push trolley of cardboard for exercise, or cleaning tables in hawker centers?

    Why not teach people on skill sets that the government claims Singaporeans are lacking? Like skills that CECA’s Indians possess, since this knowledge was not taught in schools or universities.

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  • opposition dude:

    PAP loves doing wayang and the Jobs Bank is a prime example. Instead of doing the most common sense thing by cutting down on foreign labour they have done the exact opposite. Forever citing shit like lack of manpower, Singaporeans not being trained for the jobs and all that.

    And other than giving some handouts to companies on a yearly basis they haven’t done anything else other than to make doing business tough for any company. Sure they will once again state that the trade war between the US and China results in a global economic slowdown but we have had recessions in the past which we came through with not so much damage to our PMETs.

    They are smartly avoiding the real issue of our ex PMETs becoming current security guards, Grab drivers and food deliverers.

    This government is worse than useless. Better start voting as many of these overpaid idiots who can’t do jack shit other than talk loads of cock. They have already shown on numerous occassions that they aren’t worth the salary being paid to them!

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  • Sinkie:

    Expect alot of cringy motherhood statements from the PM-in-waiting.

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  • Towkay Toa Huat Chai:

    PAPPECONOMICS: A rotten opulent system of compromised humanitarian values and self-serving motivations

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  • TruBlu:

    Pls return our CPF.

    Stop bashing sgs.
    Cut frivolous expenses like funding F1 etc.

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    The PAP will use the coming Budget to “buy” vote. Sadly, Singaporeans are stupid (and spineless) enough to fall for it.

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  • Be wary of freebies:

    Whenever they announce theyre “giving” us this and that thro gst vouchers or whast-nots, my stomach churns.
    We should be afraid,very afraid.
    Cuz just like clockwork few months later
    prices of everything shoots up…and never reduces again
    Thats our gov for you!

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  • Are we still ignoramuses:

    Sgs had been voted the 8th most ignorant people in the world , in a 2016 survey. Im not surprised !
    Booksmarts only ..winning international competitions all over but cant think independantly.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Let me guess – he wants two chickens from everyone as tribute but will let you keep the chickens’ a**.

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  • I work in NUS, I notices lots of staff are not really that great. Instead of producing result, they are involved in writing tons of emails and report.
    Can innovate? Look at the past years, you know what has been achieved.!!

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  • lack of judgement:

    //they are involved in writing tons of emails and report.//

    nowadays in such modern sinkie land tua-pow-sian society, “every” single action has to be documented / communicated lest some other person (your ‘enemy’ ???) may fill in the blank on your behalf to your detriment ? if the result of an act turns out positively, all hunky dory ? if the result of an act turns the other way, all the higher mortar balls need to cover their own back and may question your “mistake’ and ‘lack of judgement’ (well, bad results are always a mistake) ?

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  • cut and paste is plagiarism:

    K@N Bye PAP:
    I work in NUS, I notices lots of staff are not really that great. Instead of producing result, they are involved in writing tons of emails and report.
    Can innovate? Look at the past years, you know what has been achieved.!!

    we went to so called local U before it was renamed nus in late 1970s.

    such a sham. only local U and so restrictive in admission so much so BSed everyone it is world class when it is nothing more than dumping ground for ceca ah nehs.

    ffff. even back then, those ceca ah nehs when they speak England it is as if they were mumbling tosai onion masala onion briyani.

    even then, if ceca ah nehs truly good, India wouldn’t be the slum it is today and the ffffing brainless pap Ljs all open legs wider for more ceca ah nehs. truly WTF.

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