Helping unemployed people in a recession

Someone asked me – will there be a recession and how will it affect the people who lost their jobs?

I gave him this view.

We are already in a severe business slowdown. To the people who lost their jobs or suffer losses in their business, they are already feeling the effect of a recession.

It will affect more people over the next year or two. The economic situation will get worse.

However, the impact on the people who lose their jobs will not be severe, if there is a right govt in place who can deal with the real problems faced by these people.

Here are the steps that a “right govt” can implement:

a) Allow the unemployed workers to withdraw their CPF savings to meet their living expenses. The savings is needed now and not many years down the road.

b) Allow them to take a loan from the govt to meet their living expenses and be charged as a mortgage on their home. This loan will carry an interest rate of 2.5% p.a. and will have to be repaid when they get a job or sell their property. If they do not have a property to mortgage, they can still get an unsecured loan from the govt.

c) The govt can create temporary jobs, say six months at a time, for the unemployed people to do useful things, such as cleaning the roads, be local guides, traffic wardens and take care of the elderly and children. These are simple jobs that can be done with a short period of training.

The worst impact of unemployment is the need to find money to meet the living expenses of the family and the need to sell of assets, including a home, at depressed prices. (This is how the rich became super rich by taking over asset at rock bottom prices in a capitalist economy).

If there are adequate sources of finances to tide over, there is no need for families to be distressed, to be homeless, and to commit suicide.

But we need a “right govt” with the right policies.

PM Lee – are you listening?


Tan Kin Lian




13 Responses to “Helping unemployed people in a recession”

  • Flabbergasted:

    TKL, can you stop talking cock?

    You getting more ridiculous by the day!

    Some are born stupid, but you’ve certainly achieved stupidity!

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  • pea brained tan kin lian:

    so cocked brained.

    it is even an insult to the cock to verb it on pea brained tan kin lian.

    GD Star Rating
  • DavidNeo&IreneVanessa:Bastards:

    During the 1990s, full time jobs were also temporary. Govt got two year contract. Private sector full of job hoppers. Because employers anyhow sack people, people also jop hop without conscience.

    Who dare to commit to marriage, housing loans etc?

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  • Sinkie:

    2.2 million foreigners gainfully employed in Singapore, and TKL wants the PAP govt to employ Sinkies to clean the roads!

    GD Star Rating
  • Why is tan kin lian so stupid?:

    It is a wonderment tan kin lian was able to waste precious money PE2011 when all signs point to a stupid sheep.

    GD Star Rating
  • Greedy pigs united:

    This greedy gov wants to grab money from us…not give out money ,even to unemployed in terms of temp jobs.
    Tolong lah. Dont you know this paps by now?

    GD Star Rating
  • They are the ones who caused the miseries, why would they fix the problem?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Are u talking about recession or unemployment?

    Unemployment can be solved by taking back jobs from FTs.

    Increase pay and reduce rental to solve recession.

    GD Star Rating
  • TruBlu:

    Reallocate budgets on ostentatious such ad F1 N FT-SCHOLARSHITS BACK TO budgetting to assist our own jobless n needy,for example.

    The REASON WHY THE GOVT dont feel PRESSURE from taking away jobs from sgs via FT POLICY is that they dont have to dish out SOCIAL SECURITY TO THE JOBLESS CITIZENS !!!

    If SOCIAL SECURITY is fairly in place,the govt would then have to face the JOBLESSNESS OF SGS in a stressful manner.
    Now,they can even TAKE AWAY OUR CPF N INCREASE GST N PUSH UP COL all at the same time even when so many sgs are oredy experiencing JOBLESSNESS N IMPOVERISHMENT???!!!

    So all socio-economic policies seem to be working against SINGAPORE CITIZENS N BENEFIT NON-sg RESIDENTS?!!!!

    This us seriously ERRANT GOVT CONDUCT.


    GD Star Rating
  • Straight "A"s Marlboro Tan:

    u stiupid old NTUC fart .. what are u talking about.. unemployed needs welfare payouts . not withdraw his past CPF..

    GD Star Rating
  • Stop CECA First:

    Then we talk about helping unemployed.

    GD Star Rating
  • ExNTUC Income ceo:

    Very hard to change mindset and thinking, especially for dumbos who found success within a crooked establishment.

    Perhaps they thought they are very smart, so they are able to do well in the system and continues to think in this manner long after that.

    Have they ever considered that, perhaps, they were there because they were stupid enough.. like an easy manipulatable digit?

    Just take a good look at some MPs, the things they said, what go into those brains , simply incomprehensible and “unbelievably amazing”.

    GD Star Rating
  • ExPresidential Candidate:

    Can’t break off from those set boundaries or reasons or excuses given by establishment.
    Notice that all suggestions and proposals by TKL are given to avoid or skirt round those imaginary boundaries?

    So which is the real problem, no good jobs? no one to sweep the roads or too many jobs taken by cheap foreigners?

    GD Star Rating

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