Company charged for making false declarations in E-pass application

In the first of its kind case, a logistics company was charged on Tuesday (14 Jan) for making a false declaration to the MOM.

According to court documents, Ti2 Logistics Pte. Ltd. had allegedly made a false statement in an Employment Pass (E-pass) application on 26 Jul last year for one ”Zhou Jianxin”, who is believed to be a Chinese national.

In the online application, the company said that that it had interviewed two Singapore citizens for a business development manager position, when the interviews were allegedly forged.

It was not known how the offences came to light.

Forumer: I have been offered a job, but company needs 14 days to comply with Fair Consideration Framework

Under the fair consideration framework introduced in 2014, companies with more than 10 employees are required to advertise their job vacancies on the Jobs Bank website for at least 14 days before employing for an E-Pass. In addition, the job vacancy must be open to Singaporeans and adhere with the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices.

As early as Dec 2016, a forumer by the ID of “ponliew” had posted on the Singapore expats forum saying that he (or she) had accepted a job offer from a new company. Despite this, the “new company” had informed him (or her) that an ad had to be posted on the Jobs Bank website for more than 14 days.

As such, these actions are then presumably not new.

Given that it had first taken place more than 3 years ago at least, it is puzzling that the first case of contravening the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act only went to court in 2020.

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20 Responses to “Company charged for making false declarations in E-pass application”

  • RDB:

    Who faux paux? It is so very clear who it is lah!

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  • Gongkias will vote pap again:

    First of its kind?! Oman! Me think either mom is kooning or wayanging.

    GE is indeed very effective and powerful to make some people work.

    GD Star Rating
  • Bapak:

    Bug Bunny, why now? GE is coming?

    GD Star Rating
  • Bobo:

    It needs only one hand to cover up everything.

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  • Flabbergasted:

    easy to use a chinaman as scapegoat, no CECA ah-neh to protest.

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  • Asd:

    Good.. it is good for singapore…. the land… singapore

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Good Wayang Kulit…Chinaman Charged but CECAman Clean??? or Corruption by Cronies???

    All the Cs 6Cs NOT 5 offered by a Piece of Shit that Needs to Go(h) for GOOD creating CECA & the 5Cs to the Agony of Patriots!!!

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  • Wayang kulit:

    Just for show to tell us natives gahment is doing something.
    .how many hundreds more that got away?
    As usual wayang wayang.
    We not stupid!

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  • Great Asia:

    PAP’s monkey business!

    I’ve been saying for more than 15 years: In Hong Kong, politicians are property tycoons are sleeping in the same bed; in Singapore, PAP monkeys and rich towkays are also making love.

    There are so many loopholes customised for towkays to employ foreigners.

    Go and be a towkay and you’ll know all the tricks.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Police CLOSE DOWN:

    Given the current situation, peole are free to hire whoever they want.

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  • Halimah not a Malay:

    Just another of the PAPIGS road show, how else to try and sian the 70% daft they are seen to be protecting our locals.
    This is only one of the many thousands companies gaming the system, and this is the best from the million $$$ paid retards to come out with this hare brained policy.
    That MOM minister and her Cronies Perm Sec ought to be sacked outright.
    Remember, GE round the corner, have to wayang a bit, a bit.

    GD Star Rating

    Hooray…PAP is indeed a People’s party that is always looking after the people.

    PAP will always look after people who are hardworking and motivated.

    Of course Lazy and unmotivated Singaporeans should not be taken care of because they must learn to take responsibility for their decision and choice that they make.

    Like the grasshopper, Lazy and unmotivated Singaporeans must make to face the consequences of their making.

    Singaporeans will vote PAP for 9% GST increase.
    PAP Ong…Heng…Huat
    Mujullah PAP

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  • TruBlu:

    Do they have PBMs or BBMs in their SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM?


    GD Star Rating
  • TruBlu:

    Many companies with grasslooter-management bully their workers n many of them use *connections* to ABUSE THE SYSTEM,it is undeniable.

    They get public projects.
    They bash their neighbours or MAKE UNREASONABLE DEMANDS ON CIVIL SERVANTS to do their bidding or they SABO such civil servants who refuse to do their bidding.

    This is a kind of CORRUPTION that will disintegrate society n destroy CIVIL SERVICE INTEGRITY in general n even compromise justice.

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    Straits Times: Stiffer penalties for employers with discriminatory hiring practices, including debarment of work pass renewal

    This is bullshit. If PAP is serious about stopping discriminatory hiring practices it would AT LEAST “level the playing field for local jobs” by removing the CPF exemption of foreigners that make them cheaper to hire than locals.

    The only way to make Singaporeans first in their own country is to throw out the PAP and its pro-alien policies. Vote for regime change at the coming GE. PAP is a “spent force”. It is time to bury it with LKY. VTO

    GD Star Rating
  • Out:

    We must open our eyes & u/s that this govt is juz putting up a pretentious fake wayang show… becoz election is coming soon!!

    Why, despite after so many years, then do this govt, especialy useless MOM, point out these various companies that practice unfair hiring?

    There’re already hundreds of companies in SG, that prefer hire mediocre foreigners… over local citizens. And our MOM ( bloody big entire ministry) chose to close both eyes & do nothing… until now, becoz election is coming

    We must not be fooled by superficial pretentious wayang action by this govt !!
    We, local native citizens, are already becomin strangers in our own country, and soon, we wil become the minority , flooded & drown by influx of average foreign workers & their dependants!

    What hope do we have then? With a clueless out-of-torch 4G jokers… n LHL enjoyin million$$ after he step down


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  • CECA Protection:

    CECA FTs are protected by the CECA. They can not be touched if not India government will sue Singapore.

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  • Harder Truths:

    More and more wayang before election. Nothing has been done for 30+ years – nothing will change in the next 30+ years.

    In Bombay the common people have no homes and sleep in puppy cages in small lanes and lock themselves in for the night. When you let people who screw up their country like that into $G then be prepared to live like that.

    GD Star Rating
  • Wayang Kulit Election Horizon:

    That’s what I think of the Pappy Manipulative Disorder!

    GD Star Rating
  • employed more local:

    Need to employ more local.
    Stop all the loophole to employed cheaper FTs…

    GD Star Rating

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