A National demographic disaster – Singaporeans are leaving and rapidly being replaced

A demographic microscope paints a very bad picture of Singapore’s national makeup and suggests why we are losing all our cultural identity.

While there is currently a debate on how many jobs are going to PR’s vs Citizens, the wisdom of the CECA agreement and the perceived flood of Indian Nationals into the workforce and Singapore as a whole, which are definitely topics of concern, what should concern us all, even more, is that so many Singaporeans are giving up on the country, packing their bags and permanently leaving while those replacing them are changing our social fabric.

According to the department of statistics between 2012 and 2018, the Malay population has been largely stable with the population growing naturally by 29,243 boosted by 1,362 more than the birth-death number through nett immigration.

Our Indian Population, however, has seen a slight loss. Although the population grew by 17,552 the difference between births and deaths was 21,211, so nett 3,659 of them left, an almost 1.4% leaving rate.

A shock to me was that although our “Others” population rose by 7,779 in the period the nett difference between births and deaths for the same time for that racial group was 31,000. That means that 23,221 must have left the country for good, probably a lot more as I know some who have recently become citizens here. That is nearly 31% of what the population would have been had they stayed… nearly one third!

However, what I feel will be the biggest shock to everyone else according to my calculations is the makeup of our Chinese population.

This demographic grew by 160,134 however only 67,811 of that was from natural growth as shown by the birth-death numbers so the rest of the growth in our Chinese population, almost 58%, must be due to nett immigration.

However, that is not the whole story because when we look at the population change after also accounting for New Citizenships granted (as per the CNA report of sept last year), we see that nett 82,351 Singaporeans must have given up their citizenships and permanently emigrated in the last 7 years for the numbers to add up.

Once we adjust for the Indian and Others leaving and a small number of Malays arriving, we can calculate that some 69% or 56,833 of those who left were Chinese.

With only 67,811 more being born than dying and 56,833 leaving that means in actuality 149,156 of the local Chinese population increases, or almost 92%, must have been through nett immigration.

So, with one-third of the Others leaving, 1.4 % of our Indian population going too and our resident Chinese population being rapidly transformed to foreign-born is it any wonder we are losing our sense of identity or belonging?

The bigger question though is why?

Our Malay population seems to be pretty sanguine about things, but everyone else appears to see little future in their country of birth, especially the Chinese and “others” who are leaving at alarming rates.

What does this say about how our country is being governed when so many of its citizens wish to or are leaving and what will we become if the trend does not change?

Having the lowest birth rate in the world is bad enough but when those few born here also want to leave you have a terminal problem… at least if you are a country and care about national identity, society, its welfare and a future for all. If you care about those things and your people (which by the way you were elected to do) wouldn’t you focus on raising your Total Fertility Rate so more were born here, be family-friendly and create a policy environment and way of life that made citizens feel like they had a future in the country and wanted to stay?

Of course, if you are more like a company who doesn’t care where your workforce comes from maybe it doesn’t matter so much to you? In fact, it may even be preferred as a foreign labour force can be cherry-picked, expanded and contracted at will and does not give the headaches of having to be accommodated as citizens would… Of course, surprise surprise nearly 40% of our workforce is already foreign.

Now some immigration is inevitable, and to be honest healthy, but in my opinion on this scale, it is at best a reckless stopgap to paper over bad policies that have led to this demographic timebomb and at worst a terrible choice that will turn our country into nothing more than a flag of convenience and a place to make money during your working years for those few who make use of it. Certainly, it won’t be a true a home or country for any but the top few % who will own and run it all, as I have said before a Dubai of Asia.

The trouble is at the rate the population is being re-engineered we may soon run out of the numbers and time to make any changes to this terrible path we are on… This really worries me…what about you?

(Note: All the figures are my own calculations drawn from various Sing Stats reports on population, births, deaths and workforce so please let me know if you have any different numbers or get different results if you look at them).


Brad Bowyer




16 Responses to “A National demographic disaster – Singaporeans are leaving and rapidly being replaced”

  • Harder Truths:

    Let us celebrate the arrival of a New Virus from Wuhan, China


    Hopefully this will kill off more $G wimps to be replaced by stronger, virile and hardier people from east and South Asia.

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  • Bapak:

    This country will rename to Sinkapore.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Brad; Whatever figures you have may be your calculation from various sources, but the fact proves your calculations are more than correct.

    In a office of 11 people, 1 Hong Konger, 3 Pinoys, 2 Malaysians.

    Another office of 6 people, 1 Myanmar, 1 PRC, 2 Malaysians.

    When Minister Josephine Teo said there should be no discrimination of nationality, does she mean we accept all nationalities?

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  • Partial truth?:

    Somebody anyhow say Kissinger genocide conspiracy.

    Please man. Dont anyhow pin it on others.


    广东假奶工厂结果惊人 有人用破皮鞋造假牛奶

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  • Bad Boy:

    This CCP this china like to criticise people dont love the motherland 不愛國 this and that. Always using nationalistic fervor

    When you try to give love, she recklessly and irresponsibly spread sars , africa swine flu ( prcs bring affected pork to other countries ) , …new sars flu here and there. HK , taiwan , thailand , japan … Sg.

    Nabay …….

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    So many push factors. Decades ago, the second language policy, stop at two caused many yo migrate. Easier to leave than try to work things out with a stubborn govt.

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  • Bad Boy:
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  • TruBlu:


    I tulan when MINISTERS HOW LIAN SAY sgs must accept FTs.
    Why PAP govt ZERO FT?


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  • A day in the lord's paradise:

    “The apex of mathematical achievement occurs when two or more fields which were thought to be entirely unrelated turn out to be closely intertwined. Mathematicians have never decided whether they should feel excited or upset by such events.”
    -Gian Carlo Rota, MIT professor of mathematics & philosophy

    Don’t know lah,…. but tweak & calibrate mathematics integrated with opulent realpolitik leads to some very upsetting outcomes for our retirement savings (ie. if we get the jobs to pump up his CPF treasury)

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    When you QUALIFY to stay in a TRUE 1st World…why stay in a FAKE???…add the ShitPots and Idiots in charge…and you have a Comedy Playhouse Not a Nation…mentioned ever so often from the Bastard who created the Illusion to a Balding Piece of Shit… a Sham of a man

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  • Eddie:

    The fact that our former CJ WCJ and family emmigrated to Australia speaks volume of the state of affairs in SIN: right?

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  • Financially Speaking:

    S’pore’s demographics are absolutely terrible. Locally born higher calibre people & those who can be accepted by Foreign Govts have already left in droves seeking a better life abroad. Reasons to migrate include:
    * Affordable housing;
    * Affordable private transportation (No COE);
    * Accessible educational opportunities; &
    * Attractive wage levels, etc.

    Favourite migration destination include Australia, New Zealand & Canada.

    The US & the UK also attracts S’pore migrants although their cost of living aren’t as attractive as the ones mentioned while their immigration entry requirements & process were somewhat more rigorous & may be difficult to enter.

    But the will to migrate isn’t a huge obstacle if one has the resources & the perseverance!

    All the countries mentioned have strict requirements for immigration entry:
    * no criminal history;
    * selective educational requirements, usually tertiary level;
    * particular skillsets which are desired; &
    * certain accumulated capital resources, etc.
    As well as a certain age cutoff limit for entry.

    In a nutshell, those foreign countries “Cherry-Pick” the creme-de-la-creme of other countries’ best people.

    In the process, they leave behind the dreges (the least valuable part of anything) as well as the cronies who can’t bear to leave their momma’s teats (having suckled on State largesse or having entitlements & privileges).

    In contrast, who were the replacement for those outgoing Locals?

    The most obvious:
    * CECA Indians coming from a country where the majority don’t have a sewer system & have to defecate in the open!
    * Poor quality Chinamen who speaks as if they think everyone around them are deaf!
    * 3rd world people from Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines, even Timbuktu et al.

    Then there was a time S’pore had a wide open-door immigration policy which failed to sort out the garbage from the good.

    This was the time when fake, forged, degree & diploma mills & unauthenticated academic credentials could be passed off without checks.

    Even S’pore’s ranked Local Tertiary Education failed to check foreign incoming academic scholars much touted academic credentials. Hint: they were from a country where defecation were done in the open.

    They were finally exposed after they used their S’pore time to get academic positions in the US academic institutions. It turned out that they were academic frauds. They hoodwinked their way in S’pore only to be caught overseas by sharp eyed Western academics who saw through their disguise.


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  • Financially Speaking:

    Those frauds disappeared into the woodwork after being exposed by the US academic system. Some even got another position in other US academic institutions while they were being investigated by their previous employer. They, too in time, were confronted by their new employers & quietly left in the night without forwarding their resignation.

    The embarrassing part was all backward published research papers & articles co-researched in their names had to be withdraw from academia.

    Local S’porean academics ended up with egg in their faces when their co-authored academic research papers which were published with those academic frauds who had been exposed. Their papers had to be quietly withdrawn from the academia world.

    Those episodes caused irreparable damage & international embarrassment to S’pore’s Tertiary Educational Institution reputation.

    Todate, they have never recovered:
    * Monica Baey’s sex spying harrassment;
    * M’sian born Professor sex-for-grade;
    * Continual sex peeping & pervert acts, etc.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    Remaining Communist States: PRC, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea, Cuba.

    Sinkapore can join the list? LHL can declare himself as supreme leader. Start a ‘Cultural Revolution’ to wipe out all intellects who oppose him.
    Don’t need POFMA. Just lock them up and put them away.

    Then you have 2 options. Join PAP or start planning emigration exit plans.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    patriot of TUMASIK:
    When you QUALIFY to stay in a TRUE 1st World…why stay in a FAKE???…add the ShitPots and Idiots in charge…and you have a Comedy Playhouse Not a Nation…mentioned ever so often from the Bastard who created the Illusion to a Balding Piece of Shit… a Sham of a man

    and Brad, for an ex Ex-Pat…you, are a TRUE-Patriot more of SUCH PATRIOTS should step up to the Plate…your Country needs you NOW before it goes to the Dogs Run by Pigs

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  • Tremendous:

    Members of a certain party are calling for political leadership. What they mean includes political leadership to lead Singapore to world class rock bottom fertility rates for years. Now they deprioritize this giant issue and stir up others before elections. Other than sovereign fund losses which the president has been scratching her head to give a solid reply and home lease depreciation, they will play up all other issues. We are 5-6 years away from a total change of demographics and irreversible disaster if we have locals in our midst still supporting them.

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