SDP to focus on three key issues for upcoming elections

On Sunday (19 Jan), the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) had visited several constituencies as part of its annual Chinese New Year walkabout. These include areas in the Holland Bukit-Timah GRC, Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC, Bukit Panjang, Bukit Batok and Yuhua SMCs – areas it plans to contest at the coming election.

Speaking to reporters at the Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre, SDP Secretary-General Dr. Chee Soon Juan that the party has been “hammering away” at three key issues “since last year when [the SDP] launched [its] campaign”.

The three issues include:

- Costs of living, which includes the intention to raise the GST to 9%, which is described as a “regressive tax”;

- Singapore’s population, including the entry of PMETs and job prospects for Singaporeans; and

- Generations of retirees who still do not have enough income to retire on because of the retention of their CPF savings.

Dr. Chee said the SDP has been focusing on these issues and “Lo and behold – Whether it’s a co-incidence or not, I’ll let people figure it out. The PAP has become big on these issues as well.”

The PAP needs to make sense and not use the budget as a gimmick to win votes

Taking DPM Heng Swee Keat as an example, Dr. Chee said that DPM Heng has come out to defend the measures at the PAP convention last November and has gone on to hint at “support measures in the [upcoming] budget”.

Citing the Mederka and Pioneer package as examples, he said that the PAP is “taking taxpayers money, putting it some of these measures, and that use that in the budget expenditure, and then tell people because the expenditure is so high, they have to raise taxes again”.

Dr. Chee asked if the PAP could instead not “[raise] taxes and not using the money [then] to give people before elections”.

“That works too, isn’t it?” he concluded.

SDP has put pressure on the PAP, and will hold the PAP accountable once they go into Parliament 

Dr. Chee said that the people he spoke to are worried about job security. He criticised Manpower Minister Josephine Teo for “coming out all of a sudden” to say that “they are going to tighten up” regulations on discriminatory hiring, despite this having been “going on for years”.

“You have to be wondering what the PAP has been doing all these time” he added.

He added that today’s retirees have worked for all their lives, paid their taxes and played by the rules “only to find themselves without sufficient income”, especially when the CPF payouts are dragged out for 28 years.

He added that because the SDP has been harping on these points, the PAP has been backtracking and making concession – the party will further “hold the PAP accountable” once they get into Parliament.

Will you support them?




15 Responses to “SDP to focus on three key issues for upcoming elections”

  • Harder Truths:

    SDP – you need to come out with your own plans to show the public what ideas you have and how you are planning to change things.

    Just running after the pappy car in the hope of catching it is not enough to impress me – you need to show you have a car and can also drive.

    Please make this a key issue – tell us what policies SDP will follow if you are able to drive. And don’t tell me you are a co-driver – that is not what people want to hear.

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  • My interpretation and Opinion:

    My interpretation is;

    “You want a better life, you make PAP work for you by voting for others”

    “They will have “NO CHOICE” but end up truly caring for Singaporeans.”

    Common Sense.

    Competition is Good. Competition will make all of them work for the People. Since they can’t work with others [fixing others], then they deserve to be stripped off their authority to make way for “Competition” which can only lead to a truly robust and strong Parliament, generating good policies for a stronger Singapore moving forward.
    [a weak 3G/4G are easy runover by intentional leaders - example armaravati project]

    Singular Party Mandate has proven to be a real BAD thing – MiloIndianCumMalay, POFMA are example.

    No more mistake, No more Mandate, No Second Chance.

    Rather than we suffer. Don’t allow PAPi to speak of fears, because the facts are damage [national dilution], pains and suffering have been inflicted upon many [260,000 population growth and only 60,000 new jobs created] with their greedy and stupid policies.

    Reminder wife $300,000.00 per day, MiloIndianCumMalay, National Dilution, CECA, Jobs Insecurities…

    Under the PAPi, literally no more loves, no more lives, have to steal lunch boxes, become gojek or hawkers and good paying jobs goes to FTs.

    How much are you paying to the GST? [based on 80% spent]

    Take Home Pay Last 5 Yrs @ 7% Next 5 Yrs @ 9% Total Lost

    While Japan consumer tax [GST] benefits for the People’s Pension.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    I think the SDP have plans in place and has already publicised them. There is no secret in their intent.

    What is a failure of the SDP is to aim for 5 constituencies only. Their objective should be to aim for the 5 they are targetting and then the rest of Singapore as one big constituency.

    Citizens bearing the burden of failed PAP policies are all across the island. They are the same regardless which part of the island they are staying.

    SDP should highlight those consequences of failed policies with the objective of removing the PAP from power for good.

    Even if SDP wins all five constituencies, there is little they can do but talk. WP cannot make PAP to be accountable, SDP will not either nor will PSP. PAP should therefore be removed totally from the landscape before any real change can take place.

    VTO the PAP.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Harder Truths:
    SDP – you need to come out with your own plans to show the public what ideas you have and how you are planning to change things.

    Just running after the pappy car in the hope of catching it is not enough to impress me – you need to show you have a car and can also drive.

    Please make this a key issue – tell us what policies SDP will follow if you are able to drive. And don’t tell me you are a co-driver – that is not what people want to hear.

    If you have followed SDP closely the past 10 years you will understand their STAND…
    whatever snippets given are just THAT snippets…the Long Haul Road Map is there if you are serious about KNOWING SDP’s Plan…
    the PROBLEM is the Character and Party Assassination by PAP led by a BASTARD whose every word is taken as Gospel “TRUTH” when they are Evil Lies that is also him(surname) that sheeple read that makes their MARCH forward a little more difficult

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  • @ Boh Kia See:

    How about u step forward as candidate since u Boh Kia See.

    I support and i vote for u.

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  • Tremendous:

    I am not a fan of SDP but I think they are in good shape for elections. At least they didn’t focus on Murali’s failures on the Bukit Batok fire and yet can take additional appointment as senior counsel. Members of a certain party have weird criteria to appoint people!

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    No more “LKY effect” for the coming GE. LKY is dead and ashes. He is NEVER coming back.

    Singaporeans should know that they are worse off since LHL became PM. The coming GE is payback time. Throw out the PAP and bury it with LKY.

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  • Asd:

    Get put of built timah the rich don’t care

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  • opposition dude:

    I just hope more of the stupid kiasees in the west wake the hell up in the next election. Being stupid and daft they gave their sympathy votes to the deceased founder and in return saw and felt that life was tougher with a whopping 30% water price increase at one go, a 9 cents transport fake hike last month and I’m not going to mention about the electricity bill.

    What SDP has said is spot on, the issues of the numbers of non Singaporeans and job security have been there since at least 2011, they were some of the reasons that caused PAP to lose a GRC. The PAP can continue to say they will tighten the inflow or set up some wayang committee but the end result will be the same and before we know it, the population will be above 6 million.

    Come on you kiasees in Singapore, have some guts and stop being so damn kiasee for once can or not!!

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  • TruBlu:

    The impetus for our OPPO sgs can only come from A Strong Alliance.

    The brilliance of each oppo party will surely be manifolds enhanced by ALLIANCE.


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  • Election banned:

    Second life Heng just declared that all divisive forces must be banned.
    All citizens must vote only one party.

    No divisive forces allowed. Voting for any other party is divisive. Cannot. Banned.

    PAP win already. Ownself erected ownself.

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  • Uncle Lim:

    The clown is a big coward. He abuses his authority to craft laws to fix the opposition.

    He said it’d be difficult to govern if he had to answer too many questions from the opposition.

    Had he been governing or sleeping on the job while his yes men scramble to cover for him?

    If I borrow money from you but keep giving excuses to delay repayment won’t you be angry?

    Many are angry that their CPF is being held back.

    Kick out this greedy and cheating government.

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  • Down with despots:

    Thank you, Dr Chee. You spoke my mind. You truly have the heart to help Singaporeans have a better life unlike those who force us to pay them millions. They are in for selfish agenda.

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  • Skunks don’t stink, r u joking:

    PAP letting u to have a say! More say is pure bulls. So stupid 又蠢 so rotten fishy ( 又腥)BerraChan took evety chance to threaten vocally Citizen critic abt PAP claimed job creation for their erotically embraced alies that he has UnO PROBLEM to import an number of aliens to displace them when PAP moments before promise to do the opposite. Would Heng tell citizenry what he did to the citizen extrapolating from Khaw, once Minister of Health b4 Heng came on Gorilla back, rebutted citiziens’ complain of escalating medical costs smart aleckily that he paid only $8 for his rotten heart treatment incl first Class delux ward, to Heng’s sick heart treatment being heavily subsidized by SIn Taxpayers. Instead of pulling Khaw up if he has lied n then apologised tipo citizenry for the fpaky con info
    By Khaw, he sent his polanpa to pthreaten TR Emeritus for publishing citizen’s comment n threatenly demand it to be removed else is clear evidence of his latest fake promise of citizen having more say, oa blumy erotically iconic sick joke froom PAP, getting worse by the second!

    Let’s not forgetting the Singlish political cliche “sue till youtpr pants drop”, the wayang on the revision minister multimillions pay check not incl undisuclosed bonus payout n benefits by Gerald N his committee goon which commissioned it to so called experienced expert but sadly has pin effect zero experience on the case but benefitted exorbitantly from the consultation all at Citizens’ expence! The results still remained in the multimillions. Remember the satire put up abt re a child not wanting to accept a chicken part for he feared that his father will have to pay a whole chicken later!
    Just think of how much PAP has conned us on electricity bill. PAP denationalized on utility supply for they assured that private company can run them more efficiently so impying cheaper cost but deliberately avoiding to emphasize on profit mission of private entreprise n a responsible govt subsidy on essential services! lies n cons, promises r pleasure of pap to do a 180 deg flip when they got what they want!

    The very fact that they keep GE date secret but not to pap is also a clear sign of their devious evil of disadvantaging the other parties in their preparation. This is not only injustice, criminal inside trading acts, but also a display of violarption n defiance of the Constitution which even after they have messed it up so much that alerted some foreign media to question of the democraticity of Singapore democracy to which LKY arrogantly response it is just a modified democracy n that they have the mandate tipo change whatever he likes!

    So fellow citizens, r u going to be conned once again n to let them threaten, insult n demean our citizenship n nation by these pap pstbs n their plp…

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  • Tell 'em pappies doctor......:

    “Right is right, and wrong is wrong, and a body ain’t got no business doing wrong when he ain’t ignorant and knows better… tho they thinkin what’s the use you learning to do right when it’s troublesome to do right and ain’t no trouble to do wrong, and the peanut wages is just the same?”

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