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  • Asd:

    Wow very deep…

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  • Vote for Change:

    260,000 population growth and only 60,000 created jobs, common sense says don’t waste so much time trying to fool the People.

    Perception and Interpretation are not the same. Interpretation requires a secondary action which can be wholly wrong.

    Don’t try to fool your uncle.

    The day I throw my vote against the MIW, I will be very much relief of my pen-up disappointment with them. I am all waiting.

    They must be planning another die father before can call the election. why? because it was a hit and they must be planning to use same tricks again.


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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    A well Trained -CONDITIONED & PAID puppy will Bark & Attack ferociously for its Master…A Seasoned Postman for the People will be ready to fend off the attack lah!!!…a nice Bone and piece of meat will do the TRICK…That is a Dog…even CONditioned and Paid will not turn down an offer if it is FREE

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  • Dr. Chan:

    The Court is controlled by LHL, PAP lackeys.
    We already know the outcome. SDP should just suck it up and focus on the GE.

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  • Gongkias will vote pap again:

    Huh? So the matter is decided by the cots, not the G? So the cots and G is not the same? Sorry huh, I’m just a layman don’t understand cot matters lah. But can’t blame me coz it seems almost every single time the G wins. They want what outcome and that’s what they’ll get. So I got confused. Thought cots and G is one, the same party.

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  • Let the court decide:

    Wa, The minister decides…… take down? What law is this?

    Go to court,…….the judge decides………why the contradiction?

    It shd go straight to court to decide………when there is a dispute……..the court !

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  • 70% accomplice or dafts?:

    Is the 70% real?
    Are they honest?
    Do they have conscience?
    Does sg have a future with unquestioning people?

    Or is the 70% a figment of our imagination?

    Every election agents, please get ready to do your job at the polling station on GE day.

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  • Robin:

    I’ve lost complete confidence in AGC.

    Firstly, the AG was the inept PM’s personal lawyer.

    Secondly, the Deputy AG was a PAP MP. Still is a card carrying member of PAP?

    Who else in AGC has connections with PAP?

    It’s just like the ST which most people see as a propaganda mouthpiece of PAP and no longer trust it.

    If our justice system is to gain the trust of the people, it should do the right thing and uphold its pledge to uphold justice without fear or favour.

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  • Forgone-Conclusion Movies:


    Whether you already KNOW the Court has the final say in POFMA is of no useful purpose, of no practical use, and of no consequence to your case(s).

    I can already quite safely predict WHAT OUTCOME is going to be. Through 40-50 years of experience in just reading the published results (outcomes) of cases taken to Court against the PAP and PAP’s Government, I can safely tell you that your probability of success is only 0.1%.

    99.9% the result is going to make you look like an idiot and a sucker. No hard-feelings. Have a tiger. Cheers.

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  • ShamYewCum SC:

    Hi, ShamYewCum Senior Coke here.

    How would citizes of first world countries respond or take it if these political issues happen there?

    Its reasonable to say they wont be sitting down quiet like timid singaporeans.

    What does this tell us about singkees who aint hongkees ?

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  • $300,000.00 per day:

    Interpret is transforming. Challenge the validity of such action. Don’t let them run away with it.

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    On this matter I am reminded of what Li Shengwu post on his FB page and got sued for contempt of court. The case is still pending. What do you think?

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  • Dr Tan Tai Wei:

    One would have thought that, as long as “facts”, in this case statistics, numerals and dates haven’t been wrongfully quoted, then differences of analyses and inferences made of them can only be more or less reasonable, not true or fake. Surely it’s not Minister’s view that SDP’s inference is illogical, like saying 1+1=0. Rather it’s not disputed that it’s an arguable conclusion based upon a longer timeframe, rather than Minister’s more “current”, arguably more temporary trend. Then it’s a case for dialogue, rather than Minister dictating her perspective by law.

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  • My Opinion:

    As the saying goes, when something is “Open to Interpretation” it means – its intended meaning is not clear and people may have different opinions about it.

    Falsehood is basically just that, lacking of conformity to truth or fact and cannot be allowed to be subjected to interpretation which can conjure different opinions depending on ones inclination and affiliation.

    As such minister should not be allowed to interpret what’s true or false and must solely based her decision on evidence and facts.

    That’s my opinion.

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  • Change We Must:

    So SDP analysis is not fake news, it is the MOM minister misinterpretation as many Singaporeans understand SDP analysis correctly

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  • Harder Truths:

    There is really no hope of winning in a marsupial court attended by clowns. The best SD can do is keep everyone aware of the despotism in the system.

    Tis despotism that is increasing day by day guarantees that citizens will be targeted more and more. The financial needs of the elites must be carried by the population when other income sources fail.

    Political parties are now the only voices that can be heard without being immediately silenced. The current attack is to ensure this last avenue of resistance is buried under both legal and financial woes – here is nothing the people will have left to defend themselves or speak wit when this happens.

    Vote wisely in 2020 – you most likely will not get another chance after this.

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  • lying pap S$m thieving liars:

    pap barebacked black lingerie joe tiu has made a mistake.

    pap comes out with, accused must prove to accuser innocence.

    utter abuse of power by pap.

    remember when pap clown prints and goh cock tong and jiak liao bee tony tan broke the pap law?

    pap comes out with, INSIDE 200m is not within 200m.

    utter disregard for normal human decency.

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  • LeeUnion Dinner no body:

    Rule of Law can be used as Rule By Law.

    This is the most powerful weapon available.

    But outside of the country, no law has jurisdiction in other country.


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  • English is art:

    Who does AGC serve?

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  • Police CLOSE DOWN:

    This Pofma thing is getting more and more ridiculous. Later, sun become moon, square is round. Triangle got 5 sides. 1 x 20 = 200.

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  • Very disappointing gov:

    Their main aim is ad we already know is to shut down any opposition party in our “fair city”.
    SDP has very strong capable intellectual members and this shows PAP is threatened by them.
    If not then play a fair gentleman’s game,why dont they?

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