Will a 2-house legislature work better?

Governance Systems: there is a basic problem with 4 or 5 year electoral cycles. It is too short for meaningful programs and it encourages a lot of political bickering.

The worse thing is it produces short term policies. The PAP pride itself of being long term in its policy orientation.

In this it is different from most OECD countries. But there is a price paid.

I. It has to do everything to prolong its power therefore it has to “fix” its opposition so that its longevity is not jeopardised. Meanwhile politics is made toxic and public media has to be monopolized and dissenters undermined.

2. In other developed countries long term policies are in danger unless there evolves a “deep state” that thinks and plans long term. Secrecy and falsehood have to be maintained. This too is toxic. What is the alternative?

I think there has to be two houses. A cyclical elected 4 year term lower house that acts short term and a 12 year upper house that acts long term.

The upper house frames long term leaving the lower house to micro manage and bicker over the details.

This system also reflects the nature of the polity. Most people are micro-minded whereas long termism needs highly educated, knowledgeable and wise people.

Its small number of elected members are reinforced by experts and specialist think tanks and their deliberations should all be made public.

Thus while near-term issues raise passions, discussions on long term issues can take place in a calm and collected manner.

The polity benefit from the framing of short term issues within long term perspectives. This is think is a better system that democracies need to consider.

The alternatives are either the usual political subterfuge shortermism or in non democratic systems, long term thinking centralised autocracy risking massive corruption.

Tay Kheng Soon




15 Responses to “Will a 2-house legislature work better?”

  • Nice, PAP surely like this 2 house idea.

    All PAPies will fill the upper house and all the opposition parties will fill the lower house.

    And then like the USA, PAPies in the upper house can veto all bills in the lower house.

    So bloody brilliant an idea!


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  • clown shim > najib rosmah:

    any system, as long as it is not pap system, shall work.

    any human wanting to really, REALLY, do good must never, NEVER, do anything pap does.

    if pap stands, sit.

    if pap runs, walk.

    if pap turns left, go right.

    this is because the pap system is a thieving system approved by pap plaint parleement set up for the purposes of paying each other S$m. the system is so evil it has mechanisms in place to ensure nepotism cronyism buying loyalty so that all manner of FIXING OPPO exists and so that INSIDE 200m is not within 200m and INDIAN is malay can happen.

    long story short.

    to do good, any system as long as not pap system, works.

    to steal S$m aka ownself pay ownself S$m, then never use najib and wife 1mdb system but use pap clown and pap clown wife system.

    najib and wife system fails because they kenna caught.

    pap clown and pap clown wife system aka gic temasick system guaranteed to ensure S$m, many say S$100m each pa year in year out.

    want to do right and want to do good? avoid anything pap.

    want to be rich, avoid najib and wife system and adopt pap clown and pap clown wife system.

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  • Art of Politics:

    TRE Techie:
    Nice, PAP surely like this 2 house idea.

    All PAPies will fill the upper house and all the opposition parties will fill the lower house.

    And then like the USA, PAPies in the upper house can veto all bills in the lower house.

    So bloody brilliant an idea!

    Our system better than USA. Empress Dowager at the top. Upper House – Emperor, Lower House – Eunuchs. No more political subterfuge

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  • Sinchiapor Cronycracy!:

    Hahahahahahahaha…. Upper house of filthy rich power cronies; and lower house of mediocre aspiring cronies… LKY’s unique travesty of democracy in the “first” world!

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  • Thinkforothers:

    I will never agree with your mindset, it is just out of your mind.

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  • It's the people:

    Whatever the system is, it is useless against sheeps. If the people always vote in a 99% Parliament, the dictator can do anything to change the system for his own interest.

    Good democracy requires the people to act as the ultimate check and guardian of their own interest.

    If the people are “happy” with lots of unjust things done to them by the gov, nobody can help them.

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  • I will throw the vote:

    How does a 12 years term solve the problems he bricked about e.g. longevity, prolong power, fixing Opposition, monopolized the media and undermine dissenters? As good as talking cock isn’t it?

    Democracy means Peoples’ ability to change the government swiftly and to prevent Rogue Government from ruining the country. Why should the People be short changed of this ability by prolonging the terms? Isn’t that stupid to the maximum.

    I remember this TKS. He was invited for PSP talk. In the talk, I thought his concept was like the Sardine cans Bangla Workers’ living quarters concept for the population. You can listen to the talk also in Youtube. That day, I was sure I have wasted my time as I was listening to PAP propaganda. I was very suspicious why PSP would have invited him?. I view this as a “Test balloon”.

    I say, if PSP will to field him or he is a PSP member, my vote can throw to the drain.

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  • mike:

    We don’t need a 2 house system for Singapore.

    We just need two electoral system:
    One for pariahment (voted in by people)
    One for president (voted in by people)

    President in charge of foreign affairs, trade and defense. Can be impeached by pariahment or via Referendum.

    And a Separation of powers:
    1) Pariahment (elected by people),
    2) Judiciary (elected by law society members),
    3) Executive Gahment (under the lead of PM) formed by political parties

    And a fixed term election system of 5 years. Only be altered by 75% pariahment vote OR Referendum.

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  • mike:

    Oh well hell forgotten, please remove a dangerous minority reserved presidency.

    It is subject to abuse!

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  • People power:

    TKS .the upper house are the elected MP / the lower house are the civil servant – they do all the micro- management – all the top Officer are bought and sold by their scholarship given them / money can buy loyalty and can buy one brains .. so u see Yu already have the lower house whose supports what the upper house want to do .. Notjing change u less we get rid of the upper house

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  • MarBowling:

    Think our system is just fine, except one thing: the PeeM is allowed to served ONLY 2 Terms of 4 years each! Think After 8 Loong years of his Peeing, THINKING FOLKS are REALLY SICK and TIRED of smelling his STINKY PEE! Period. What do you think?

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  • Of longans and rambutans:

    If lower house is controlled by upper house then no use also.

    This means lower house Muppet babies strings are pulled by upper house.

    Every system can be hacked especially rule based systems like Legal system, IT and accounting.

    So Tay Kheng Soon, you have not addressed the hackability of your proposed system.

    You need to think like an architect when designing systems.

    Longan sued family tree.

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  • Monarchy government:

    KNN, Is he proposing a phase transition towards autocratic Monarchy government, King Lee and Queen Ho concept.?

    Surely will not be getting my vote.

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    First things first. Get rid of the PAP then other options can be explored.

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  • Crony Meritocracy:

    Meritocracy is hacked easily.
    Crony only meritocracy.

    There you go.

    Accounting is easily hacked using special vehicles and creativity.

    Laws can be Rule by law.

    IT of course is totally hackable as sg is a proven hacked country.

    Any rule based system is hackable and not only that, they cannot be prevented from being hacked.

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