Judge: Court is constrained by what legislation compels

High Court Judge Ang Cheng Hock has ruled against the SDP in the MOM’s POFMA action against us over the matter on PMET employment in Singapore.

We are, of course, very disappointed with the verdict.

We note, however, that the Judge had written that the role of the court in this context is to interpret the legislation and “In that sense, the Court is constrained by what the legislation compels.”

We also note that the Judge had pointed out that “Unlike the Minister, who is able to rely on the machinery of the state to procure the relevant evidence of falsity, the maker of a statement often has to contend with far more limited resources.”

We reiterate our case which we argued in Court: POFMA must only be applied to clear cut cases of falsehoods, not for interpretations of statistical data.

The SDP is considering appealing the decision.






25 Responses to “Judge: Court is constrained by what legislation compels”

  • Bapak:

    SDP, thank you. You have spoken & taken appropriate actions. Good enough. Don’t waste your time on this anymore. The only way to win is to VTO.

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  • TruBlu:

    Truth can never be FALSE.
    But oftentimes,FALSEHOODS can be made to be seen like TRUTHS?


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  • SGvirus:

    Who is even surprised at the outcome? Same fate as lky’s grandson, SDP.

    The scale on Lady of Justice is titled towards the rich and powerful party. She’s no more blindfolded, no more impartial.

    Haiz! Sad! Where else can the ordinary people seek justice if that bulLEE remains in power?

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  • Realistically:

    Judge’s decision Not surprising…especially when he ruled to have proceedings be heard in Chambers rather than open court which would be pursuant to the Supreme Court Judicature Act, rather than his discretion pursuant to the Rules of Court, as alleged, as the ROC is only a SUBSIDIARY LEGISLATION.

    It also depends on the strength or otherwise of the SDP’s legal arguments and submissions.

    The SDP insisted on going it alone………..without seeing/reading ALL the submissions and the Judge’s decision, not possible to make further comments.

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  • Trust PAP and its stats?Stupid:

    PAP legislates the law.
    PAP appoints PM’s lawyer as AG.
    PAP appoints its MP as Deputy AG.
    How can people win against PAP in court?
    Many companies have 3 sets of accounting books, one for the public/investors (Singaporeans in SG context), one for the company partners (PAP MPs) and one for the major shareholder (PAP PM, and trusted few).
    The auditor (Indian-Malay Halimah) is paid handsomely to turn head to one side.
    The minority Directors (Masago in the Cabinet) are generously compensated with executive positions in the company.
    Independent Directors are in the pocket of the major shareholder (No ID is in the Cabinet).
    Did the government official stats say 70,000 jobs or 70,000 PMET jobs created in the past 5 years in Singapore?
    PAP converts at least 20,000 to citizens and another 20,000 to PRs.
    Are the PMET jobs created given to these new residents?
    Even if retrenched Singaporeans have increased (I am one of them), say 5,000 a year, the number of local PMETs has increased (as per official stats) because the total local employed has increased by 20k-40K every year.
    I am sure the employment for Singaporeans has increased in certain sectors as CCS says, the cleaning sector, transport sector as I see more Singaporean cleaners, PHV drivers and delivery men/women all over Singapore. Are these jobs the PMETs jobs the official stats allude to?
    Is the infamous Ramesh, a newly converted Singaporean, in Singapore, married a Singaporean because of the newly created PMET job?
    So, when Ramesh was a non-Singaporean when he bought his $1.5 million condo, the official stats will show a Singaporean buys the condo, not a foreigner, because his wife is a Singaporean (not sure if a newly converted too).
    So, when HDB and URA report the number of local residents buying flats and private properties in their stats, take it with a pinch of salt.
    A newly converted buys, and brings here his whole village or clan in India or China, the official stats will report a local buys it, just like the PAP employment and unemployment stats.
    I am not pitting Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners against one another.
    I am just trying to bring to light that we cannot trust PAP, vote against PAP to regain our destiny and control over the shameless politicians.
    PAP is going to lead us to a dead end, maybe not yet in 2030 when the population hits 6.9 million or more, but it is certainly a red herring.
    PAP and its cronies can afford to migrate, but not the majority Singaporeans. LHL’s nephew is now overseas refusing to answer AG charges. GCT’s daughter marries to a Caucasian living overseas.
    If the 70% want to rot here, so be it, I have finished serving my NS as a Captain, I have said enough, I am no longer obliged to protect the assets and wealth of the rich and PAP cadres.

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  • Babies consent:

    The next time you need to change the babies diapers you need ask Jo and Papigs fir consent .. or let the babies bottom rot .. that parliamentary procedures .. soon with sufficient advocates Tu need ask the babies for consent before u change babies diaper – coming soon . Our brain dead followers .. are will do anything ..

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    Straits Times: First court challenge against fake news law fails; High Court dismisses SDP’s appeal

    Another good reason for REGIME CHANGE.

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  • pap over pays each other S$m:

    INSIDE 200m is not within 200m. wonder how the law students from nus feel when it graduates such clowns.

    INDIAN is malay in istana. wonder how the INDIAN papa feels at the cul de sac since papa is INDIA and his daughter IC says INDIAN and mendaki has ruled she is INDIAN and she herself has lamented about her INDIANness.

    POFMA now has turned the rule of law 3rd side up. so funny. the accused must prove innocence to accuser. so when INTERNET says pap clown has abuse power and his wife has gained S$100m pa due to abuse of power pap clown must prove to INTERNET accusation, isn’t it? cannot rule for goose is not rule for gander unless everyone doing law in Singapore is from useless nus law school which produces INSIDE 200m is not within 200m graduateS.

    graduateS in plural because not a single person from nus has come forward to say it is silly to even mention INSIDE 200m is not within 200m and so by omission or by commission all of them are uselessly taught law by nus law school. a pity. truly WTF.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    SDP you have done what needed to be done. We also expected the ruling as such, if it was ruled in SDP’s favour by LHL’s court, the Sun would has rise from the west.

    Let it be and concentrate on the coming GE.

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  • pap has the mandate:

    There will never a fair justice in Singapore under the PAP Government, unless Singapore has an independent court system outside of Singapore which has no bias. Bring back the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

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  • Nazissustic Nation:

    The nation elites swaddled in a toxic tea cosy .. the future and its destiny lies in who stirring the tea … jo in warm
    cosiness.. the end road results Is the gas chambers designed by the elites into wipe out the African swine flu – the 70% fools ..

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  • otherwise change the outcome:

    //It also depends on the strength or otherwise of the SDP’s legal arguments and submissions.//

    really or not ? 1,000,000 pages of legal story telling ?

    quote : “In that sense, the Court is constrained by what the legislation compels. : unquote. in short, got the white idiots say, others no say lar unless the white idiots happen to agree with one lar ??

    loud thinking, if leggisslation says 4 = 5 and selected = elected, is the court still constrained and will any argument (legal or mathematical) saying otherwise change the outcome ?????

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    ” The ROLE of the COURT is to interpret the LEEgislation!!!”…

    NOTE: “LEEgislation”

    An Honest and Fair Judge giving JUDGEMENT under the Lady in Blindfold with the scale of JUSTICE…

    “Must not BELIEVE LEEgislation regardless of… from whom or where…unless you AGREE with your Reason & Commonsense” If NOT you are either a ROBOT or BEHOLDEN (the salary is good leh!!!)

    That is “TRUE JUSTICE”… and without JUSTICE there is no country but an Evil Dynasty rule by a FamiLEE with cronies at the Helm of the system

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  • Uncle:

    To save face I knew the Court would say something to the effect that their hands are tied.

    SDP, the outcome of any appeal will still be NO.

    I’d rather you make a tactical withdrawal and not waste resources on an inevitable NO on appeal.

    You have spoken up and the court of public opinion finds the regime GUILTY.

    Move on. Don’t play into the hands of PAP.

    A regime change is a MUST.

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  • Korean Drama:

    At times, Korean Dramas are quite educational. It depicts Justice as not about right or Wrong, true or false but “Power is Justice”. For example in the Drama “The King” or “Vagabond”, behind the veils’ of “the Gov”, is the operation of the “Club Money”?

    So the foundation formula is simple really, POWER = PEOPLE + MONEY.

    I would say SDP has succeeded. At least, the case had made the “PEOPLE” [in the formula] more aware, regardless of the outcome of the case. And since optimum effect has been achieved, SDP should not actually appeal [saying is OK] but move on for other maximized yields.

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  • opposition dude:

    It sounds like an excuse from the courts to me.

    Don’t be disappointed SDP, just wait for the election and go all out to win votes!

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  • Very disappointing gov:

    Truly disappointing.
    Why should anyone wish to keep this people in power.
    Show them the door next GE.

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  • ganeshsk:

    SDP you have just show by going teh mile that is POOFMA is a silly legislation which needs to repealed once the is a regime change.

    SO focus on the GE and do waste time with the IDIOTS.

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  • N.Jungne:

    End of PAP is near

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  • Very well analyzed, Agree:

    End of PAP is near

    Thank you, bro. Very well said. Agree.

    pap PA paid IBs say pap cannot lose one.

    we don’t believe. because pap is so afraid losing anyhow POFMA is also apply which proves pap is very insecure due to possibility of being toppled by Dr Tan CB PSP coalition.

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  • Laser Focus on BallotBox:

    Very well analyzed, Agree: Thank you, bro. Very well said. Agree.

    pap PA paid IBs say pap cannot lose one.

    we don’t believe. because pap is so afraid losing anyhow POFMA is also apply which proves pap is very insecure due to possibility of being toppled by Dr Tan CB PSP coalition.

    We should ask ourselves, will a 53year undisputed champion have confidence or growingly lacking more and more confidence?

    What is the reality of the LANDSLIDE VICTORIES?

    Is the 70% not real? Figment of imagination by virtue of Creativity ?

    Uniform Rubber Stamping X

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  • The big boot:

    Sdp n Chee soon Juan are correct! The court should not rule on Interpretation of statistics.

    Every analyst, every consultant in money or real estates can interpret data and statistics the way they want.

    Stupid, did you take economics or statistics?

    If the court were to rule on interpretation, this will mean the Court can now also rule on how Sinkies think?

    In any case, why should nair asked for costs when they are the ones who want the court to rule?

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  • Why rely on idiots:

    Interpret legislation made by the “useful idiots” in Parliament. What a joke.

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  • Flickshit:

    The Lady of Justice sitting on TOP of the Supreme Court is blind-folded and holding a scale. Why ??

    I think the Judge or the who are Lawyers. Can tell us. If not, please take away the cloth the blind-fold the Lady of Justice. Let her have an opened eyes to see justice then,

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  • Lady of Wealth, not Justice:

    People mis-named this statue. It should be called the Lady of Wealth.
    She blind-folded — not interested in evidence or truth or justice.
    She holds a scale — to weigh which party contributes more gold.
    Her decision is easy.
    Her pages of judgement is hard. How to write pages of nonsensical, but seemingly logical, reasons to justify the wealth-weighted decision? She may have to rely on future science, just as teleportation, virtual cloning or invisibility coats.

    Right? Kee chiu.

    (Please, this is a joke, and is not a factual reference or opinion to any particular justice system.)

    The Lady of Justice sitting on TOP of the Supreme Court is blind-folded and holding a scale. Why ??

    I think the Judge or the who are Lawyers. Can tell us. If not, please take away the cloth the blind-fold the Lady of Justice. Let her have an opened eyes to see justice then,

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