Government must do more to help our people and businesses

Although Hongkong and Singapore are 2 distinct and different entities, ie, one being an independent country and the other is a special administrative region of China, both share plenty of similarities too.

Unlike Hongkong, Singapore is responsible for our own defence and our annual defence budget takes up the biggest chunk of our annual national budget, still, many Singaporeans must be green with envy reading or watching the Hongkong’s Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan giving all Hongkong residents who are 18 years and older $HK10,000 or about S$1,800/ to tie over this very challenging period of Covid-19 epidemic. Not forgetting too that Hongkong’s population is about 7.5 million strong and more than ours.

Personally, I feel that the pap government could and should have done more for our ordinary citizens too, although not necessarily to the extend of what Mr Paul Chan has announced and here, I am referring to the cash portion. An extra $100 to $300/ cash for our citizens is welcoming but paltry, to say the least. It cannot go very far in helping to alleviate the hardship and uncertainities that more and more of our citizens and our businesses are facing, let alone help to stimulate the economy. In short, I would describe the pap government as an able but hesitant or even unwilling to do more government.

Next, among Mr Chan’s other measures, I consider Hongkong government’s guarantee on loans extended to their small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as the most impressive, magnificent and massive decision.

Although there will be some SMEs who will abuse such a gesture, still, a healthy cash flow to the majority of them will help them weather this epidemic challenge with resources and confidence and hopefully, keep their workers and as long as people have jobs, many potential social problems can be prevented. It takes not just money but a superior level of boldness, confidence and belief in Hongkong to do what he has done. In contrast, Singapore’s Heng Swee Keat just didn’t measure up. Not even close. That separates the men from the boys.

I repeat. In order to make any meaningful differences, help given to our people and our businesses during this time must not be token help or wayang help. They must be bold enough in order to have any chance of making any differences and turning the tide. I consider giving taxi drivers $20/ each day, split between the driver and his relief driver and each person getting $10/ daily as a good example wayang help. Another of such wayang help is giving a month rental rebate to businesses. Hongkong’s Paul Chan can definitely teach Heng Swee Keat and those expensive pap ministars a thing or two. Think!



Simon Lim





17 Responses to “Government must do more to help our people and businesses”

  • Don’ forget:

    They will help themselves first! They pretend to return 1 month pay after that they give themselves many months’ bonus. Can you remember at the end of 2020?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Singaporeans have to beg first
    That’s the way to show who’s big and who’s small!!

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  • But:

    But ….For approx 1800 you need to go to the streets , shouting, raging, devastating, …
    Perhaps my description too extreme. At least during this cov19 period, still hundreds if not thousands still took to the streets ( protest rather peacefully with mask )

    Can we rely on the 30% to carry out ? People like Bapak, simon Lim, Chua chin leng , ….

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  • Minion:

    Minion is conditioning the mind and speaking for PAPi.

    With minion infiltration, constitutional breaches, only way is the out way.

    Be watches of this minion.

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  • Help?:

    Help. What a BS term be used by PAP.
    I was interviewed by LTA, 1 Malaysian, 1 Indian.
    I am such a senior person who knows so much. Yet when I questioned
    them, they know nuts what I know. This is how GOV spent money
    to RETAIN FTs.
    I was interviewed by MNC banks. Almost 80% of interviewers are INDIANS.
    Yet, they can tell you we have offer for you but till today, I did not
    receive their OFFER LETTER.
    Lesson of the day, DO NOT TRUST INDIANS. Indians have something in their
    MIND that they do not want you to know. That is THEIR CHASTE SYSTEM!!!

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  • Bapak:

    Foreign students get free education and get more pocket money than Singaporeans.

    For an extra $50.00 – how much want for three meals in the coffee shop, food court or restaurant? But let me say this: What is the point of the question?

    What type of government we have? Only idiots will vote idiot government.

    Look yourself in the mirror and asks that guy inside “Why you so stupid?”. Prepare for the worst, that guy inside may show you his middle finger.

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    Want more then vote for REGIME CHANGE. It is that simple.

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution.:

    Straits Times: Budget debate: Heng Swee Keat on why the GST hike cannot be scrapped

    Bullshit. The GST hike can be scrapped and even better GST can be lowered by “scrapping” PAP at the next GE. Note that Singapore has massive reserves and perennial Budget surpluses. Also, self-funding stat boards (NOT included in the Budget) make billions each year and holds billions more.


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  • N.Jungne:

    You should do better than P. Chan, otherwise Kee Chiu will again says “Sia Suay”

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  • opposition dude:

    Ah uncle Simon, PAP giving out money is a no no unless it’s to buy your vote. And we all know that whatever they give us they take it back many, many times over.

    So don’t bother comparing what other places did in relation to us. PAP is now trying their darndest to wait until covid passes before calling for the election. They will boast that they did a fantastic job because no one died compared to SARS.

    Whether the voters agree is another thing altogether though.

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  • UniQ:

    In my opinion, definitely not fit to be the highest paid politicians in the world. Spending too much time swatting oppos and self praising, while neglecting their sole solemn duty to look after each and every Singaporeans that voted them in.

    If they need each and every reasons to implement or action what others have done in the world (eg, WHO advise, US Policies, China Policies, etc) why not follow suite or at least match what HK has done as a legitimate government (which HK is still ‘selected’ by the communists) ?

    Thus, its the lack of innovative ideas, society faith and gung-ho to act resulting selective choices to keep the ‘master’ happy, while the common Sinkies are resigned to their fates.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    They FEAST in Private rooms with the best wines and food available…the leftovers are for the sheeple…YET the sheeple look and goggle in awe at the leftovers…

    Hong Kong where I spend 3 years shows me what is Stoic in the face of crisis…Help and Care when the need arises…AND no Fear whatsoever for the Consequences in their STAND for Freedom…

    Now Simon, tell me where we are similar??? Leaders & People… NOT the Shit & Propaganda in the Fake NEWS blared daily in the Shitty Times & CNA aka CNNclone

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  • HowMuchLeftInTheReserves?:

    Always saying they cant dip into the reserves..must be prudent and save for futire generations etc etc..
    future generations will know how to save their reserves too.
    its this generation that needs help now..
    Wayanging today that president and all ministars are taking a 1month pay cut..Big Deal!
    Is the reserve$ really there or gone???

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  • Spurmoogam:

    If we assume AH Chan is considered the cream of the crop, based on his recent siasuaying daft people and calling some as suckers in front of business leaders, I think the 75% has done us in.

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  • TruBlu:

    TAKE CARE OF us?
    wait LOONG LOONG.


    PAY MORE GST after you have given us A RESOUNDING MAJORITY AT GE???


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  • Work smart and not work hard:

    “The government must do more to help our people and businesses”

    “We can get you the numbers. But let me say this: What is the point behind the question? ”

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  • @ Minion:

    Minion ?

    Debatable. If you cannot refute opposing views satisfactory or you cannot accept others opinion even though they have a point or more , instead you call others minion.

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