Cost saving measures

Like more and more companies, SATS, the ground handling and inflight catering service provider at Changi Airport has also embarked on cost saving measures to tackle the sharp fall in their business.

One of their measures is to ask their employees who are aged 55 and above to consider early retirement. It is unfortunate that up till now, MOM has been totally quiet about it but I take strong issue with it.

I accept that cost cutting measures must affect employees but to use theoccasion to encourage or get rid of elderly employees, is in my opinion, utterly irresponsible and unethical, to say the least. A better way is to let them go on no pay leave or even extended no pay leave.

Employees, whether young or old, junior or senior, provide valuable services to their companies and in-turn, companies owe them an obligation to treat them with fairness and understanding. We surely don’t need expensive pap generals or scholars to teach us all that, right?

To resign from a job is too easy and many elderly employees may not be as well educated and qualified as their younger colleagues but if they resign, for them to find another job could be a hellish experience. Many of them have elderly parents to take care of and children who may still be in school too etc.

If they are union members, I sincerely hope that their unions are not merely for show paper tigers but grow some spine and fight for them against such ridiculous cost cutting measures and not work in cahoots with the employer. Likewise, the pap government must put its foot down firmly and signal that it will never tolerate any company using this epidemic as an occassion or excuse to remove their older workers.

I dislike saying this but if push comes to shove, those people whom that companies should firstly let go should be lousy employees, foreigners and then Singaporeans.

I hope that our millionaire pap ministars understand all that because it owes Singaporeans that bit of common sense. As for Singaporeans, they also better grow some street-wisdom and intelligence and see through what is a weak or strong government too, never mind what P what P party la. Think.

Simon Lim



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  • Asd:

    I think there is no union member la only cahoot members

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    Unions are under NTUC and NTUC is controlled by this government.

    In a dictatorship no one dares to say or act or the dictator may be unhappy.

    So all Ministers and MPs keep quiet.

    Oil prices have plunged but pump prices have remained steady.

    Again they keep quiet. Because Govt linked companies own petrol stations?

    Government should get out of businesses.

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  • UniQ:

    Asking employees after 55 for early retirement is the most common technics that GLCs have been practising since beginning of time. This practice has even adopted by many MNCs and SMEs in ardent use. These asking above 55 for early retirement in my opinion is an obsolete practice in view that our CPF minimum sum, cost of housing and cost of living has increased beyond any age 55 and above to be able to survive reasonably ! As TS has mentioned, its “utterly irresponsible and unethical” !! I wonder these senior management are thinking of ? to increase our suicide rate or creating a social unrest, I wonder ?

    Papynomics has literally unable to promulgate suitable policies and ideas to meet the changes they have done to Singaporean’s livelihood and way of life. Paying them in Millions every year has resulted more than 80% Singaporeans and new migrants livelihood suffering while promoting about 10% of their very well paid GLCs, Stats Board and Forces senior management to dance to their tune, while trading off their conscience. Its like communism and socialism at works.

    The joke that SIA CEO ‘sacrifice’ a month salary over his $5.5M annual pay is a BIG Joke !! Ever heard when times is bad, someone decides to draw a $ for a year ? How to lead effectively when one earns $5.5M annually while compare to the lowest paid employee in thousands of times during bad times ? where the company is not making good profit, or even worst loose $ ? Is it going to be like Hyflux where the Company is bleeding and yet the senior staff are still taking their high pay cheques while allowing the ranks and file to suffer with retrenchments, pay cuts and early retirement ? where the entire Company Business plans were undertook by them ?

    The above is stark difference from the Gahmen preaching to private Companies, which all Companies owners by law has to pay all CPF, Levies, Insurance, and salaries of their staff if not facing jail time ! Thus, even taking zero pay or even borrowing from banks paying huge amount of interest, Business owners are face with huge responsibilities and sacrifice and yet these people has to pay both ways, ie; Personal and Business Tax ?!?! Compare to the above gahmen senior management, do you think they worth their pay or even their weight ? That amount of obscene salary for a stat owned organization is a laughing stock for many Busines Owners in the world that these could not hold a candle against many Global Brands, but taking a salaries that could match any Multi Million $ Business Founder. No Logic or just pure relationship and system screwups ?

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  • Spurmugam Darkvinder:

    This is good for Change. Else they will never wake up and demand more from their gabrament who are being paid world highest.

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  • opposition dude:

    ASking the older employees to leave aka early retirement isn’t new, why do you think old folks at 62 are on yearly contracts or any form of contract in the first place?

    SPH is another darling who have openly announced not too long ago that they are cutting staff by also letting go of the older ones. Whoever else that remains is on borrowed time since their newspaper circulation and advertisement revenue is falling quarter after quarter. It’s a matter of time before a skeleton crew remains.

    Forget about asking PAP to look after our welfare lah, they have never bothered to listen to us at all, it’s all just for show only. PAP only understands when their overpaid shitheads are voted out like George and Hwee Hwa almost a decade ago.

    To ask PAP to do more for Singaporeans is just impossible since they never want to do so. As the old saying goes, you can make a cow go to the river but you sure as hell can’t make it drink if it doesn’t want to.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Why in the MSM it only reported senior Management having pay cut but nothing about asking employees above 55 years old to retire early?

    Why not just ask those $M dollar management staff to retire early? Perhaps one retired management can pay for 5 or 6 employees of 55 years old!!

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  • Sojoürner:

    Side-track a little on economics outlook here. Monday S&P down drastically. Trading halted and resume. The impact on markets here and more to come in following days.
    I warned a week ago.

    February 29, 2020 at 4:32 am (Quote)
    The fundamentals were dangerous prior to Covid-19. I’d suggest the exceptionally leveraged style of high-flying investment and wealth were warned NOT to engage 4 years ago and will be in itself it’s own undoing, and now with positions being unwound, it may not be able to be stopped. The slide will happen because the momentum can not be thwarted.

    The markets are reacting out of knowledge that Coronavirus disruption to the bottom line of companies across the globe. China has shut down. Now companies across the globe are showing the effect on their earnings. The virus is now spreading to Europe and elsewhere. Corporate earnings will only get worse. The longer the virus stays with us the worse it will be. It may be worse than 2008.

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  • DBS CEO 12 Million:

    While other employees and management of companies amd Ministers in Singapore are having the salaries cut, DBS CEO is having 2 per cent salary increement from his annual S$12.5 Million annual salary. WTF

    I am sure our Singaporeans can do his job at a lower salary.

    Why must get an Anneh ? India was never a Financial Centre.

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  • INSIDE 200m is not within 200m:

    in a nation run by liars, pap liars, where got hope.

    whose fault?

    those citizens aged 55 who voted pap and who are asked to go.

    the fault lies squarely with these pap voters.

    clap clap clap.

    we are 30% OPPO, generally with cars degrees and landed properties. pap cronies can cut staff all they want. we are not affected since we have never voted pap, NEVER will.

    pap IBs say lose job also pap fault. we say, YES, it is 100% due to pap open legs policy.

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  • 70% Idiots:

    20 years ago, private sector companies can just hire and fire very easily. Emplyment terms: the company can terminate employment without giving reason.

    That’s why people job hop. Employees owe it to themselves to find better pay while employers are always on the lookout for cheaper hires.

    Simon, the first to go will be Singaporeans. Because employers don’t have to pay CPF.

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  • Homeless Cat:

    Hah! That they (the SATS management) would do THIS does NOT surprise me in the slightest! They see this as a chance to bring in cheaper, younger and more obedient foreign labour while improving their profit margins. A four-for-one bargain! They would love it! They do not care about their employees, many of whom have given the best years of their lives to the company. I sincerely doubt that the union will be able to overturn the management’s decisions,as they have been rendered toothless by the latter.

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