Xia suay! ‘PA group activities dangerous for seniors’ health’

And the PA was only taking precautions after people got sick. It should not have been conducting group activities for seniors, let alone the public (still continuing), to be prudent

The above is how I interpret the following story from the constructive, nation-building media (Unreported facts around SAFRA Jurong outbreak is reported is after the longish quote):

COVID-19: People’s Association to suspend courses and activities for seniors

SINGAPORE: The People’s Association (PA) will suspend courses, organised activities and interest group activities in community clubs and residents’ committee centres that seniors regularly participate in, it announced on Tuesday (Mar 10).

This will involve about 2,600 classes and 11,000 interest group activities, with about 290,000 non-unique participants, said the PA in a press release.

This comes after activities at seven CCs and RCs were suspended on Saturday, over links to COVID-19 patients in the cluster involving a private dinner function at SAFRA Jurong on Feb 15.


After the Jurong SAFRA outbreak was reported by the media, a member of the IB, Grace Yeo, was KPKBing on FB that Jurong Safra should not have been identified because it gave the impression that a PAP govt related body was involved.

It was pointed out to her that people had the right to know that an incident happened at SAFRA Jurong and that it seems she’d rather people catch the virus to protect the reputation of the PAP govt.

She tried to censor these comments by deleting the post but the group administrators restored the post, to much cheering.

Another person then said RCs in the Jurong area were sending mass messages to tell everyone that it was a private event organised by a private person.

Someone then commented that the people attending were members of group activities organised by PA.

With supporters like Alice Yeo, the PAP govt does not need enemies.


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor


6 Responses to “Xia suay! ‘PA group activities dangerous for seniors’ health’”

  • Great Asia:

    As usual, it’s PAP monkeys and their monkey business.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Cancelled all activities:

    Best to cancel all activities related to the elderly as this group is very vulnerable to Covid -19. Their immunity is low and risk is high.

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  • cut and paste is plagiarism:

    this pap IB lagi sia suay.

    all cut and paste. cannot even write an original piece whether pap BS or truth.

    a piece of shit. sia suay to all pap IBs.

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  • Shirley:

    The medeka generation road show should have cease long ago to prevent break spread of covid19

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  • UniQ:

    With such unscrupulous people at PAP Camp doing such unforgivable action that could cause the people more harm that is close to committing a crime to say the least.

    Thus, its hard for the people to be convince that the PAP Camp have what it takes are the Creme’ de la Creme’ to lead the nation forward in the future.

    I have said many times before, the refusal to acknowledge the mentality and direction has drastically misalign will be the end of a mighty regime creating their own demise.

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  • Teo Soh Lung:

    The government is the most xia suay. It didn’t cancel the CNY chingay parade. It carried on with the hong pow event. And being in control of so many community centres and clubs, SAFRA contamination happens. The last was totally negligent and irresponsible. PA and the government real xiasuay us.

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