Covid-19 ‘Temporary Measures’

I refer to the latest announcement made by Lawrence Wong’s Wuhan-virus task force to suspend religious services, gatherings at public entertainment venues and outlets, including tuition and enrichment centres until Apr 30 in a bid to stem escalating infection rates here and those returning from abroad.

The task force however, falls short by repeatedly refusing to suspend schools and workplaces which are MAIN epicentres for spreading the virus even as we have witnessed flouting of quarantine orders. We have also ironically seen an infected teacher at the PAP’s own PCF centre, which leads us to wonder how many clusters will form from there.

The often utilised excuse by the PAP not to proclaim DOSCON Red (though we’re already in it) is because our economy will suffer as a result of our over reliance on external factors! I remembered not too long ago that Chan Chun Sing mentioned we have been preparing for disasters since the 70s but this Wuhan virus pandamic has caught him off guard and obviously called the government’s bluff. It is most evident in the people hoarding essential goods over the past month, eroding trust in the government’s handling of the outbreak and mainstream media (MSM) reportings.

Past measures have proven to be largely futile, thus culminating in the latest suspension order. I continue to ponder on these 7 burning thoughts while the virus ravages on:

1. How much longer will the government deny our DOSCON Red status
2. What is the true state of our “rainy” reserves that we do not seem able to withstand the present crisis
3. Will the government continue to gamble on people’s lives and allow schools and commerce to carry on while simultaneously calling an election to secure their own political survival
4. Will red tapes be trimmed to ensure delivery of food and financial aid to those quarantined, retrenched or reduced work as we are seeing more people reaching out to civil activists for desperate help
5. Are our medical facilities which is already struggling to cope during “peace time”, equipped to handle the rate of spike in cases here
6. How much will we the people have to pay after this epidemic is over and businesses have been bailed out
7. Will resumption of persecuting civil activists persist in the midst of the virus or will the PAP wake up from the slumber of China’s similar abominations

It remains to be seen if we will emerge relatively unscathed and if the untested 4G leaders will continue to put foreign talents and economic considerations first, over the well-being of Singaporeans!


Judy Tan




14 Responses to “Covid-19 ‘Temporary Measures’”

  • oxygen:

    @ JUDY TAN, BRILLIANT WRITING – you have kicked 4Gs RIGHT ON THEIR BALLS of confusing messaging (truthful falsity of sufficient inadequate mask stockpile) and abominations (truth suppression and media manipulations) of all descriptions to leave peasants in confused bewilderment (WHO now says Covid-19 is airborne infection spreading and hence social distancing is critical).

    4Gs is now a confused sheep except election agenda in concealment – they want their political hegemony and longevity preservation WHATEVER THE HUMAN LIVE COST – EXACTLY LIKE TRUMP WANTS TO LIFT THE LOCKDOWN IN USA to lift the GDP statistics and his re-election prospects.

    Bill Gates slapped Trump insidious head and political calculus with this retort.

    It’s tough to tell people ‘keep going to restaurants, go buy new houses, ignore that pile of bodies over in the corner’


    In lock down, the rich business lose money and their wealth sharing the pain of peasants.


    The answer is VERY SIMPLE – YOUR POSTCODE WHERE YOU LIVE DETERMINE YOUR SURVIVAL – the rich and powerful got access to overwhelmed healthcare services, the rest of the peasants can all die, it does not matter to politicians and tycoon.


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  • Great Asia:

    Judy Tan,


    Hey banana, so you think small little Singapore is mighty USA? Do you know what is the GDP of Wuhan? Can suka suka call Wuhan-virus?

    Go and check all the economic statistics of Singapore! Without support from China, Singapore would have been in recession in the past 10 years.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Great Asia:

    Hey Judy Tan,

    The US has many allies, and classified in different levels.

    Level 1: The UK, Canada and Australia etc
    Level 2: Euporean powers such as France and Germany
    Level 3: South Korea and Japan
    Level 4: Saudi Arabia and etc
    Level 5: Dogs

    Singapore belongs to level 5!

    Do you understand, banana?

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Great Asia:

    Judy Tan,

    When a Chinese sees an American: Hey, puppy!

    When an American sees a banana Singaporean: Hey, puppy!

    When a banana Singaporeans see an American: Hey, papa!

    When a banana Singaporean sees a Chinese: woof! woof! woof!

    You can see the differences?


    Ha ha ha!

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  • PAPVID-20:

    Don’t know what to call the 4G leaders. Arrogant, complacent, incompetent or ti ki (stubborn) people?

    Look at the Fengshan’s PCF Sparkletots centre’s case. After staff was tested positive on Monday, ECDA & MOH still die die refused to allow them to close the centre.

    They say infected staff was on leave days prior to being a confirmed case and was only in centre for only a few hours on the day she’s sick (wonder a few hrs = how long hor?). So they sibeh ti ki, only closed the centre for thorough cleaning and disinfection yesterday and say that classes will resume today.

    But last night, when more staff reported unwell, then only govt bo pian has decided to close it for 14 days starting from today.

    Walaoeh, MOE ministar! FGS, don’t pray pray and gamble with people’s lives, can? What’s wrong or what’s the big deal with closing schools for a period of time unless you just wanna save your face bcoz Lim Tean has been pressuring you to do so for damn long already, no? Now I see the genius side of Aljunied GRC residents. They’re so smart to block you from walking through the backdoor and even sent George Yeo packing.

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  • this is what happens:

    as soon as pap higher echelon son daughter in school kenna, dorscon RED.

    as soon as pap higher echelon spouse in workplace kenna, dorscon RED.

    the catch is must be pap higher echelon.

    sure as sunrise dorscon RED when son daughter spouse kenna.

    otherwise, NOT.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times website :Quote – “Coronavirus: Man who said, ‘If I get corona, I get corona,’ apologises

    Mr Brady Sluder said he “can’t apologise enough” and that he wants to “use this as motivation to become a better person, a better son, a better friend, and a better citizen.”PHOTOS: CBSNEWS/TWITTER, NYTIMES
    NEW YORK (NYTIMES) – A young man whose bold defiance of social distancing guidelines while on spring break in Miami drew widespread attention – “If I get corona; I get corona,” he declared in a television interview – apologised this week for his comments…. “Unquote.

    Response :Apologise for incident on social distancing ???? Singapore supermarkets like NTUC, ShengSiong, Prime supermarket, Giant,… should start to practise social distancing at between 5 metre person to person at their cashier counters. Also limit customers per entry to less than 20 persons any time. Corona Virus is a huge boost or huge boom to the profits of all these supermarkets, isn’t it?

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  • PAP spent Recklessly:

    The PAP is behaving very arrogantly and act as if they are very rich.

    They have given WHO S$500,000/- for COVID 19 purposes and yesterday gave 3,000 test kits and other aid to the Philippines. They also gave S$50/- each to the Malaysians working in Spore for their housing by their companies. They also gave money to the Malaysians to use in Singapore.

    No wonder the Malaysian were saying ‘Die, Die will not resign from their jobs . Some more get three times salary as compared to working in Malaysia. Singapore is like their Gold Mine.

    The Business Owners should use their own money for this purpose as this is a risk they take when doing business. They shoukld not use Taxpaer Money. What happen when they make money ? Do they gave to the people ? No. They bought bigger Mercedes cars and purchase more Condos. KNNBCCB

    What about Singaporeans. Only S$10/- per taxi driver.

    Other countries government are smarter as they use the money to help their own citizens.


    Other countries are very Smart. They use the money to take care of the own citizens.n

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Judy, as a Mother – a potential Mother I can share with you your CONCERN on children who are our FUTURE even though more than a Million was slaughtered during the Father’s Time to be replaced by FTs… Now the Son is willing to let Nature’s Evil that can be managed to slaughter our children preparing for a future…

    A Dynasty of Evil to be DESTROYED or we will be Destroyed as a Nation and People our Forefathers Built with their Blood Sweat & Tears!!!

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    An IDIOT cried in Parliament with croc tears similar to a LEEder who did likewise when his siblings accuse him of abusing his powers…

    Your suggestions will be like water flowing off a Duck’s or Drake’s back…

    They LIVE in their Ivory Towers in Safety while the people are facing a crisis having to move in public transport and living off cramp quarters or abode…

    Our children are left to a fate where Evil lurks in every corner and theirs are in the safety of $3000+++ preschools and kindergartens

    What is EVIL??? that is the Reverse of LIVE…we the People need and want to LIVE…least of all to have EVIL that is shoved down our THROATS!!!

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  • Save lives:

    More measure may be needed to prevent community spread.
    This virus kills.
    Look at Italy and USA situation.

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  • pap casinos still open:

    Save lives:
    More measure may be needed to prevent community spread.
    This virus kills.
    Look at Italy and USA situation.

    casinos hotbed for next virus spike.

    hope sheep kenna jialat jialat to realize it is all caused by money faced pap S$m thieves.

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  • Pretend It's Nornal:

    If MOH shuts down schools, it would signal that the virus has gone out of control and panic will kick in. The govt will not be pressured to change its decision. PAP will not bow to the will of the people. No more discussion. Do as you are told. School holidays are over; teachers, get back to work. The number of new confirmed cases are few, mostly imported cases. There is still plenty of food on supermartket shelves. Don’t panic. You will not see DORSCON RED. PAP will not allow it to happen. But if it does, there is always something to blame it on.

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  • Pretend It's Normal:

    @ Pretend It’s Nornal:
    March 25, 2020 at 8:20 pm (Quote

    Correction: “Pretend it’s Normal” and “MOE”.

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