Ong Ye Kung Wants Schools To Reopen But Many Parents Are Against I

Despite the fact that the coronavirus outbreak is still raging in our Nation, with a dramatic spike in the number of cases in the last 1 week alone, Ong Ye Kung still refuses to close schools.

Instead,Singaporeans were treated to all sorts of nonsensical reasons given by him as to why schools should remain open..

Many parents are against the reopening of schools and they are only being wise and sensible as they realise the dangers of infection their children are being subjected to when attending school. But this reckless Minister chooses to bury his head in the sand and ignore the concerns of parents.

Already several students have been infected. There is also increasing understanding now that children who may appear well could be asymptomatic carriers of the virus and could bring the virus home from school and infect adults and the elderly. The Defence Minister Of Israel recently made a video advising against allowing the elderly to come into contact with the younger people. Everyone should Google the video and watch it.

Peoples Voice has been demanding for the closure of schools since early February. Schools in the UK are closed for at least 2 months and those in Scotland are not likely to resume before the 3 months of Summer holidays beginning in June. In the State Of Victoria in Australia, schools are likely to close from Tuesday with the school holidays brought forward.

Peoples Voice will never gamble with the health and safety of our People and our Next Generation. We Put People First!


Peoples Voice Party




8 Responses to “Ong Ye Kung Wants Schools To Reopen But Many Parents Are Against I”

  • PAPVID-20:

    All of the Education Minister’s reasons are but BS! There’s one and only one real reason for refusing to close our schools and it is …… MOE is not completely ready for E-learning as yet.

    This coronavirus has caught the incompetent 4G leaders completely off guard but being BS experts, they’ve managed to bluff a lot of people and got praised instead.

    Even after a staff in Fengshan PCF was tested Covid-19 positive, they still wanna analyse this and analyse that, then some more refused to allow the centre to close for more than 1 day. Only until more staff became unwell, then was the centre told to close for 2 weeks. What kind of heartless idiots are we having in our govt? One not serious? More then panic and start to carry out preventive measure?

    I hope this minister became a minister fast and also get kick out of the cabinet and parliament fast.

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  • Asd:

    say no need education because no job then why no close school

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  • More need to be done:

    More need to be done to reduce the community spread.
    Protect our young if need to.
    May be good to err on the right side.

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  • Tremendous:

    In a village, there are people guessing why the education chief doesn’t close schools.
    Villager 1 : He has no robust e-learning plan like HK land, which has a lower infection rate.
    Villager 2 : Once the school’s close, the whole MOE including him cannot get a pay cheque.
    Villager 3 : He is waiting for the upcoming elections to be quickly over because he will be re-shuffled to another role anyway.
    Villager 4 : He is only interested in infected students within the school compound. If the students go to school and get infected on buses, trains and along roads, he thinks it’s none of his business.
    Villager 5 : He misinterpreted the medical study that infected children show milder symptoms as children less prone to infection.
    Villager 6 : He thinks that social distancing in classrooms don’t have to be practised the same way as public areas.
    Villager 7 : He only wants to enforce schools that are non international schools to continue, while keeping mum when international schools in the village close for face to face classes.

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  • Pretend It's Normal:

    If PAP succumbs to pressure by the PV or any other poltical party, it will be seen as weak and that must not happen. PAP must be seen as having absolute and total control.

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  • SilenceIsGolden:

    Government has big plan that come with curve and flat ball. Spin the ball so it gives off two types of spins, curve and flat spin.
    The curve type is to let everybody get the virus and Singapore become a fully immune country with every surviving citizen then carry on the next lapse. Of course the old will die and leave their CPF and HDB behind. So that is a win win situation for the spin master. No need to be burden by a graying population. Most ideal but better not do it too openly or else the old refused to die.
    The flat type is really time consuming. Just wayang so that those above 60 died their ghost cannot come back to find them. Not so ideal but it is a good excuse to use the reserves to save some wealthy friendly folks plus can fool some supporters by using the money to buy their heart.
    What an incredible spin.

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  • Harder Truths:

    All those who voted pappies in the past have no say in this. You do as you are told by the government you deserve. Your children getting CoV is a sure thing now – but that is the price you must pay for being greedy and selfish.

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  • Children May Be Super Spreader:

    Children may shows no symptoms or mild symptoms when contacted the virus. However, they are more likely to be super spreader of the virus because they hardly exhibit symptoms. Beware of children!

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