Covid-19: Coughing is terrorism and other policing actions

I kid u not.

Int’l media reports that a New Jersey man has been charged with making a “terroristic” threat. He coughed on an employee of a supermarket during an argument, and then claimed to have Covid-19. State governor Phil Murphy rightly described the suspect as a “knucklehead” but so are the police. Juz charge him for intimidation or assault.

Now this is really a knucklehead behaviour on the part of an idiot and the police. A 26-year-old in Missouri was arrested on Monday and charged with making a terrorist threat after he posted a video earlier this month of himself licking deodorants at a Walmart store while asking: “Who’s scared of the coronavirus?”

In S’pore, someone did something similar (Drinking milk or water) and returning the slightly empty bottles to the supermarket shelves. He was charged for stealing but not for acts of terror.

I’ll end with this story. A 52-year-old hair salon owner in the South African town of Ladysmith has been charged with attempted murder for defying a doctor’s order to self-quarantine.


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor


3 Responses to “Covid-19: Coughing is terrorism and other policing actions”

  • cut and paste is plagiarism:

    thought this pap IB is dead due to Wuhan virus.

    but seems still alive and continuing to lie. WTF.

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    Did you write the article yourself CI?

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  • NLB:

    Please stand beside LKY. He will take good care of you and stop you from writing rubbish here.

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