The Numbers Are Simply Shocking!

75 new cases today (4 Apr) with 69 being local cases and 29 unlinked.

How can MOH and the Taskforce continue to tell Singaporeans there is no widespread community transmission????

I also believe there were 4 new clusters, with one of them being an events venue at Tanjong Katong- The Orange Ballroom.



Lim Tean




12 Responses to “The Numbers Are Simply Shocking!”

  • pap now says wear mask:

    if only pap had said, wear mask before kenna at the time of code ORANGE, for sure the number wouldn’t reach even 200.

    if only pap had closed the borders at the same time of code ORANGE, for sure the number wouldn’t have reach even 100.

    WHY didn’t pap do so right off the bat?

    because of GDP growth bonus.

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  • Masturbator:

    Longan’s face seems like a very old man for his age. Has he been undergoing some treatment ?

    Too much rich man food?

    Why his urgency to get it done amidst the crisis ?

    Lack confidence ?

    Erection Agents, please standby and keep your eyes on the box.

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  • Longan face of death:

    What mechanism guarantees these figures cannot be wrong?

    Opposition MP should be given the role of Independent Auditor of the govt.

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  • Sillypore Is For Everyone:

    The pigs think money is more important, keep opening the borders, encourage free flow of opportunistic greedy international freeloaders, the Wuhan virus will mysteriously resolve itself or you dafts die your own business.

    Winning in election is more important, leverage on the fear of dafts, have the election during the midst of the virus, without the help of godly statue and old house gone, will guarantee another 4 lucrative rich years for the pigs.

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  • Circuit breakers:

    Yesterday sinkies were all in force to buy, buy, buy.

    How come kee chiu hasn’t come to badmouth with xia suay and idiots? At the last press briefing on CB measures, he looked so timid and literally reading from the scripts. At least, lanlan wong and beanpole JT spoke well.

    There’re two more days to go. High chances of more spreads with many people pouring into the streets, malls and F&B.

    Do we need to put another CB on the first CB?

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  • All must do our part:

    All must do our part.The situationis getting worse.
    Hope the new measures will help to reduce the spread.
    Lets put it in practice.
    Stay at home if possible.
    Wear surgical masks if can when go out,should be more effective.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Aiyah Cover lot

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Peace Mr Lim and pray that the Passion of Christ will lessen our sufferings under an Evil Regime that Kills innocent children in their wombs

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  • John Lim:

    Lim Tian, why don’t you bring up the matter of passengers in buses and trains? Should safe distancing be applied here?

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  • MAYelect:

    The enlarged citizenry will welcome & usher in LHYi 5G with strongest mandate of 80+% since the 21st Century.

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  • Leaders Look Very Stressed:

    Pinky had previously gone for eye operations and does not need spectacles. But his recent appearance on TV showed that he needs his specatacles. Probably eyesight getting worse due to old age. There are more wrinkles on his face now. Probably dad calling for him.

    Kee Chiu now appeared older and less confident. Recent CB briefing on TV, he dared not talk nonsense. Instead he was reading from the text on the table.

    We can really judge our leaders in time of real crisis. How they cope with all the stress and pressure coming at them at the same time.

    We can put our opinion at the GE coming soon.

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  • Today Its 120 infected:

    Today on the 5 April 2020, the number of infection is 120 the highest so far. Time to get rid of the useless leaders.

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