Singapore records daily high of 120 Covid-19 cases and 2 new clusters

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced 120 new cases of Covid-19 infection in Singapore, recording a daily high of local community-spread infections.

As of 5th April @ 12 pm, the new cases are:

  • 4 imported cases with travel history to multiple countries.
  • 50 cases linked to previous cases or clusters.
  • 66 cases currently unlinked, and contact tracing is ongoing.

Among those new cases are 2 more medical workers, namely 1 female doctor at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and a male technician at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

An additional 2 new clusters (29-30) were also announced, bringing the total number of known clusters on the island city to 30.

The clusters are:

  1. Life Church and Missions Singapore, – 10 cases
  2. Yong Thai Hang health products shop, – 4 cases
  3. a business meeting at Grand Hyatt hotel, – 3 cases
  4. the Seletar Aerospace Heights construction site, – 5 cases
  5. the Grace Assembly of God church, – 33 cases
  6. Wizlearn Technologies @ Singapore Science Park, – 14 cases
  7. a private singing event at SAFRA Jurong, – 47 cases
  8. Masjid Al-Muttaqin @ 5140 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 – 3 cases
  9. a PAP Community Foundation centre in Fengshan (Sparkletots), – 27 cases
  10. Dover Court International School, – 9 cases
  11. SingPost Centre @ 10 Eunos Road 8, – 8 cases
  12. The Wedding Brocade @ Yishun, – 3 cases
  13. S11 Dormitory  @  Punggol, – 63 cases
  14. the Wilby Residences, – 9 cases
  15. Hero’s Pub @ Circular Road, – 9 cases
  16. Westlite Toh Guan dormitory, – 28 cases
  17. Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home @ 1 Thomson Lane, – 13 cases, 1 death
  18. the 55 Sungei Kadut Loop dormitory, – 3 cases
  19. Mustafa Centre @ 145 Syed Alwi Road, – 28 cases
  20. Keppel Shipyard @ Pioneer Sector 1, – 7 cases
  21. Maxwell MRT station construction [email protected] Neil Road, – 6 cases
  22. Ce La Vi @ 1 Bay Front Avenue (Marina Bay Sands), – 4 cases
  23. Singapore Cricket Club @ A Connaught Drive, – 6 cases, 1 death
  24. Project Glory construction site, – 15 cases
  25. Sungei Tengah Lodge @ Old Choa Chu Kang Road, – 4 cases
  26. Toh Guan Dormitory @ 18 Toh Guan Road East, – 8 cases
  27. Cochrane Lodge II @ 49 Admiralty Road West, – 6 cases
  28. The Orange Ballroom @ Tanjong Katong Complex. – 4 cases
  29. Tampines Dormitory @ 2 Tampines Place, – 5 cases
  30. A construction worksite @ 6 Battery Road – 4 cases

With the additional 120 cases announced, the total tally of Covid-19 infections in Singapore currently stands at 1309, elevating the island city to the Top-10 most infected country in the world in terms of infections/land mass (per sq km).

Despite the surge in daily infections, about 2.5 million citizens in the country would be expected to risk their health and maybe even life to cast their vote in a General Election which may be called within weeks.




One Response to “Singapore records daily high of 120 Covid-19 cases and 2 new clusters”

  • Lie Con U:

    When the numbers were small in early March LHL was so full of confidence saying that they had learned from SARS.They were prepared for this.He told people to go about their lives normally. He told people to wear a mast only when you are unwell.Only GOD knows how many people got infected listening to his advice.

    However when I saw him on TV on Friday there was an air of uncertainty in his voice.I saw that he had his tail between his legs.LHL and the PAP are to blame for taking things easy.and to a large extend for the spread.
    The circuit breaker will not be much of a help.I saw the crowds at IKEA and the crowd and filth at the workers dorm.This government is only putting in place half hearted measures that will back fire.

    I estimate that infections will reach 3000 – 5000 before going down.The dead will go past 60. The Dishonourable son still wants an election.GOD HAVE MERCY ON SINGAPOREANS.

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