MOH should disclose how many tests were conducted each day and how many turned out positive

This Is A Big Worry!

Peoples Voice is not comforted at all by the announcement of the 447 official new coronavirus cases reported today. It may be a big drop from yesterday’s 932 cases, but the big question remains- how many tests were conducted from which this number of 447 was derived?

PV has been demanding that MOH disclose how many tests were conducted each day and how many turned out positive? Is it so difficult for MOH to disclose these figures?

Was it a coincidence that the announcement of the easing of some restrictions for the lockdown( or what the PAP euphemistically calls the circuit breaker ) came after Malaysia had announced yesterday the easing of their MCO, starting next Monday? And was it a coincidence that our own easing of the lockdown comes on a day when the figure is almost half of yesterday’s 932?

PV believes that there could be a significant pool of carriers who are living in the community and yesterday’s announcement by the Malaysian authorities that 3 Malaysians who were working in Singapore had tested positive when in quarantine back in Malaysia, should sound the alarm bells. These Malaysians were obviously not living in dormitories in Singapore. We understand that there are presently about 663 000 foreign workers who live outside of dormitories. What is the status of the testing of these workers? Are any of them being tested and if so how many?

We notice that in the preliminary report issued this afternoon, besides the 4 Singaporean/ PR cases, no mention was made of the number of cases involving foreign workers living outside of dormitories. We urgently need more transparency for this group as they live amongst the local population and not in dormitories!


Lim Tean
Peoples Voice Party




18 Responses to “MOH should disclose how many tests were conducted each day and how many turned out positive”

  • Regardless:

    All experts aware that sars 2 is here to stay regardless There will always be cases.

    Just look at Russia today suddenly spike up 10,000 plus cases. Initially her cases very low. Somemore when Wuhan started, Russia authority chase out all the PRCs in their land. Suddenly now then chiong. Strangely China complain against USA but never complain about Russia. North Korea more dok kong, any PRCs come near close border of NK, just shoot. North Korea seem to handle too good, make one wonder if virus release by them.

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  • WakeupSG:

    Singapore reported 657 new cases of COVID-19 as of noon on Sunday (May 3), taking the country’s total to 18,205.

    “The number of cases amongst migrant workers has been fluctuating in recent days due to clearance of backlogged cases by one laboratory,” said the Ministry of Health (MOH) in its daily update of preliminary figures.

    The ministry said it is working with the laboratory to stabilise its operations.

    Can help me a simpleton to understand what is MOH saying about cases fluctuating; clearance of backlogged cases; working with the laboratory to stabilise its operations?

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  • John Lim:

    I think the more worrying aspect is how many asymptomatic carriers were detected? So far nothing is said about this.

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  • SG Boleh:

    If non-dorm Work Permit residents are infected, one should also expect local residents to be infected. The coronavirus does not discrimate between races and nationalities. Can the numbers be so far apart?

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  • PAP cunning:

    I don’t think our Govt is keen on testing. Period

    My guess, Govt will ONLY go aggressive testing AFTER election.

    For the whole month of May, they will reduce the daily infection rate to bare minimum (by doing less test, obviously) to show Singaporeans that the curve has been flattened – a good reason to call for election in Jun or worse case by mid July.

    They will definitely want the election before National Day.

    My guess, by doing minimum tests to win election, if the problem becomes bad after election, they will spend few billions more because they are expecting to win with a strong mandate and wont bother about Singaporean’s feedback or feelings once election is over, even if there is a wide Community spread.

    Dumb Singaporeans may give-in to this ploy.
    This is not a fact but my assessment of the PAP we all know.

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  • SG Boleh:

    The weekend numbers are noticeably lower perhaps because there are less medical staff on duty and so less testings done.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on mothership/SGnews :Quote – ”
    Woman at Shunfu Mart allegedly refuses again to wear mask: ‘I’m not a person, I’m a sovereign’

    Mandy How| May 03, 06:07 PM

    At least two videos of a woman obstinately refusing to wear a face mask in public in Singapore has been circulating on Facebook on May 3.

    With multiple pages and users uploading the videos to social media, the footage soon found its way to the notorious vigilante Facebook group SG Covidiots.

    Allegedly pointed middle finger

    In the first video, the woman, wearing a purple tank top and no mask, was engaged in a confrontation with two other patrons at the wet market believed to be Shunfu Mart.

    While parts of the audio were unclear,
    and say that the patrons at the wet market were Singaporeans.

    “What mind our own business? This is our country!” the woman said.

    Referenced previous incident
    In the second video, the woman in purple was yet again in a confrontation at a different spot, with what appears to be a different group of people.

    This time, the woman, still unmasked, shielded her face from the camera with an arm.

    In this video, she referenced an earlier incident involving herself and the police at the wet market.

    “I’ll show you a video of the police, here! Same thing, trying to stop me. They walked off, without a warning, without a fine. [indistinct audio]”

    It is likely that she is referring to the following incident, which happened in April. Her claims that she was not fined, however, are unverified.

    A male voice then chimed in that “it doesn’t make any sense”, and added, “If you’re a person in Singapore you have to follow the rules of Singapore.”…..

    Throughout the 42-second clip, she was also holding on to another person’s phone with one hand.

    From Apr. 14 night, it has become compulsory for Singapore residents to wear a mask when going out…. “Unquote.

    Response : It is stated in the passage that this woman, who is obviously an Indian race as shown on video, is reported to have say she has ” a video of the police, here! Same thing, trying to stop me. They walked off, without a warning, without a fine.”. So did police walk off without a warning, without a fine for her ? Did police take down her NRIC particulars? Is it never and police just left like that without checking anything from her? If this is indeed an Indian, and previously there is another Indian woman reported out never wear mask too, so the question of why Indians woman no need to wear mask also OK yo police officers while all Singaporeans have to comply to law to wear mask. Can Kasisviswanathan Shanmugam who is controlling the law of Singapore immediately resign from the Minister of Law position together with e***b*** woman Josephine Teo Li Min, second Minister of Home Affairs, also resign too. The law under both these evil Ministers can allow Indian beasts to get off the hook of the law without punishment or check by the shameless police force?

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  • More testing:

    Need to do more testings to understand the real infected situation of various groups.
    Also to release more data to show the level of infection…
    How many tests has been done so far for each groups ?

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  • SG Boleh:

    How are the numbers derived? Those “clinically diagnosed” with symptoms and quarantined/isolated in the dormitories might not have been counted in; only those who have been swabbed. How many swabs do they perform a day at the dorms? 1,000? 3,000? 8,000?

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  • Bernard:

    Dear Lim Teman,

    Please raised the following:
    (1) What is the definition of Singaporean and PR
    (2) Is there a different between these two naming convention? If no, why the need to cause division? If indeed, there are differences, why lump them as one category?
    (3) What is the difference between Singaporean and PR? What make them the same category or otherwise? If, there are differences, what are these differences?

    Bottom line, the current ruling government to stop using words to confuse the people.
    Black is black, White is white. Don’t try to bull shit their ways and create divisions or otherwise to to suit their self paid million dollars pay checks.

    Also, we Singaporeans demand that the people’s mandate is a prerequisite to drawing the National reserved. The current Presidency is a joke. Not to mention all the appointed councils and committees. They should make public their advices and findings to the People and not just, the Yes men and women.

    Thank you

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  • So smart:

    Sure the figure will be low lah
    Those who show symptom are qurantine straight away without testing mean not added to the figure mah.

    What a clever way to report real scholar.

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  • As I have said many times, proactive testing is not done on the workers and according to one professor from MOH, only those who reported sick are maybe tested, so which is why the figures are low because the virus has an incubation period of up to 21 days and not everyone will fall sick on the same day.

    Lets consider the following example:

    We assume that 100,000 workers have been infected with the virus.

    In China, the authorities would have tested ALL of the workers, but in Singapore, they only test those who have reported sick.

    So if China took 10 days to test all of the workers, then their daily stats would be: 100,000/10 days = 10,000 infections per day.

    However, Sinkapore does not test the workers at all until they are sick, so considering that the dormant period for the virus is about 21 days (some maybe longer), the daily infection rate for Sinkapore would be:
    100,000/21 = 4,761 (low compared to China, right?)

    So you see, its about controlling the figures to make it appear low when in actual fact, 100,000 workers have already been infected whether testing is done immediately or next month or not at all.

    There is another downside to what Sinkapore is doing, which is causing more workers to be infected due to their current “get sick then test” measure.

    If like China, all are tested, then those who are not infected can be moved out of the dorms to be quarantine somewhere safer but in Sinkappore’s context, all workers are to remain at the same place and those not infected will get infected sooner or later since they are all locked in the same place.

    So from the above example, if Sinkapore follows China, with 10,000 infections a day, ytou think the party would dare call for an erection meh?

    Which is why the current approach of controlled release works better for the party because they can claim the infections are low and therefore an erection would be safe.

    Its party over the welfare of the people, no?

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  • Thinkforothers:

    It is important that a report should be made more transparent and also take the actual infected with the deadly virus.
    The report should read from the total actual figures infected are 18,000+ and not based on figure 1000 as the guard point.

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  • trublu:

    Optimism is not painting blue skies when it is storming.
    Optism admits that there are dark clouds now but we will endeavour?

    Why hide numbers?
    Worse,why PLAY with numbers?
    Lets all face the MUSIC squarely n get on with the REAL FIGHT AGAINST THE enemy.
    Dont kid the PEOple as it serves a negative purpose.

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  • uselesstankinl:

    WHEN they ” ALLOWED” 30,000 PRC to. come back,

    it BREAKS the camel’s BACK !!!

    where were they quarantine, IN HOTELS ?

    THEY Spread them to the Banglas and Indians, Burmese in the DOMITORIES.. SITTING DUCKS…

    DO MOM and PAP care ????
    hell “NO”

    becaused their “CRONIES” “PUPPETS”



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  • Numbers will goes up.:

    The numbers of infected should be much higher.
    Same as in other countries.
    The Virus spread should be much faster than thought.
    More tests will only show up the infected numbers.Less tests will not show the actual infected.Better to know the truth.
    Thankful the Virus is not that deadly except to the vulnerable groups.

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  • testing not enough:

    Seem the testing of the FW group is quite slow…only about 10% so far…
    But already so many cases of infected…
    What will be actual numbers of infected of the FW group ?
    Look like the spread is quite bad there…

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  • AristoCATs say - "Transparency:

    > “MOH should disclose how many tests were conducted each day and how many turned out positive”

    Shush – say the AristoCATs.
    They practice “transparency”. . .
    but as the data is NG, they are silent . . .

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