Numbers Don’t Lie, Smart Politicians Do!

The COVID-19 numbers by themselves are meaningless because they are dependent upon the following factors:

1. The number of people reporting sick on each day.
2. The number of sick people who do not report sick but are detected by healthcare personnel.
3. The number of testing carried out and diagnosed each day.
4. The results of tests and diagnostic outcomes promptly reported or delayed to the next day or subsequent days.
5. Those who are infected but have mild or no symptoms may not report sick or see a doctor, and therefore not detected, not tested, not counted, not recorded and not reported!
6. Those who are infected and seen a doctor but have been diagnosed as common flu or sore throats, therefore, not counted, not recorded and not reported.

I believe there are many uncounted, undetected, untested and unreported cases who could either be on self-isolation or enforced isolation in hotels, homes, other make-shift quarters under HDB Void Decks or construction sites.

It is physically impossible for any country to report the full and complete picture happening everyday. And in some countries, political considerations take priority over truthful and diligent all-encompassing reporting.

One glaring example of political self-interest overriding national health interest is that of the unscrupulous, arrogant and ego-centric US President Donald Trump, who has no qualms to lie with a straight face even though he knows people know he is outright lying. It is clear that his second term presidential re-election campaign takes TOP Priority over anything else. He even went all out to influence the Ukrainian President to help him dig dirts on Joe Biden, his coming electoral opponent, and got impeached And trying to push blame to China for his own negligence, incompetence and self-deceit in handling the pandemic in the US.

PAP’s political self-interest may have hampered and degraded the way the COVID-19 Pandemic has been handled from January to March. Only and until the full-blown explosion of the widespread of the disease became untenable in April, then really serious actions have been put in place: but still hazy-fazy initially, resulting in having to extend another month of lock-down (to call a spade a spade, not circuit breaker nor circus joker).


Million Dollars Con Job




12 Responses to “Numbers Don’t Lie, Smart Politicians Do!”

  • PAP cunning:

    Is the Government manipulating the daily reporting ?

    Suddenly, the infected cases are going downwards. Singaporeans are doubtful and feeling something fishy. Singaporeans know PAP too well that Politics come first before anything else.

    There are NO numbers shared how many are tested Daily and out of that how many are infected. But Ministers are just trying to paint a positive picture that cases are going down.

    There are 300,000 (in Dorms) + 600,000 (outside Dorms) workers. With only 20,000+ tested, Singaporeans doubtful about Govt’s political moves to call for election soon. PAP wants election to be done and dusted by National Day.

    I guess the Govt is trying to show the infected cases are going down but WILL suppress any gathering, meeting or election Rally to prevent Opposition Parties from grouping or meeting voters.

    It’s going to the most unfair and unjust election in the history of Singapore, besides the election (selection) of Halimah, by changing her race from Indian to Malay overnight)

    Please support Opposition candidates. PAP is will do dirty triks to win the election.

    Say NO to Emperor becoming the next Minister Mentor (MM). His Dynasty is dead and did not even wake up from grave when Singapore is in a crisis due to pure incompetency of the so called the “4G” Team.

    We will never know Empress’s salary if he becomes MM.

    Singaporeans, he has been asking for strong mandate. Please do NOT give

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  • oxygen:

    GONAD TRUMP is just an egoistic stupid puppy walking around with two d*cks. His red hair looks like the brush of a small broom and his eyes look like that of a (chauvinistic) pig.

    And yes, reported confirmed cases tabulation is mostly politically convenient statistics.

    THEY ARE ALL SILENT ON HOW MANY WERE TESTED IN EACH DAILY REPORT – the lesser tested, the lower the confirmed cases reported. Gonad wants to re-open the economy and PAPpypolitics wants a door open to a pandemic erection.


    Give them the big one in the a*se at the polling booth.

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  • Tremendous:

    When the numbers went up, village chiefs say it’s because more testing was done. Why don’t they say it’s because they missed big targets big time over a prolonged period of time ? Why don’t they say they took the disease too lightly and continued THEIR mass activities and asking others to do so ? Idiots and not the normal ones.

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    The comments on what happened it the US is full of distortions, lies, half-truths and bias. Stick to commenting on local issues if you want to be credible.

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  • Be transparent:

    Good to be transparent.
    Better to know the real infected situation of this pandemic..and take effective measures to reduce the spread in various groups ,especially the vulnerable group.
    Many countries do not report the true numbers of infected..their infected numbers are ridiculously low.
    Either deliberately or lack of resources eg lack of testing or inadequate healthcare facilities.

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  • John Richards:

    Your biased reading of the US situation is both ignorant and myopic. You should have used the exact same words to describe what’s going on in Singapore and the PM’s election ploy and agenda.

    Your false description of Trump and the US will fit Singapore and its PM like hand in glove.

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  • Rod:

    By discussing foreign workers’ dormitory issues in Parliament is to dilute the issue which was brought about by the ruling party’s greed for cheap labourers to maximise its coffers.

    This discussion was to leverage the problem as if it originates from the people of Singapore.

    In the first place, the people were never consulted whether the construction workers should be allowed to live in such squalid and inhumane conditions.

    Why then discuss this in Parliament as a Corvid sideshow for Singaporeans when the issue falls squarely on the Ministry and the ruling party.

    Inorder to make it cheap, the ruling party has brought some 300,000 migrant workers, mostly from India and Bangladesh to carry out construction work.

    To intensify the returns for the Housing Board, these workers are mostly housed in unsanitary accommodation purpose-built in crammed spaces to maximise returns.

    The blame therefore falls squarely on Mom, HDB and the ruling party. It has nothing to do with the People of Singapore, especially not with the 30.1% of the citizen.

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  • Do you know Silent Spread ?:

    PAP’s political self-interest may have hampered and degraded the way the COVID-19 Pandemic has been handled from January to March. Only and until the full-blown explosion of the widespread of the disease became untenable in April, then really serious actions have been put in place: but still hazy-fazy initially, resulting in having to extend another month of lock-down (to call a spade a spade, not circuit breaker nor circus joker).
    Please la, understand what is “silent spread” first.

    At the beginning of pandemic, if the whole world understood what is “silent spread”, then everybody would have prepared and take precautions and the spread would have been milder.
    The worst is that the virus carrier doesn’t show any symptoms or their sickness is very mild.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Why Pick on a Man who is the Most Powerful Person in the world ie being POTUS…He can Give as much as he can TAKE…

    Compare that to a pipsqueak who will use his supposedly Power ie Dogs and Parrots to Sue Hound and Arrest to detain without TRIAL…

    I will Take Carrot Head anytime lor!!!

    and I admire his Pro-Life stance against that of a Bastard who LEEgalized Abortion to create an Elite and AristoCrap Society but instead churn a pack of IDIOTS you see TODAY with his Bloodline LEEding the Pack!!

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  • @ Author and other kpkb:

    Like i said before , even god bless u dont kena covid19. Down the road u may still kena something else e.g. cancer , paralyzed, disability, , organ failure ….

    WP LTK illustrates clearly my point.

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  • opposition dude:

    The numbers don’t lie indeed. For a small island having over 15000 cases just shows how behind PAP is in combatting the virus. It has been allowed to spread because MOH doesn’t have the manpower to test all in the dorms. So rather than testing all they make them report to a doctor is they have the symptoms. It’s far easier that way.

    You can delay the numbers of whatever but total reported figures won’t go down. You can expect more than 20000 cases before you know it.

    So we should just concentrate on the number of cases reported and compare it to the rest of the world. No one gives a damn if the cases are local or foreign, people only bother about the number reported.

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    WP LTK hospitalize?

    Bad omen against opposition?

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