Easing of circuit breaker measures

It is reported that with a falling number of “community” cases, Singapore will be easing some of its circuit breaker measures. Chinese medicine shops and several small businesses will soon be able to resume operations, some from tomorrow onwards.

Singapore must be the only country where COVID-19 cases are divided into “community” i.e. Singaporeans and permanent residents and “non-community” i.e. migrant workers.

While the number in the former has dropped to a daily double-digit average of 11 (as of Sun 3 May) the number in the latter fluctuates in the hundreds with the highest on Friday (1 May) at 921. This does not take into consideration the large numbers that have been isolated in venues such as Expo halls but not tested, even though they are likely to be infected by the disease.

I recall that more than 20 large workers’ dormitories have been gazetted as “isolation areas” and many if not all migrant workers have been issued with “stay home notices” or SHNs.

It is not disclosed in any of the reports or the speeches of ministers, if these migrant workers, excluding those who are engaged in essential services who thus far have hopefully been tested negative, will also be able to enjoy the loosening of these lockdown rules. It would, however, appear that our government has no intention of lifting the SHNs or de-gazetting the isolation areas in the near future.

In other words, while Singaporeans and permanent residents may enjoy the lifting of some of the circuit breaker measures, nearly 400,000 migrant construction workers and hundreds of thousands of other pass holders who may be residing in dormitories and who may have been issued with SHNs will not be able to enjoy these “privileges”.

I hope I am wrong in my speculation. If I am right, then the government has again made a bad mistake. Are our needs to enjoy some normality greater than these migrant workers? Why are they treated differently from us? Are we masters and they the slaves?

I am very tired and ashamed of how our government discriminate one section of the population from another. “Community” no matter how you define it, must necessarily include migrant workers because they are in our midst, even though we don’t see them today. Their well-being must surely be our well-being too. How can they be left behind while we carry on business as usual? They are infected in such large numbers because our government has failed them. It has failed to take care of their health from years ago, and such neglect has now shown to the world our cruelty and meanness to migrant workers.

This government has brought endless shame to our country with its handling of this health crisis. I am not casting any criticism on our doctors, health workers and all those involved in saving lives. They have done a marvellous job and have sacrificed their lives for all.

It is the multi-ministerial task force and their cronies, especially the Ministry of Manpower that I am complaining about. They must take full responsibility for mishandling this crisis. It has resulted in immense sufferings for us and our migrant workers. They have given Singapore a bad name.


Teo Soh Lung




12 Responses to “Easing of circuit breaker measures”

  • all bizee doin damage control:

    its an ugly scandal.
    our sg has gone from the Hall if Fame to the Wall of Shame.
    if the PAPs arent ashamed, we citizens are very malu!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Why not ask Modi to take them back?

    After all, most of them are in isolation or SHN. Some of them having problem with the foods provided. I am sure they are better back home with their families.

    I don’t think Minister Teo can handle this situation!!!

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  • if u prick us do we not bleed:

    if we the ones who fet to walj around to the shops etc are feeling stressed and some even depressed staying home,
    think of what its like for these fws..cramped in small rooms 24/7 except when they go to their jobs..which now is also suspended.
    will we see more unrests like this incident…

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  • MarBowling:

    Salute and hat off to doctors, nurses, health workers, frontline staff and all those folks who keep our economy running smoothly everyday since the outbreak of Covid 19.

    Middle Finger to those Fiacking Members of the multi millionaire ministerial Trash Force(especially Joker Teo) for Lowering our EARLIER Gold Standard to the current Trash Standard in Dealing and Handling Covid 19!

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  • triblu:

    Lets be honest here.
    The $60 B is going to alleviate LOSS OF REVENUE for those GLCs n businessmen who are mostly GRASSLOOTER$.

    It is the same group of PAPple who got Big Public CONtract$ from the govt.
    And,if you check,MANY OF BIG CONstruction companies have MPs or former MPs /top officials on their BOD!

    SUCH BIG CONSTRUCTION companies are CULPRITS/accomices causing the CURRENT SPREAD OF PANDEMIC among DORM-STAYERS,are they not?

    Yet,MPs are on their BODs?

    Money over HUMAN-BEINGS,over workers,over CITIZENS?


    When GLCs n businessmen make money,did they SHARE with THE common people.
    Now,while KEEPING THEIR BILLIONS the govt still throw $60 B on them?

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  • Trust only myself:

    Only country to split between community and non-community.
    Yes, we are special we have the most number of cases per million in the world.

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  • uselesstankinl:

    WHEN they ” ALLOWED” 30,000 PRC to. come back,

    it BREAKS the camel’s BACK !!!


    spread them to the Banglas and Indians, Burmese in the DOMITORIES.. SITTING DUCKS…

    DO MOM and PAP care ????
    hell NO.

    becaused their “CRONIES” “PUPPETS”



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  • Siginna:

    I don’t know why JT is waiting for FWs to ask for apologies first then she will do so. This is again reactive action.
    However, I think that Singaporean’s should ask JT to apologise for putting us in such danger by allowing such squalid dorms condition to exist. I as a Singaporean, is asking JT to apologise, WILL YOU?

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  • opposition dude:

    I disagree with Teo on her point of SHN’ing the Banglas when the lockdown is partially lifted. The virus is till spreading in the dorms, it would be insane to let these Banglas walk freely about the island since this is the case. Who is to say that they won’t infect others they come into contact with?

    It’s not about restricting their freedom, it’s because PAP are so bloody uselessly inept that they still haven’t brought down the dorm infections to less than 20 a day.

    We common people can see that for now at least these Banglas are high risk and we have no way of knowing who amongst them are carrying the virus. SInce MOM isn’t testing them all up until today it’s safer to keep them quarantined until the situation gets better for them.

    This would not be an issue if there wasn’t a pandemic currently. The fact is there is a pandemic right now and it’s better to take extra precautions than to be sorry much later.

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  • Harder Truths:

    I have been saying for a very long time – when a real crisis hits – then the citizens will be the ones who will be sacrificed. The same citizens who voted for the leeders.

    Well- we are here. And don’t switch off your TV just yet – the fun and games are just starting.

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  • hard choice:

    Hard choice..
    The damage will be worst than the cure if the restriction is not lifted soon…sad reality.
    Many do not have safety net to take further hit ,especially the poor and needy and those out of jobs.The bottom 30%.
    Sad reality.

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  • Michael:

    The economy must open up. Singapore PaP follow trump decision is wise. This virus will go away by itself. No need to worry

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