An Electrical Circuit Breaker

I believe many of you are confined in your home and probably at your favorite monitor to work from home (WFH) or kill your time reading some interesting stories because of the “Circuit Breaker” rules during the current COVID 19 pandemic.

If it’s the latter, we’re in the same boat.

In this case, you may have heard or read some amusing anecdotes or extraordinary episodes of offences committed in the last five months during the pandemic.

I would like to share with you some of the more unforgettable anecdotes and my derisive remarks on them.

My non-chronology of narratives went something like this:-

1. For the first time in Singapore, McDonald unprecedentedly suspended all their 130 outlets from April 9 until May 4 because seven of their employee were infected with COVID 19 virus.

McDonald employed more than 10,000 people in Singapore and serves more than 6 millions customer monthly.

Some disgruntled customers moaned that they are abruptly deprived of their “die-die must have” comfort food, have no ways to satisfy their 2 am hunger prang and screamed that whatever little normalcy they used to have is gone.

Therefore, when McDonald reopened their outlets after 23 days of suspension, queues at some outlets were ridiculously long of few hundred meters with 1 meter social distancing in place.

Not only were there physical queues but also virtual queue online. Some patrons had to go through the virtual queue system before can they even get to the menu.

My remarks.

What’s so good about McDonold fast foods and why are they so successful?. 

In my 73 years of eating, I had at the very most eaten McDonald’s chicken nuggets three times and McDonald’s burger twice. Definitely not the kind of food I crave for unlike my loti-prata, laksa or chai kuay teow

Yet, McDonald is the largest fast food restaurant chain in the world with more than 37,000 locations in about 120 countries.

McDonald is so successful not because they created the best hamburger in the world but because they created the best businesses system – a brand and customers buy their brand not their food.  KFC, Nike, Starbucks, Levis and many others are like McDonald… irresistible brand.

2. An infamous Singaporean lady who proclaimed herself as a “sovereign” is now remanded in a mental hospital for medical certification that she’s fit to stand trail for not wearing a mask and assaulting a 47 years old lady during the “Circuit Breaker”.

Indeed, most Singaporean were puzzled at her as remark…”I’m sovereign. This is something people are not going to know what it is”.

Well, it seems that the origin of “sovereign” followers originated in USA in the 1970s and were mostly influenced by white-supremacist and anti-Semitic groups.

These believers professed that they’re citizens of no country, no need to obey any law, can choose rules to obey and which ones to ignore.

My comments:

I can think of one true “sovereign” person here. She happens to be a top executive of our “Sovereign Fund” and she don’t have to obey the rule in declaring her salary to anyone. Her salary is somehow a State Secret. Every law abiding citizen has to declare their income or salary in their tax return but not this sovereigned lady…she probably can choose to ignore the law.

3. As you know, in the spate of just two months, 29 people were convicted for various offences related to COVID-19 like breaching quarantine, stay at home notice, not wearing a mask, safe distancing, hurling vulgarities and harassing enforcement officers, operating a non-essential business, eating at a prohibited place and visiting/dinning at a friend house.

Out of these 29 cases, I find two cases rather interesting cases involving the fairer sex and like to opine on them.

3a) The Massage Lady.

Mrs. Jin Yin, 55, a Chinese national, was convicted of operating a non-essential business and allowing a a male customer into her saloon at Upper Cross Street for massage and masturbation for $150, during the “circuit breaker” period.

She cried hysterically in court and dropped to her knees to beg for mercy after the prosecution asked for $21,000 fine. She said she has only $3,000 left and a daughter in Beijing to raise

She also said that she committed the offence because of the debts she incurred after he mother contacted cancer.

The judge rejected her plea and adjourned the case to a pre-trail conference later this month.

She committed similar offences previously,

My Comments:

I guess a massage and stroking an organ would probably take no more than half an hour. 

At $150 for half an hour job, it’s certainly a very profitable work almost like our PM’s job who is paid  $376 an hour ($3.3million/365days/24hours).

The difference is she used her hands while our PM uses his brain but both are earning a living albeit in different ways.


James Lim




14 Responses to “An Electrical Circuit Breaker”

  • That Massage Lady::

    How in the world that massage lady got caught? I mean she did it behind closed door, right? So how the hell the authority knew? Unless her kaypoh neighbour, disgruntled client or jealous colleague/boyfriend squealed on her. What about the man? Got away scot free?

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  • Wah lao ... Uncle Lim strikes:

    Maybe DaBoss should indulge less on his fiduciary adventurism from his ivory towers and get his filthy rich hands dirty sometimes. Mai Hum might even come across Ah Mah exercising amongst the collection dumps. As for DaWager all she needs to do is to own up to all Singkies how much she trucks home every month from Holdings.

    Sovereign brains pulling a fast one over the organs of state….

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  • singh:

    The lockdown creates new avenues for the world’s oldest profession?
    Creativity should be encouraged!!

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  • "Break" PAP - VTO:

    That Massage Lady::
    How in the world that massage lady got caught? I mean she did it behind closed door, right? So how the hell the authority knew? Unless her kaypoh neighbour, disgruntled client or jealous colleague/boyfriend squealed on her. What about the man? Got away scot free?

    Maybe ISD does not have much to do or a “bigshot” did not like the massage and/or was not give a good discount.

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  • Are we all equal?:

    Quote: “The difference is she used her hands while our PM uses his brain but both are earning a living albeit in different ways.” Unquote.

    With respect, I beg to differ. This massage lady used her hands to make a living. PM does not need to make a living!

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  • Flabbergasted:

    That Massage Lady::
    How in the world that massage lady got caught? I mean she did it behind closed door, right? So how the hell the authority knew? Unless her kaypoh neighbour, disgruntled client or jealous colleague/boyfriend squealed on her. What about the man? Got away scot free?

    I think the MSM reported that she is Singaporean.

    If so, what kind of people are we giving citizenship to?

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  • Taleban:

    Dear James
    Mrs Jin Yin is a Singaporean and not a Chinese national.
    How in the world did Mrs Jin Yin get her Singapore citizenship?
    I am not against giving Singaporean citizenship to other but please have QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY.
    Maybe she have MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.But only $3000.00. Money no enough.

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  • trublu:

    McD is not just a brand,it is a CULT.
    Same for Starbuck$.
    Like how so many,highly educated professionals adore Kong Hee Fatt Choy at City Harve$ting?
    Or like 70 pct sheep worshipping PAP,the LIGHTNING GODs?

    As for Sovereign Lady,she thinks she is JinxHo,and can do likewise?
    Cant blame her as there is oredy PRECEDENT?

    Coming to the parlour,guess they are like *family members* sharing close ties?

    What can we say?
    Some oso get paid for allowing COVID TO SPREAD when it could have been more controlled before it spreads like raging fires?

    Seems in Sin City,you cannot be an HONEST WORKER or you get QUICKLY REPLACED like many of us?

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    An interesting contribution should have more from fellow Patriots…How???

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  • Circuit Breaker For Locals?:

    The PAP have made a lot of blunders recently amid the virus pandemic.

    Now there is another of their blunder. Why is it so difficult for local students to enrol in the six local government universities

    My son graduated from the polytechnic with a Diploma and applied for a place in the local universities. He was shocked and dissappointed that all the six universities had rejected his application.

    In today paper, it was reported that agroup of international students from NUS has done translation work in Bangali, Tamil, Indonesian, Mandarin, Telugu for the foreign workers in Singapore.

    It looks like the PAP has allowed many foreign students to study in our local universities instead of letting our local students study there.

    Why is the PAP still looking after foreigners ?

    Looks like I have no choice but send my son overseas for his study. He is so frustrated that after finishing his NS, this is how our government treats the ex NS man. He told me that after his study, most probably he will not come back to Singapore.

    I feel very sad that we have been played out by the PAP.


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  • Short Circuited:

    Instead of calling lockdown just want to be unique and No 1 in every damn thing resulting in screw up big time.

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  • Kettle and Pots Are Both Black:


    “……Jin Yin, 55, a Chinese national,………………..”

    You are wrong she is a Singaporean. Most likely a Naturalised Singaporean. You are right that she is from China (by birth). Wonder how she gotten her citizenship. Is she considered a talent that Singapore has lacked of????

    From the above report:

    “Court documents showed that she was convicted in 2014 and 2016 for similarly running an unlicensed massage establishment.”

    This is not the first time she was charged in Singapore.

    Is this the kind of talent that we are scouting for and issue them with PR and citizenship like used toilet paper!!

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  • Sor Hai Theng:

    That depends if people consider masturbation essential.

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  • MarBowling:

    Think the salary of $376/hr of our PeeM can be considered as PEANUT$.

    Think the SALARY of the SOVEREIGN Talented Lady at one of our SWFs EARNING $11,415/hr is a MORE INTERE$TING READ!


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