Discharge of patients staying in isolated facilities

1,164 patients were discharged from hospital and isloation facilities on 14 May 2020. This was described as a “high”.

This large number mirror the number that was identified as “new cases” that were recorded 14 or 21 days ago. The number of new cases have been hovering around 1,000 a day for the past few weeks. A high proportion of the new cases were identified among the foreign workers living in the dormitories.

I expect the number of patients discharged to hover around 1,000 over the next few weeks. As the patients who were housed in the isolation facilities passed the 14 or 21 day mark, they will be discharged. Most, if not all, of them will be found to be cured of the virus.

I hope that it means that they are now immune and will not spread the virus to the wider community.

I do not know what proportion of these workers were sent for treatment in hospitals, as their condition was found to be serious. I expect this proportion to be quite low.

I suspect that the corona virus is mild in the warm climate of Singapore. The experience of these foreign workers has been positive. Although large numbers were infected, the virus did not cause much harm. I expect that this will also be the case when the virus spreads to the wider community, provided that the elderly and sick people were isolated.


Tan Kin Lian





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