Why was MOM unable to provide more information?

On 13 April, the MOM reported that it had revoked the work pass of 24 foreign workers. The reason?

The 24 were “eating, drinking, and gathering in groups… in the vicinity of Tuas View Square.”

There was no further information provided by the MOM.

When the TODAY newspaper asked the ministry for more information, “MOM could not provide more information on the breaches or the work pass holders, such as their employers or the industries for which they work.”

Why was MOM unable to provide more information?

So, till this day, more than a month after the men had their work permits revoked, no one, it seems, know what has happened to the men.

Were they deported? Or are they still languishing somewhere in Singapore?

Who were these men? Which country or countries were they from? What sector were they working in?


What, exactly, were their offence? “Eating, drinking and gathering in groups”? But why? What were their reasons for doing so? Why were they apparently eating outside their dormitories, for example? Why weren’t they in the compound of their dormitory?

Why did the men risk everything just to “eat, drink and gather in groups”?

Did they not know the rules?

They were told the rules, were they not?

But did they understand what the rules were? Did they understand the language? Were the rules told to them and explained to them in their own language?

Were they given a chance to appeal the MOM decision?

Foreign workers’ number one concern and fear is to be deported, or lose their jobs. They have come here by risking virtually everything. Their families’ livelihood depend on them keeping their jobs.

Every foreign worker knows this – and would go the length to avoid trouble. This is also why they are easily exploited. Otherwise, they could spend the rest of their lives paying off the debts they borrowed to come here.

So, why did 24 men – not one or two or three or four, or even 10, but 24 of them – why did two dozen men (some of whom would have been working here for years) risk everything they had to “eat, drink and gather in groups” outside their dormitory during what appeared to be meal time?

Did MOM even talk to the men to find out why they allegedly did what they did?

There is much more we should know – but MOM is not telling much. It has, in fact, shut the door tight, apparently even to the mainstream media.

The Task Force has said that it manages the pandemic with openness and transparency. Indeed, Singaporeans and the public are fed daily updates about the situation by the Task Force.

Yet, when 24 men had their work pass revoked – a very serious step for the authorities to take – little information was offered.



Andrew Loh




18 Responses to “Why was MOM unable to provide more information?”

  • Why:

    Covid virus also never say why people get infected why others not infected why some recover why some never make it ….. and why some imitate covid.

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  • Have mercy:

    Please have mercy.
    They are paid pittance.
    They owed bloodsucking agencies
    to come here to work so they
    can send home money to feed their
    poor families and repay their sharking loans.

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  • Flabbergasted:

    So the foreign workers who gathered had their work permits cancelled and a lifelong ban from working in Singapore. No grace, no warning.

    Why so harsh and heartless treatment ?

    What about the white thrash at Robertson Quay? What is going to happen to them. Clear cut violation yet, we are told they are being “investigated”?

    I’m sure the white thrash can read and write better than the migrant workers and they have the luxury of reading the news.

    In my opinion the white thrash are openly challenging the system while the migrant workers may be genuinely ignorant.

    On a separate note, why refer to these white thrash as expats? They are here to steal our lunches, they are not needed here.

    The migrant workers actually do a more productive and less destructive to Singaporeans job than the white thrash.

    I hope the Opposition can and will help us to throw out all the thrash and reclaim Singapore for us, NS serving, and wives and parents of NS serving natives.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    24 is indeed a big gathering…were they celebrating an occasion??? or were they having a meeting/discussion???…

    Whatever the reason…it is a Big Group…bigger than even a gathering of friends @ Serangoon on Sundays

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  • 3sets of laws:

    Andrew you should have mentioned those groups of angmohs drinking alcohol n sitting around w/o masks..
    2 or 3 sets of laws.
    gov seems to bully some but let off some ‘privileged” ones it seems.

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  • Halimah totally useless:

    Waiting to see how the PAPIGS handled the ang moh tua kees gathering and drinking at Robertson Quay.
    Just another ‘stern warning” or will these ang moh tua kees be deported as well.

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  • MarBowling:

    Big Boss to J Teo: I don’t FIACK CARE, how you do it to CLEAN, CLEAR and TIDY Up the Smelly SH*T$ that YOU HAVE SINGLY CREATED Which STINK to High Heaven! Do it ASAP!

    J Teo to her Deputy and Top Gun$: all you bunch of xia suays and covidiots, LISTEN very carefully. Just now I Kenna Verbal Sh*ts from the Big Boss. Unless ALL of YOU THINK carefully on HOW TO CLEAN, CLEAR AND TIDY UP ALL THE SMELLY SH*TS THAT ALL OF YOU, YES, I SAY AGAIN, ALL OF YOU HAVE CREATED, BE PREPARED TO FORGO YOUR MID AND YEAR-End 18 Months Bonuses! Get going, all you xia suays and covidiots.

    End result: 24 scapegoat Kenna in the 1st and initial step towards CLEANING, CLEARING and TIDYING UP the SMELLY SH*T$!

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  • PAP's Greed:

    Andrew, you have pointed out correctly.

    The workers are not PMETs who have good educational foundation. These are poor and uneducated labourers from villages. Do you know, in India last week 14 people died on railway tracks because they thought there are no train service due to Covid lockdown. All of them were run over by passing train. To this extent our dorm workers are not that educated.

    When educated people congregate in Robertson Quay for beer sessions, the Police only taking action now to trace them after they learned from social websites.

    Poor workers are being sent back. They are already in debts coming to S’pore and their families are hoping they can feed and educate the children back in their villages.

    Nothing is being done to MOM’s failures and Minister JT is taking not accountability and responsibility for the outbreak in Dorms, to the poor living conditions and crowded dorms. Even the Dorm owners are not penalised.

    This is how PAP Ministers are managing the pandemic. Always finding faults with others and screwing their livelihood. No passion and heartless Ministers. Always finding scapegoats of people who are very vulnerable.

    The worker’s curse on befall on PAP in the coming election.

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  • Asd:

    I think got alot of things to hide maybe hideous things

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  • mike:

    Haha, sounds like a typical Cheena system.

    If u ask more, they will tell you it is for security reasons.

    Ask somemore, you will be told whether it is of public interest.

    Nothing more disheartened for a nation to go pass half a century and still behave so barbaric. To both foreigners and our own.

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  • Went to Japan:

    Foreign workers – low class.

    Foreign talents – high class.

    End up workers work passes revoked.

    Foreign talents drinking and gathering at Boat Quay nothing happened.

    Foreign talent vs local PMETs isnt it the same?

    Locals vs PRs?

    1 country 2 systems.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    “Were they deported? Or are they still languishing somewhere in Singapore?”

    How to deport them, all planes were grounded? So these people are still around as usual working. Your don’t see the employer or employers appealing with 24 workers missing!!!

    All these actions taken by MOM were just wayang to show that they are working!!

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  • trublu:

    Among the sheeps,there may be goats or some black sheep.
    I suspect not a few of these FWs may oso be taking advantage of the *FREE-LOADING* that is made available to them from our TAXPAYER MONEY that older jobless n retired sgs are not given?

    If they are reckless,they may have to pay a hefty price if caught?

    Actually,they shud be the burden of their GREEDY AGENCIES N EMPLOYERS N NOT OF SG TAXPAYERS?


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  • inept spf:

    those uppity so called FTalents..
    in their own countries theyre nobodies.
    here they act so yaya papaya cuz our inept gov makes them feel that way..keeps saying theyre wat sg needs and they create good jobs for sgs.
    there’s something missing there!
    if no justice is served , then here’s another compelling reason to VTO.

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  • Fair:

    Hope the action taken was fair.
    Tough action is OK if they know and knowing goes against the order.
    If not aware,a less harsh punishment may be more appropriate.

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  • All MOM wants is your levy!!!:

    Andrew has a good head on his shoulders, and a heart to go with it…….

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  • J.Teo didn't know how to ask:

    Andrew Loh, all the questions you asked are questions that Minister Jo Teo ought to have asked but didn’t know how to ask, let alone have answers or solutions to them.

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