Vision, Mission and Objectives

Mr Lee Kuan Yew and comrades were elected to power in 1959, they have guts, drive, a mission to serve and probably a vision for the future of Singapore. All were shattered when Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia in 1965, took him and the team awhile to re-envision what is to become of an island with no resource and onto nationhood. He had a vision, a mission with achievable objectives, tagged with milestones for the motivation of the nation. Some trials and errors, but still a big achievement by any standard. He is not perfect, high-handed, even oppressive when comes to any opposition. I would rate Mr Lee Kuan Yew an 8 upon 10 points on the 80/20 rules.

Is Singapore Inc. still relevant today? 2G leaders lead by Mr Goh Chok Tong in 1990 had envisioned then that Singapore would be managed with a mission, to elevate the lives of Singaporean to a Swiss standard by the turn of the century. Followed by ‘SINGAPORE 21: VISION FOR A NEW ERA’, the nation was inspired. Charts and numbers were flashed in
National Day Rally Speeches. Mr Goh worked his way up the political ladder with commercial experience running NOL, much had been achieved in the blooming years of the 90’s. To me, he is a nice guy but unaccountable for failed mission of achieving the Swiss standard of living for the nation. For not admitting failed objectives and why, and accountability, 6/10?

Mr Lee Hsien Loong became 3G leader in 2004, he should have carried on the vision, mission and objectives of the Pioneers and 2G and further refine them. A flash-flood of foreign influx made locals’ lives miserable, affecting cross-sections of the population. Incomes and standards of living seemed to have stagnant in the last 15 years, with citizens going jobless or underpaid. There are many faults and failures that do not need to be mentioned. If we have not done badly with 3G management, we definitely have not done well. Any score above 4/10 for LHL would invite scolding and swearing.

If the PAP’s ability to maintain its control largely has been attributed to Singapore’s economic growth and social welfare then, what have stopped them from doing better? Let alone much worse off. We believed in their preaching: “A party of action, not of words”, “with you, for you”, “no one will be left behind”……. so many visions that should have been measurable objectives and not subjective, we were disappointed time and again.

The 4Gs have shown incompetent in managing the COVID-19, avoidance, evasive and arrogance for some. It’s too preliminary to give a score, but I’m worried they would fail miserably on managing the nation. God save Singapore if 4G is worse than 3G. Are 4Gs able to tell us where are we going to as a nation?

In 60 years, Vision may change, mission to serve is absolute, and the objectives measurable. Be accountable to the people whom put you up there in the first place, be responsible even if incompetent sets in. Be honourable, stop bullying underdogs. A party in power with integrity do not pass laws to oppress, put up a good fight that we can respect.


M Gen





19 Responses to “Vision, Mission and Objectives”

  • Wash Hands after shaking:

    If I recalled correctly, during Harry times, a lady MP was taken to task for washing her hands right after shaking hands with a hawker or wet market seller.

    That is considered a small issue but even then Harry took her to task!

    Fast forward to the present. Jo Teo and the dynamic duo. JT and the Poor handling of the dormitories leading to the spread to ten of thousands.

    Not one country in the world has such a dormitory fiasco.

    HSK NEVER SAY A WORD on her performance.

    The MPs never uttered anything on the fiasco.

    Only NMP uttered. WP head fell to the toilet floor and concussed is it?

    The 70% have done humanity a crime for being accomplice as enabler of such a situation. I spit on that!

    Quote wiki on the Seat AI Mee who lost to Opposition post the washing of hands :

    Seet became the first cabinet member to lose a parliamentary seat. One factor which is thought to have contributed to Seet’s defeat was an incident in which she washed her hands after shaking hands with a fishmonger while campaigning in a market, which drew negative publicity. › wiki
    Seet Ai Mee – Wikipedia

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  • trublu:

    Guess they only believe in HIGHSIGHT?
    RESTING ON PAST LAURELS that are not theirs?
    It is now spely mi$$ion.
    It is TO COLLECT MORE $ fron singkingporeans.

    Mere REACTIONS to events???!!!
    For they dont care if sgs live or die.
    Thrir OBJEVTIVE$ are to find ways n scheme$ to SUCK us DRY!!!

    So,there you have their HINDSIGHT vision,Mi$$ion and objective$$$.

    Do you expect the PAPple to truly THINK AND SERVE for you?

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  • Top Money for Top Talents:

    Dear M Gen,
    4G leaders are equally good because as our founding father LKY said, we pay top money for top talent.

    And we are meritocratic; we pay top money for top talent, both local and foreign. In other words we have quality people right on top

    We must continue to pay high salary so that 4G leaders will enjoy working.

    Those who criticize our PAP government are LGBT group who had hidden agenda supporting opposition.

    Their hidden agenda is : I will vote opposition but opposition must legalize Poke Ass Policy. (so that they can poke ass openly in public during Poke Ass Party)
    Poke Ass Party 30/10, 31/10 and 01/11

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$
    Singaporeans must be Cheaper, Better, Faster.
    Workers must accept wage sacrifices to keep businesses going.

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  • Top Money for Top Talents:

    Dear PAP supporters,
    We urge you to go around to take photo and video of opposition run wards.

    We need to jump start a project called Opposition ward descend into Gambling/Whore/LGBT den.

    Always do a before and after.

    Example, before PAP took over, SG is a fishing village. after PAP took over, SG is a economic power house.

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$
    Singaporeans must be Cheaper, Better, Faster.
    Workers must accept wage sacrifices to keep businesses going.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    If the Founding Generation Leaders (Goh Keng Swee-Toh Chin Chye & Raja) had NOT to rein the Bastard in and put him in his proper place to use only his Wit & Gab…would Singapore be a Success??? absolutely NOT…

    Look at the Beginning of the End when Goh Cock Tong took over and the founding Generation were pension off at an early age of 60…the Bastard stayed till he was driven out in a Gun Carriage from the Istana at 90+…30 years after Toh was retired…

    Sending in The Clowns to be CONtrolled them… the Bastard Ruled till he stank and can hardly stand…

    Nett result…Creating an Illusion through his clowns and in the process Killing more than a Million babies and driving Patriots and Honest people to face Hell and Bankruptcies in Achieving his Goal for an Elite & Aristocrat society…

    Somewhat similar to Greece in Aristotle & Platos’ time which he Brags often that he reads…why NOT pray to Neptune the shipping line name after the Greek Gods and refer to the Oracles by setting one up in 38 Oxley or the Istana??? why seek Hong Choon and his fortune-telling and calling himself a Nominal Buddhist in line with his CONsultations @ Kong Min Sua…and WHEN the Demons Haunt him as he approaches Death…turn to a Preist and called for Jesus in the Mantra “Maranatha” instead of “Anitaba”…

    I would rate him after the average of 8 with the HELP of the FOUNDING GENERATION…6 after The Wooden piece of SHIT and the 4 after the IDIOTIC son…

    Nett-Nett rating +6-2 for his evil deeds = 4 (sat sai) in Cantonese…sure DIE lah!!!

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  • Do more:

    Need to do more for Singaporean..especially the bottom 50%.

    Do more the poor ,needy and elderly.Improve the social net.
    This Virus has show our inadequacy to take care of the less fortunate…

    Reduce the social divide.

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  • Bobo:

    Top priority is to sack all FMs (fake ministers) with bad records, no direct contribution to Singaporeans, but are Malaysians workforce lovers. Receiving S$ paycheck but working hard for Malaysians. Next to consider should husband and wife teams because Singapore is a country not a ownself check ownself business. We have been forgotten as native Singaporeans in Singapore.

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  • Population Growth:

    Vision, Mission and Objectives – On growing Singapore population, What LKY could not deliver, Josephine Teo had recommended a highly workable solution – We don’t need to own a house to produce babies but a small space is what we need.

    I’m sure Singaporeans are still experimenting this solution. Thanks to JT.

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  • Gary:

    Thank you M Gen!
    I have been thru 1G. For 2G, we have been taken for a ride. 3G is a big bullshit and now 4G could be even worst with 3G behind their back.
    I now worry for the future of Singapore.

    Vote wisely!!!

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  • opposition dude:

    “If the PAP’s ability to maintain its control largely has been attributed to Singapore’s economic growth and social welfare then, what have stopped them from doing better?”

    The problem with the PAP is that they put $$$$ above everything else. Everything has to be measured by how much money their policies can make. This is why BTOs are sold for thousands of dollars ensuring you cannot pay up within the first 7 years of obtaining it. Same for your CPF, the withdarawal age seems like an eternity away. Paying for COE, an increase in your S&CC, childcare fees, transport fare hikes and a soon to be 9% GST. All this points to $$$.

    So as long as PAP continues getting their yearly GDP bonus then it’s considered they have done their job. As long as most Singaporeans are employed then it’s good enough. Never mind the fact that you or your children are on contracts/part time/freelance work. Got job can liao.

    We can all see for ourselves just how badly managed this pandemic has been. Both 3G and the wayang 4G are full of hot air, excuses and lies. The 3G has already failed Singaporeans since BTOs are still too expensive and our ex PMETs are driving for Grab amongst other issues so do you honestly THINK the 4G are going to do any better?

    The PAP is well past its glory days. They are just hanging on for as long as they can before the inevitable end arrives.

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  • lets move on:

    sg is still lagging behind ..
    .many countries have moved on to 5G oredy..
    throw out this inept 4G PAPs abd vote in 5G leaders..
    young intelligent and on the ball!
    all these 4Gs can do is regurgitate what LKY &co did.
    they bring it up at every possible occasion reminding us peasants how good they are etc!
    please…let LKY rest in peace.
    he aint never gonna rise to put things right. he is NOT a god.

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  • limpei:

    Someone must be accountable for the way Singapore handles Covid-19, Josephine Teo must resign before the election!!!

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  • Be worthy:

    These b*stards are only good in demanding million$ pay and lifestyle as per disGraceFool but fail miserably to deliver good results.

    They can only work with the benefits of hindsight and rewinding the clock.

    Then WTF are we paying them these sinfully high salaries when they lack foresight and ideas?

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  • Some kind of baloney telco:

    2G,3G,and 4G? A technocrat’s realpolitik….

    LKY improvised a systemic griphold over his vision of Singapore Incorporated. The founding fathers who built this country and its institutions never agreed to his overarching strategy: party CEO-parliamentarians fed with confidential remunerations to run Singapore as a national corporation. Nor the non-transparency of public policy formulations and worse still public savings accounting.

    Dr. Goh Keng Swee the master planner of the Republic’s economy and the old guard had a different vision of governance – which is with and for the people. Remember 1986 when every Singapore citizen received Singapore Telecom dividends? The original PAP model was for this glorious young nation to become an inclusive National Cooperative. And the CPF retirement savings was sacrosanct; it was meant for the citizens retirement at the promised timeline.

    LKY and his technocratic politicians have bolstered their personal fortunes in unimaginable ways by casting themselves as infallible custodians – a ruling caste apart and above common citizens. Just check with Oxfam about our income inequality distribution or check the global crony-capitalism rankings….

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  • No Substance, All Wayang:

    If you have no substance and cannot perform, you spend your time putting out ‘wayang’ photo-ops on 158th Prostitute Times.
    Look at series of Sia Suay photo-ops
    1.Xia Suay Inspect eggs
    2.Xia Suay Inspect Masks
    3.Xia Suay lim kopi
    Prostitute Times—Who pay for the salary of the ‘reporter’ and photographer
    that have to tag along wherever Xia Suay goes; please inform your shareholders.

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  • AristoCATs - from 1st to ???:

    >” The 4Gs have shown incompetent in managing the COVID-19, avoidance, evasive and arrogance for some. It’s too preliminary to give a score, but I’m worried they would fail miserably on managing the nation. God save Singapore if 4G is worse than 3G. Are 4Gs able to tell us where are we going to as a nation?”
    Someone remarked LKY’s book –
    “From Third World to First” . . .
    Mr. Pink and 3G did a similar – in Reverse
    “From First World to Third”. . .
    Remember the Ballot Box !

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  • WorstToCome:

    The is only one tree singaporeans barked up which is an old tree, an old vision throughout history and subsequent leaders were branches of the same tree. I see people keep repeating leadership has devolved or degenerated when the tree has begat and spawned bitter fruits in the end which shall be burnt.

    Fire is raging the economy and taking heavy toll on the reserves and people’s lives. Those remaing positive and soldiering on up the same tree are usually well fed hence don’t really care about others especially if they do not share their zeal for the vision of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.
    The fruits of his vision, as it mature, is for all to see now. The worst is yet ahead.

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  • ah heng:


    Must agree with what you say.
    They have zero foresight.
    Can’t even make decent speeches.

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  • 2G, 3G, 4G - All Rubbish:

    I am 70 plus and from the Merdeka Generation and have gone through the 1G, 2G, 3G and now 4G PAP govt. This is my personnal opinion of them.

    The 1st G was fantastic . After we were kicked out of Malaysia , we have no oil, no gold, no rubber no commodities – nothing at all except human brains.

    Yet LKY and his Ministers managed to bring wealth, stability, jobs, health etc. to Singapore.They were super salesmen and leaders with the ability to forecast and predict the incoming problems and did the necessary to tackle these problems. They were strict but firm and they did not treat Singaporeans as fools. We were happy and respect them as we have jobs and can survice and live a satisfied life. Although these Ministers were not highly paid compared to today, yet they have perform very well.

    Woody took over and promised many things which he did not deliver. One of the biggest mistake is when our local students on scholarships did not want to return from overseas and thus broke the bond. He got angry and decided to import many foreign students and gave them scholars. There were many ways to solve this such as making the parents or siblings pay for them or alternative sell their houise to recover the amount. This will definitely deter people from breaking the scholarship bond.

    He also broughtr in many foreigners to work in Singapore and as a result we are facing the Covid 19 problems today.

    He also treated Hougang residents as fools by offering to upgrade their estate if they voted for the PAP. As a result PAP lost in Hougang.

    When Pinky took over, everything was ready made for him. The MRT, highrise building, SAF etc.. The only things that Pinky add on are the Casinos, Garden by the Bay, Jewel etc. Most of these addon are a waste of money eg Garden by the Bay – I would not visit another country just to see the flowers, plants , trees, the birds and the bees. Everything else is expensive such as health care, houses etc except our salaries is cheap. Many local PMETS become Grab drivers, their jobs being taken over by foreign PMETS.

    However they took care of themselves and their friends by getting very very high salaries. The people begin to lose their trust in the 3G leaders when even the PM wife salary is a state secret.

    Life is much worse than under the 1G Government. It is time that Singapore changed itself by letting the PM serve a total of two years instead of letting their sons, daugthers or nephews continue as PM. Only the best man should rule. This is my personal opinion on how we can improve for the future.

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