Covid-19 has stressed social fault lines?

Grace Fu should check whether certain local’s “visceral reaction” is due to racism or the perceived double standards of the authorities in dealing with foreigners vis-a-vis locals.

I did a quick check on Facebook. Here’s a sample of the reactions:

“What actions have u taken Masagos? We are waiting for your response n action regarding this..Show us you have got balls..”

“As usual they will say “ We will not hesitate to take action against those who continue to flout safe distancing measures…..” I think say only, don’t know how many FTs have been fined so far?”

“Masgosok was referring to Geylang peeps, certainly not a sovereign location like Robertson Quay.”

“You guys really think anything will happen to those Ang Mo?? What a joke!! I already gave up hope that our government will do anything to them. I have also mentioned many of the Ang Mo and elderly are using our N Parks as a place to chit chat. Many not using mask it’s so disgusting. You can even see many children during weekend without mask too”

There’s lots more, even more colorful ones, but the “visceral reaction” is mostly directed at the authorities for their double standards, rather than racist taunts directed at the foreigners.

What Grace Fu is doing is classic PAP: turn their shortcoming around and put the onus on the people. Just yesterday, CCS was saying Singapore can rely less on low-skilled foreign workers “when people change their habits and keep public spaces cleaner”, as if the people are the cause of the deluge of foreign workers!

But back to Grace Fu. It really is a stretch for her to say locals’ instinctive reaction that the “sovereign” woman is a foreigner even though she is a Singaporean, tantamount to racism. Rather, stereotyping would be more appropriate, given that westerners are generally more radical and she did clearly say with a twang: “I am sovereign”.

What racism is, is when people attack other people by calling them racist names and physically attacking them because of their race, as has happened in the UK and Australia. By contrast, Singaporeans have been extremely tolerant despite the deluge of foreigners in the last two or so decades, who not only added to our social discomfort but also stole our lunches.

Grace should graciously accept and improve when the people point out her party’s shortcoming, instead of turning the situation around and blame the people. They do not know best even though they think they are the elites; nobody does, we learn from each other. The sooner they get that into their heads, the better it is for everyone.


Foong Swee Fong





16 Responses to “Covid-19 has stressed social fault lines?”

  • limpei:

    vote grace fool out This coming election~ This is my visceral reaction, knn

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  • good one:

    Another good article by the writer!!
    70% dafts have given the consent for them to talk cock, so whenever the occasions arise, they just let out hot air from their top orifices!!
    Never mind the fart stinks to high heaven, what can you all do!!??

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  • Are you worthy?:

    Hello, what’s the point of talking about it if you cannot provide workable solutions.

    It’s as if we are not aware of the reality and existence of racism in any society.

    Is that all she can contribute with two cents worth of speech after enjoying past 3 months of million$ lifestyle staying at home?

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  • ganeshsk:

    MS Grace Fu

    Can you ask your friend Mr Masagos is he going to deport the 7 who have been charged fro the Robertson Quay incident like the did some work permit holders breaking the same kind rules or are they just going to be left off with a fine.

    Please don’t blame Singaporeans for asking this straight question.

    Can You also hurry up with the the answer like in the case of the work permit holders.

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  • opposition dude:

    You want less of PAP’s self serving nonsense then please do your bit and vote in opposition. Especially for those staying in the west, too many dafts gave gratitude votes 5 years ago. Don’t make the same mistake 2 elections in a row hor!

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  • What's a disGrace?:

    vote grace fool out This coming election~ This is my visceral reaction, knn

    Another motherhood speech to justify her existence and million$ pay.


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  • Steven:

    Sometimes PAP MPs should learn to keep their mouths shut.

    Now that there are 7 (presumably expats) being arrested, let us wait for the penalty to be meted out.

    From the photos that we have seen, the action to congregate and flout the CB rules seem to be a display of arrogance and a finger to Singapore about the CB rules. If they are found guilty or plead guilty, they should be repatriated back to their country of origin just like what happened to the 24 migrant workers.

    And I can assure Ms Fu that this is not a visceral reaction on my part.

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  • Halimah totally Useless:

    FW have their work permits revoked and sent home for breaking some CB law.
    Let’s see if the PAPIGS have the Balls to do the same to these Robertson Quay ang moh Trash.
    And will be be proven once again, laws meted out differently with the skin colour.

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  • do your duty VTO:

    how come only 7 were caught n charged.
    just for wayang sake?
    different strokes for different folks?
    ..clearly there were more of them there every day …before the news broke.
    not all were angmos too.

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  • Do more:

    Do more for the new poor…
    Do more for those badly hit by the CB…
    Use our reserve wisely…no need to give across the board.
    Some companies or individual don’t need it.
    Better to give targeted and meaningful giving.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Tolerant is not the same as powerless or worse ballsless.

    There is no point trying to make it look as if locals matter over what happens in Communist Island. Once citizenry willingly give up their balls, they will deservedly be ignored.

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  • Irene Vanessa Wan Pat Pat:

    Many decades ago, an American boy got caned here, big outcry from US. Some Filipino maid kena hanged here, big demonstrations from Phillippines.

    Foreigners hould not come here and act like sovereigns.

    Trite saying:”when in Rome…”

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  • John Richards:

    How can this woman hurl unfounded accusations at the people who voted for her? I think she should change her name to Ingrate.

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  • Do more:

    Do more for those who are suffering now…
    Don’t take your sweet time to help…Comcare.
    Those who are handling the support scheme should have more empathy to those badly hit …and are suffering.
    You don’t know their pain..caused by the CB….Worst than the Virus.
    Many are without pay or jobs foe many months….
    They rather go to work than apply the so difficult to get support.. less than 12% support….

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  • Treat all fairly and justly:

    These MFcukers practice triple standards, not double.

    One for sinkies and peasants. Fine or arrest at first sight, no two ways about it.

    Second are non sinkies like ang mos. Easy on them or look the other way.

    Last are the elites like those Moronic Pariahs who do walking around to deliver masks or to carry out education to hawkers. Exempt from measures.

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  • Tremendous:

    Come on. Don’t have to deport them. We are really in need of resources. Get them to be our free swabbers for a year.

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