Tell me honestly, cross your heart

PAP want an early General Election, to get a mandate? Please lah…. arrh but then.

Please tell me honestly:

1. PAP all out to bully kichi(kecil) opposition, hantam them till cannot open their mouth so PAP can get a mandate. tolong lah, give opposition some space and gimme a break. Don’t be so kiasu, PAP will get a mandate maybe not so beautifully, do it honourably. There’s a scale inside all of us, we can weigh your evil thoughts in hammering the opposition. The more I see, the more I buay song, chuo swee swee hor, mai siah lan leh.

2. Is Singapore land scare for housing migrant workers decently? Ambassador to USA said so hor, reminded me of how small an island we have. Double confirmed!

3. Going for 10M population? No more 6.9M liao meh? Can squeeze meh?

4. Then the citizens how? Got enough cleaning jobs, security guards, food delivery to work onot? Then citizen PMETs jialat, how?

5. CEO‘s salary of Temasek Holdings is State secret then disclose bonuses lah, die-die also cannot disclose meh? Mmm….. must be fishy, beri beri fishy indeed.

6. Definition of affordable health care, definition of affordable housing, best education, costs of living? All bo siang definitions by various Ministars, cross your tongue**, do not even try to pull a fast one hor, honestly. HSK, as future PM must manage bullshit properly hor, Onot this bullshit contradicts the next bullshit creating a messy house of shits, full of shits.

7. When increasing GST har? 3% to round up 10%, easier to count is a good excuse. Better still, scrap it altogether. Billions were lost, what’s 3% or 7%? Think of better ways to stretch the budget like collecting foreign levies from FTs, say $1,000 a piece or 20% levy. What’s 2K when FT are paid 10K? Nothing even if paid 5K, taxes elsewhere would be more than 1K. Its more than $4,800,000,000 uno, a lot of zeros leh, comeon think out of the box, don’t just always think of screwing your own kind all the time leh, bo swee hor, swee kiat.

8. Still not working on minimum salary for the bottom 20% izzit? Justifying bull and cock reasons for not doing so again. It’s a vicious circle uno, importing top talents to create a poor bottom of you own kind. Middle class becomes lower class, lower class become outcaste. Lidat also can meh, aiyoh che arc arrh(集恶) beri bad for your Karma hor.

9. 2 years to get out of this shitstorm caused by the global pandemics? Another 5 to 10 years to recover? My heart aching when I thought of my fellow citizens whom are underpaid, the unemployed, the under-privileged, all the underdogs inbetween. Bo bian, we have to have a government with a heart for we the citizens of Singapore, we put you in charge, you turn around and screw us, damn tulan uno.

10. Ko-u-boh, lagi ada? Please elaborate fellow citizens. OK, “complement” PAP.

I am more wiser today with another meaning of “complement”, it also meant “replacement” from 4G leadership, its my interpretation that it also meant ”SCREW-U”. I dunno whether I’m so tulan with siah sway or that I sibeh buay song by his motives. He had really forgotten his purpose in politics, his mission of assisting we the citizens of Singapore. Is he trying to justify his talent, he knows best or tell us that we are ignorant or stupid izzit? God save his talented soul!

My Singlish more siah sway than siah sway onot?


M Gen
* honesty, cross your heart – when we were kids, honesty is swearing with your left hand raised and draw a cross over the left side of your chest and say I sumpah hor!

** lying – if not, draw a cross over your stick out tongue.




16 Responses to “Tell me honestly, cross your heart”

  • Seat warmer 2:

    How much is that doggie in that window?

    Wow, wow,…..

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  • Fency:

    Cleaners like our leaders should really be paid more.

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  • money talks bullshit walks:

    i never believe anything i hear these days re PAP and what their mini-stars say to try and convince us.. just listen with a
    alot of skeptism..
    theyre not working for us sgs anymore.
    seems like our countrylike had been sold to the highest bidder already.

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  • Mandate Womandate:

    Honestly no genuine man’date. It’s fake woman’date.
    Bo heng bo swee bo chap.
    Cow pay cow boo until boo moh cheh..

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  • Dont Bluff Me:

    Why do you need to have an election to have a mandate to focus on dealing with Covid?
    Havent you had uninterrupted mandate since the very first election till today which your so-called 4G leaders flunked so badly?

    If the 70% continue to put you into parliament and worse still warm the seat for His Son, I think SG is pretty much gone. You clearly have no idea how to catch up with the true gold-standard countries NZ, Aus, TW, VN in this Covid race. Yet you still demand million-dollar salaries? Pui!

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  • Bobo:

    TL must write in Singlish meh? New citizens catch no ball liow. Your baysong msg were not being conveyed so they switch off the circuit then happily voted the party who keep pouring $$$$ to them. They are here to enjoy life built by our forefathers. What their forefathers did?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    The reason to call for early GE, pandemic or not, is for F1 night race.

    F1 organiser needs time to organise, at least 3 months to prepare and sell tickets. F1 organiser expressed their objection to closed-door event, they need spectators. With the current Covid-19 restriction, there will be no spectator. If no spectator there would be no race.

    PAP also needs this event to fill up hotels and business for F & B and most importantly Tourism Board needs to collect levies.

    Once the GE is done with, PAP could declare victory over Covid-19 and lift all restriction for the F1 event.

    So I would think this Pandemic General Election is very likely to be held in mid-July. You know teachers are all ready with the new method of election.

    Just prepare for it. This will be called a “BLIND” election. Covid-19 restrictions are still in place to disadvantage the alternative parties. Limits the size of rallies, if that’s allowed. No face-to-face canvassing or outreach, except for PAP’s candidates. So you can only heard all the PAP’s bullshits, like cotton from sheep!

    PAP is now holding voters at ransom to vote for PAP.

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  • Quran ch. 83: "The Fraudulent":

    In the Name of God Most Compassionate Most Merciful

    1. Woe to the dealers in fraudulence,

    2. Those when they are receiving some measure from men, will demand exact measure,

    3. But when they have to give out something in measure or weight to others, will shortchange them.

    4. Do they not think they will be resurrected (for the reckoning)?

    5. On a Tumultuous Day,

    6. The Day when all mankind will stand before the Lord of the Universe?

    7. Nay! Indeed the records of the wi**** are preserved in Sijjin.

    8. And what will make you understand what Sijjin is?

    9. A Register indelibly inscribed.

    10. Woe on that Day, to those who deny

    11. Those who deny the Day of Recompense and Retribution.

    12. And none denies it except the transgressor who has gone beyond the limits.

    13. When Our signs are rehearsed to him he remarks: “Tales of ancient people!”

    14. Nay! because on their hearts is the scum which they have accumulated.

    15. Certainly, the evil doers will be veiled from gazing upon their Lord on that Day.

    16. Verily they shall enter into Hellfire and feel its searing flames.

    17. And they will be addressed: “This is what you used to deny!”

    18. Verily, the records of the goodly are preserved in Illiyyun.

    19. And what will make you understand what Illiyyun is?

    20. A Register indelibly inscribed.

    21. To which bear witness those nearest (to the soul)

    22. Verily, goodly will be in delight.

    23. On raised seats watching (the proceedings)

    24. You will observe in their faces the light of joy.

    25. They will be given for drink the essence of wine.

    29. Verily! (During the worldly life) those who indulged in wrongdoing used to laugh at the faithful.

    30. And whenever they passed by the goodly, used to wink at one another (in mockery);

    31. And when they returned to their own cliques, they would be filled with jesting;

    32. And when they saw the goodly, they would remark: “Verily! they have indeed gone astray!”

    33. But the wrongdoer had not been sent as judges over the goodly.

    34. This Day of Resurrection those who believe will laugh at the disbelievers.

    35. On raised seats looking (at all things).

    36. Are not the disbelievers repaid (fully) for what they have earned?

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  • Do more:

    Do more for the poor and needy..many are on no pay leave or jobless since Jan 2020.

    Many are suffering and the help is too little and too late…
    Also please solve the FW infection already 35,000 cases.How many more to test ?

    Election can wait….First thing first….Get the priority right.

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  • Cotton comes from goats!:

    I can’t breathe anymore with these idiotic and incompetent leaders running the country.

    Time to VTO for the future of our children and grandchildren.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    OK lah bro!!!…your Singlish is fine quite sure Patriots and Tru Blu unnerstand leh!!!

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    Yes, the much promised Swiss Std of Living is finally
    fulfilled but afew. Instead, more turned Swissidal. What with prolonged CV19, artificially inflated medishidt, edershidt; all madlyshaved. The impending 9%GST and the endless cunningly creative ways of overtaxing the masses..exponentially widening the social gap between the haves and the havenots, burgeouise and prolitarians, the superich and the superpoor. Of prince and pauper, of
    $99 000 000 and $900, of Empress Dowager and the Suppressed Lowager. The reddot is smashed into countless iotas, fast becoming a fully fragmented society of grabs, pandas and deliverykangaroos.

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  • time will tell:

    if PAP wins this GE, im migrating to Malaysia..
    we can live well there ..only need to brush up my bahasa melayu.

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  • trublu:

    Umm,he is MR $100B Fortitude except that mant old sg uncles like me dont feel fortified with $700?


    I can return you the BIGLY $700 even though i did contribute to THE ACCUMULATED RESERVES?


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  • Soh:

    Maybe a news no covid sign sticker
    Same looking like the no smoking sign will be use instead.

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  • Soh:

    Hope stickers no throw,can keep for next covid show.

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