Preparations for GE 2020

The SDP like many Singaporeans was expecting the Prime Minister to call a snap election nearly a year before the end of the current parliament’s term in the midst of a pandemic with between 100-400 new locally transmitted COVID-19 infections being detected daily. This is unfortunately typical of the PAP’s approach of putting its own political future above the safety and wellbeing of Singaporeans.

We have been preparing for early elections for more than a year since our campaign launched in February 2019. We have had a series of events to update and re-launch our policies on education, housing, healthcare, population, cost of living, town councils, the Malay community and we also launched our new climate change policy. We also produced and launched our manifesto which has been widely read and distributed. At the same time, we continued with our program of house visits and walkabouts right up to the time when it became apparent that there was widespread community transmission of the coronavirus and it was not safe to continue.

Throughout the circuit breaker period we have continued to engage residents virtually and through social media. We have held online forums and discussions. We also re-launched our campaign online with 4 Yes’s and 1 No – calling on the government to suspend the GST until the pandemic is long over, launch a meaningful retrenchment insurance scheme, pay seniors a reasonable allowance to enable them to live with dignity and above all to put people first. This comes with a call to avoid infectious disease debacles like the COVID outbreak in Singapore by refusing to accept the PAP’s plan to flood Singapore with a population of 10 million. Once phase II came into effect, we promptly resumed our house visits and walkabouts with the appropriate infection control and safety precautions.

The writ has thus come as no surprise and we are ready to present our case to the people of Singapore for a fairer and more just society. We are used to the uneven playing field but this time the PAP has outdone itself by banning rallies, limiting ground campaigns and totally monopolising the state media for broadcasts of their agenda. We can only hope that Singaporeans will be able to see through these machinations to recognise that this is a unique opportunity to send the PAP a message, to deny them a two thirds majority and to make sure that they finally start to listen to the voices of ordinary Singaporeans so a crisis like this is never repeated again.


Paul Ananth
Chairmain SDP




24 Responses to “Preparations for GE 2020”

  • opposition dude:

    The number of dorm cases has “magically” come down after more than 2 months, coinciding a few days before Polling Day was announced. I expect the number to stay in the 100 to 200 range daily until after we have voted when it will be back to the normal 300 to 500 range.

    No rallies so most people won’t have the chance to hear what the opposition candidates have to say. The only thing the opposition can really do is to have recorded messages posted on either their websites or Youtube.

    I guess a good number of people won’t be watching the news anyway since Netflix is way more entertaining. The number of newspapers sold will go up considerably as it always has when an election has been called but it’s a temporary thing for ST.

    Anyway let us send PAP another crystal clear signal since they have long forgotten the lesson taught to them in 2011.

    Onward fellow Singaporeans!

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  • not 2/3, make them minority:

    Some parties so little hope, only asking for 1/3 of the seats.

    Ok, ok, with so many sheep without cotton, maybe no hope.

    Nevertheless, must aim big. Make PAP a minority party in Parliament.

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  • uselesstankinl:





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  • uselesstankinl:

    After not drinking beer for so many years 5 or 6,


    BRAVO SDP…..


    PAP HABIS…..

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  • trublu:




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  • MarBowling:

    PeeM Mai Hum has PREVIOUSLY said he DOESN’T KNOW THE DATE OF HIS ERECTION! Yesterday, early in the Morning, His wifey has told him the ACTUAL DATE which he has passed it to the Erection Department! Immediately, upon reaching his office, he made the announcement that he has DISSOLVED his ParLeeMent on the same day on 23 Jun 2020! Nomination Day is on 30 Jun 2020, and the Pre$ident has agreed! COOLING DAY for his ERECTION and the ACTUAL POLLING DATE will be announced by the NO-RETURNING OFFICER!

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  • DavidNeo&IreneVanessa:Bastards:

    Good luck SDP

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  • Top Money for Top Talents:

    Dear Paul,
    You said “… totally monopolising the state media for broadcasts of their agenda.”

    You are accusing our great PAP of using state resources against opposition.

    Your great democratic country US President Trump also use state resources like CIA to investigate his opponent Joe Biden business link in China to smear him.

    Oh and your big mouth Chee wife’s motherland ROC Taiwan great Democratic Progressive Party also use state resources against their opponents.

    《無色覺醒》 賴岳謙 |高雄市長補選上策?藍白拒絕提名投票?|20200622

    Hahaha…. ask big mouth Chee’s wife to tell you the truth….
    Hahaha…. democracy ….

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$
    Singaporeans must be Cheaper, Better, Faster.
    Workers must accept wage sacrifices to keep businesses going.

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  • Fairness:

    Don’t worry ,we will give the opposition candidates a fair chance also.
    Show us who you are and what can you contribute to Singapore future as a MP.
    We can make up our own mind what is kind of Future we want for Singapore and the our next generation.
    May the best man Win.

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  • Realistically:

    Dear SDP & Other opposition

    Many of the bankrupt PAPie policies did not require the 2/3 majority to amend the Constitution. For eg, the dissolution of Parliament & the snap election the SDP talks about………this did not require amendment to the Constitution. The failures of Ho Ching being the CEO of Temasek Holdings also did not involve the amendment to the Constitution. Neither the epic failure of the emperor without clothes in the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic involved amending the Constitution.

    Rather the epic failures and other disasters befalling sinkies including having good paying jobs being taken over by so-called foreign talents could be attributed to the incompetence, arrogance and abuse of power by the emperor without clothes…………….who is the MAIN PROBLEM.

    Therefore it would make a lot of sense for all concerned to deny the re-election of the emperor without clothes team at Ang Mo Kio GRC or any other constituency be it GRC or SMC.

    That is, if the oppos are genuinely interested in the best interest of Singapore and sinkies. Otherwise, I believe the electorate would view the so-called oppos as nothing more than charlatans.

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  • Asd:

    I think it is sad the seat warmer is like a puppy sit when told to sit stand when told to stand poor soul spca should chatity it and adopt it

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Just go for it and may the Blessings of every Patriot with their Families and Nation in their Hearts go with you this Election

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on the website :Quote – “Activist and blogger Roy Ngerng has recently taken to Facebook to question whether or not Singaporeans will support Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) leader Chee Soon Juan in the 2020 General Elections.

    Taiwan-based Singaporean activist and blogger Roy Ngerng on Tuesday (June 23) shared a recent Facebook post by opposition politician Chee Soon Juan. In his post, Mr Chee addressed Singapore’s GE, which has already been officially announced. “My friends, the Writ of Election has been issued. It’s crunch time,” wrote Mr Chee. He hoped for the support of Singaporeans as he is set to contest Bukit Batok SMC.

    Mr Ngerng shared the post of Mr Chee and said that the SDP leader has “spoken up more than the PAP candidate who was voted into Bukit Batok in parliament,” making reference to Murali Pillai, whom Mr Chee lost to in the previous election.



    …. , Mr Ngerng pointed that these qualities of Mr Chee have still failed to get him into Parliament. “We keep giving away some of the best and brightest people in the opposition, and it makes me very sad to think that we can have all these good people speaking up for Singaporeans, but we keep making choices that prevents them from doing so,” wrote Mr Ngerng.

    “Dr Chee keeps fighting for Singaporeans, but will Singaporeans fight for him? I really do not know.””Unquote.

    Response : Today I went to Chinatown. As I reached there, there was a sudden extreme heavy rain downpour in the morning. Such rainfall sure cause a big flood today. So there is no where I can go after some breakfast, so I walk around the surroundings areas of hawker centre think that is Chinatown complex looking at the shop. Then I saw a building opposite the hawker centre and walk over there second or third storey. There I saw a long line of people especially aunties queuing. I ask an old man why they are queuing. He told me to queue to get “money” and he told me as long as you queue, you get money” and no need to be a resident in Chinatown area. I thought for a while maybe beast woman Tin Pei Ling is paying the rest of $22,235 per head that every citizen is entitled to??? Pui! Pui! Pui! Liar woman Tin Pei Ling is not paying. It is social service centre nearby that attracts quite a queue lining up there distributing obviously our public reserves “money” to make even ghosts vote for them.

    So Chee Soon Juan to get into parliament need to use his brains much better. Just sing “ya wo zi ba man(means if can get one million in hokkien)” and Pulau Ubin Woods will this GE echo again and send coronavirus$$$ to him when he “lose”. One million corona virus richer?

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  • Realistically:

    It is most disappointing that my comment made around noon time fails to appear. This is not the 1st time, nor I would think the last time.

    Be that as it be, I would plead with the oppos to combine their effort to vote out the emperor without clothes in Ang Mo Kio GRC or whichever the emperor without clothes chooses to be a candidate.

    Many, if not most, of the PAPie bankrupt policies do not require the 2/3 majority. Take for eg, the dissolution of Parliament…….this measure does not require a 2/3 majority votes. Many other disastrous policies also did not require 2/3 majority.

    The fundamental problem is the incompetence, arrogance and conceit of the emperor without clothes…remember he talked about natural aristocrats, ie that he should rule forever……… be succeeded by his son (with Ho Ching) Li Hongyi.

    In my opinion, to deny the PAPie of 2/3 majority is NOT doable……… please concentrate on VTO the emperor without clothes.

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  • Hu Chian:


    “I’m here to tell you that the inevitable became reality in 2008. We’ve had an interlude over the last few years financed by trillions of new currency units.

    However, the economic clock on the wall is reading the same time as it was in 2007, and the Black Horsemen of your worst financial nightmares are about to again crash through the doors and end the party. And this time, they won’t be riding children’s ponies, but armored Percherons.

    To refresh your memory, let me recount what a depression is.

    The best general definition is: A period of time when most people’s standard of living drops significantly. By that definition, the Greater Depression started in 2008, although historians may someday say it began in 1971, when real wages started falling.

    It’s also a period of time when distortions and misallocations of capital are liquidated, and when the business cycle, which is caused exclusively by currency debasement (also known as inflation), climaxes. That results in high unemployment, business failures, uncompleted construction, bond defaults, stock market crashes, and the like.”

    Doug Casey: The Deep State Is Responsible for All Economic …

    Thank Neoliberalism: Middle Class No Longer The Majority

    For the Rich to Keep Getting Richer, We Have to Sacrifice Everything Else

    Of Two Minds – Pandemic, Lies and Videos

    What Lies Ahead: Destabilizing Social Stratification

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  • Hu Chian:


    “The question often arises in liberty movement circles as to how we get to the point of full blown tyranny within a society. There are numerous factors that determine this outcome, but through all the various totalitarian systems in history there are common denominators – elements that must be there for tyrants to prevail. When we can identify these common elements in an objective manner, we make it far more difficult for despotic structures to stand.”

    How People Become Easily Controlled By Tyrants

    Trust No One

    Framing Theory – Communication Studies

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  • Hu Chian:


    “We can no longer trust data and conclusions being published as impartial by institutions that were once trustworthy.

    When someone says they “know” what’s happening on the ground in Syria, how can we assess the validity of their claim to knowledge, i.e. their claim to “know” “facts” or (gasp) “truth”?

    When someone says they “know” the U.S. economy is growing and unemployment is at record lows, what is the basis of their claim to knowledge?

    Before you tell me what you “know,” tell me your sources. We all know how this works nowadays: the sources are rigged or gamed to support the pre-selected narrative.

    In “fake news,” the sources are designed to appear legitimate via official-sounding institutional titles for the source organizations and human “experts” / researchers, and the data that’s presented to support the “fake news” is also designed to be indistinguishable from legitimate data.

    The cursory consumer of such content will be inclined to grant the institution, source and data as equal in legitimacy to other accepted sources. For example, if we read that the United Nations Labor Information Council has collected data showing the U.S. unemployment rate is actually 7.2% rather than the official 3.9%, the invocation of the UN and the precision of the data point suggests a legitimate source and data base.

    But it’s “fake news;” there is no United Nations Labor Information Council (at least not to my knowledge).

    Official sources have learned that the most effective way to propagate the sanctioned narratives is to rig or game the data and/or its interpretation. Thus the bailouts of the U.S. “too big to fail” financial institutions in 2008-09 were purposefully obscured; it took independent researchers to assemble all the bailout guarantees and publish the staggering total of over $16 trillion.”

    Before You Tell Me What … – oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith

    What Lies Ahead: Destabilizing Social Stratification

    The student who caught out the profs of austerity – BBC News

    Truth as fiction: the dangers of hubris in the information …

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  • Hu Chian:


    ” And what is the truth? The truth is that the U.S. economy – and in some ways, the global economy – was already collapsing. The system’s dependency on ultra-low interest rates and central bank stimulus created perhaps the largest debt bubble in history – the Everything Bubble. And that bubble began imploding at the end of 2018, triggered primarily by the Federal Reserve raising rates and dumping its balance sheet into economic weakness, just like it did at the start of the Great Depression………………………….
    The primary reason we now face a second Great Depression is because the small business sector has been destroyed. Small businesses are vital to the U.S. economy, representing around 50% of the job market…………………..

    But it’s only going to get worse from here on…

    The public doesn’t realize it yet, but many of the businesses that shut down over the past couple months are not coming back. Sure, a lot of them will try to reopen, and there will be a last gasp of activity during the next month or two, but the levels of debt attached to these ventures was already high before the pandemic hit. The recent small business bailouts seemed as if they were designed to give people false hope. According to figures out of JP Morgan, of the 300,000 clients that applied for the small business aid, only 18,000 actually received any. And, of that 18,000, many were larger corporation, not small businesses.
    Small businesses, on the other hand, appear to be slated for destruction.

    In particular, I suspect most restaurants besides major chains will go into bankruptcy. Boutique stores and clothing outlets will run out of money fast. Movie theater chains will collapse. Car rental outlets will collapse…………………………………
    All of these factors result in long-term job losses and debt defaults for small businesses as well as some larger companies. Which means much higher poverty rates and further dependency on government welfare programs.

    The real test for the public will come when lockdowns return. I realize that there is a bit of denial in the population when it comes to this idea. I see many people operating on the assumption that the “reopening” is a long-term situation. I assure you, it is not. As I have noted in many previous articles, the establishment intends to use what I call “wave theory”, or a cycle of shutdowns and openings over the span of a year or longer. There WILL be new lockdowns, if not in the name of a resurgence in COVID infections, it will be in the name of stopping the national riots.

    People must be made to understand the reality of our situation: the economy has already been undermined and this threat is far greater than either the virus or the riots. This is the danger that is being hidden by the pandemic and civil unrest distractions, and it is a threat that the government has no means or intention of saving us from. We must save ourselves, and doing that requires preparation and acceptance that the world is changed.’

    Mass Distraction And Fake “V-Shaped” Recovery Provide Cover For The Fed Induced Crash

    The Lockdown Wouldn’t Be So Devastating … –

    The Economic “Reopening” Is A Fake Out

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  • Hu Chian:

    Understand the fact that inflation is actually another form of tax.


    “Picture asking “Why We Pay Taxes When They Can Just Print Money?”

    Government will collect money from us to fund its obligation in only two ways: 1st: Tax and 2nd: Inflation. Vast majority of people tend to misunderstand that only way government can collect revenue is through 1st way: taxation. However, this is simply not true. In fact, tax is not main source of how government funds its obligation. Main source of this is option #2: through inflation.

    Therefore, Government loves 2nd option: “Inflation = Money Printing” to finance their deficit since only few people understand inflation (Ordinary people can’t see this) and government can get away with most of people by tricking with this method.

    Although it appears that second option is harmless to the people because they don’t have to pay more taxes, price of everything will eventually go up since there will be much more currency in circulation after they print money. These two methods will eventually lead to same outcome: People won’t be able to afford as much.

    Now you understand there are two methods for government to collect (Steal??) our money and here is my answer to this very question on the picture. My answer to this is:

    Tax is just a smoke screen. If government does not tax people, public will suspect where the heck all those money come from. Very last thing government wants people to understand is the fact that inflation is actually another form of tax. Government is afraid that they can no longer trick public easily if public of you and I understand the fact that inflation is another and most insidious form of taxation…

    This is the reason why government never shares this to the public since continuity of the government depends on ignorance of public. As long as public of you and I don’t understand such topics as economics, finance and money, government will continue to get away with most of its wrong doing by simply taking advantage of our ignorance. And, believe me…

    Why We Pay Taxes When They Can Just Print Money?

    Fiat Currency – iGolder

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  • Hu Chian:

    Power could be maintained and extended from the end of a printing press

    “What the central banks cannot do is create productive places to invest the credit they’ve generated in such excess, or force qualified borrowers to swallow more unproductive debt.

    Saving imploding private-sector banks was no problem for central banks that could create $1 trillion in new money with the push of a button and offer essentially unlimited lines of credit to banks facing a liquidity crunch.

    But the current financial meltdown is not like the last war. Central banks are ready to extend unlimited credit again to private-sector financial institutions, but this time around, the problem won’t be a lack of liquidity.

    The global economy is choking not just on an excess of debt, it’s also choking on the consequences of an unprecedented mal-investment of the credit central banks have issued in such over-abundance.

    Issuing more credit will only make the 2016 crash worse. Trying to stop the current crash with more credit and lower interest rates is like sending the cavalry on suicide charges against entrenched machine guns, artillery and tanks. The coming financial slaughter will be as senseless, wasteful and ineffective as any suicide attack in the Great War.”

    Of Two Minds – Why We Won’t Have a “Lehman Moment” in the 2016

    Singapore asset inflation 1: PAP the wizards of bubbleland

    China’s Monumental Ponzi: Here’s How It Unravels – David …

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  • vote wisely:

    PAP doesnt deserve our votes…NOT ANYMORE.
    vote for them AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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  • Mdm Loong:

    Which constituency is she running in? I understand she is a senior parliamentary secretary. I think the opposition has a very strong chance of defeating her. After watching this video, I am shocked that as a senior parliamentary secretary she doesn’t seem to be able to even answer precisely to a very simple question. Please listen to the simple question and her answer thereafter. What caliber does one expect of a senior parliamentary secretary?

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  • strategy needed:

    Need good strategy and planning to win.
    Don’t do the same thing and expect different results.

    Don’t waste time and money…

    Wake up opposition and work together.Give good ideas and Policy suggestion to solve Citizen problem.Also what can you do better than other candidates as a MP for that constituency?

    Work hard and present your case effectively.Good luck.

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  • hopelessnuselesspap:

    aih yah,


    PAP may be smart…




    23,000 DOLLARS FOR ALL….


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