Make Safe Entry more efficient

The ministerial task force require all businesses to implement Safe Entry protocols.

These include workplaces with a small number of workers and retail outlets.

It involves a large use of manpower. In some cases, the existing workers can take time off to do the Safe Entry recording, but it still takes their time and involve some cost.

Large retail outlets and supermarkets have to employ several part time workers to manage the queues, take temperatures and record the Safe Entry.

The public has to record Safe Entry several times in the course of the day.

I suspect that the data can hardly be used. If this is the case, we are spending several tens of million dollars each month in manpower cost that do not produce any useful result.

If, indeed, the data collected is useful, we should at least streamline the work to reduce the cost to businesses and inconvenience to the public and still get data that are useful.

It is better for the Safe Entry recording to be coordinated centrally. The central body should decide on the locations that need the Safe Entry to be captured and arrange with the workplace or business outlet to do the work.

It may be feasible to replace some of the manual work by self service stations for the Safe Entry to be recorded by scanning the identification card.

This will reduce duplication of effort. The central body can monitor the cost and benefits of the entire effort. It should replace the current arrangement where a large part of the cost, which is incurred by the businesses, is not recognized.

I hope the ministerial task force will consider this suggestion.


Tan Kin Lian




7 Responses to “Make Safe Entry more efficient”

  • TKL doppelganger, Tan Kim Lan:

    Scrap the whole thing lah.
    The only scan they need is you and the 70% daft brains.

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  • Goh Go and Cow Go:

    Now that 500K-is-Mediocre Peanut Goh and HaraKiri Cow is going, who is left to talk up the price of HDB.
    —’In a 1992 speech, then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong stressed the importance of supporting government upgrading to raise HDB flat prices.’GCT
    ST Dec 10, 2016
    —’HDB flat an appreciating asset, but value will not increase as fast as S’pore’s economy matures: Khaw…02 September, 2018—
    –GCT can retire and buy up half of the Swiss Alps.
    –Khaw can buy up half of Penang Island for retirement.
    But 80% is stucked with HDB99=Zero problem.
    Most of them believe GCT and Khaw bullshit that HDB is an appreciating asset.
    The Biggest Scam in humankind history!
    —Who is left holding the baby;Lawrence Wong?

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  • more efficient please:

    Present method pf tracking very inefficient…wasting everybody time.
    No need to keep on keying the same particulars for each shop in the Mall.
    Should improve.

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  • smart nation meh?:

    yes,most irritating having to
    check in and check out of a mall, plus each and every store within that mall we visit to browse, have to perform same action.
    yet our mil$ miws dare to say sg is a Smart Nation. Really??!

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    This safe entry is a nuisance to shoppers. I got calls from unfamiliar numbers after I registered my detials.

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  • Boh Chee = Human Nature:

    Macau after 78 days still see new coronavirus cases.

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  • better system needed:

    Present SafeEntry system is very inefficient.
    Waste everybody time…and costly(non productive) and not that effective and Smart.
    Like this how to be a Smart Nation when can’t even do a simple thing?
    Better build up our local tech capability fast…develop our local Tech companies by giving them more POC projects to improve on existing systems .Also will help them to survive and keep more local technical staff employed for the difficult business environment ahead…

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