Singaporeans should strongly support opposition parties

This GE, I would like to urge as many Singaporeans as possible to strongly support opposition candidates in your constituency and deny the pap a 2/3 majority in Parliament because of one very crucial reason. Let me explain.

Unlike the oppositions, pap will contest all the electoral seats and on nomination day and like all the past nomination days, they are likely to harvest a number of seats, so going forward, having another term of pap government is almost a certainty.

All MPs, whether pap or alternative, will bring their residents’ concerns, complains and worries etc to Parliament but there is one fundamental difference between them.

In the face of the Party Whip and when votes are taken in Parliament whether to amend our Constitution or to pass certain bills into laws, no pap MPs, absolutely none will cast a No vote in the interest of his/her constituents and at the expense of his/her party. None! Every single one of them will shy away and melt faster than an ice-cream under the soarching sun.

Opposition MPs will not have such a whip imposed on them. They are able, willing and they will fight tooth and nail to ensure that Singaporeans’ interests are not sacrificed over party’s interests. (Please read this paragraph slowly one more time).

For example, if the government wishes to push back even further the CPF withdrawal age to 70 from the current 65, apart from speaking out and wayang a little bit here and there, what else can their pap general or scholar MPs do? The honest answer is nothing. The bottom line is that every single one of them will still vote Yes for it.

And again, if the government wants to amend the Constitution to enable their selected kwai kwai president serves until she passes on, all their pap general and scholar MPs will again kwai kwai vote Yes.

Ask yourself again, what else can they do besides abstention? Their big certificates and job titles cannot save Singaporeans from this arrogant government pushing it way through and shafting their policies down Singaporeans’ throats. Never forget that!

If the pap doesn’t have a 2/3 majority but is still the government, our citizens will be able to breathe easier. That is why it is of paramount importance to vote strongly for more oppositions to be in Parliament. Please help them to help ourselves.

Kindly share my post widely and help to educate as many as possible heartlander Singaporeans understand the importance of denying them a 2/3 majority in Parliament. Think.


Simon Lim




19 Responses to “Singaporeans should strongly support opposition parties”

  • Make PAP a minority gov:

    Look at NZ, a minority gov is doing extremely well.

    Make PAP a minority gov. People will get all the goodies super fast.

    Want HDB upgrading? Yes, Sir.
    Want HDB lift? Yes, Sir.
    Want 8% CPF? Yes, Sir.
    Want $1000 a month free pension? Yes, Sir.

    70% should wake up. Get what you deserve with your vote. Get $23,225 instead of $600. Check your bank accounts? Did you get $23,225?

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  • Alternative Party:


    I am sick and tired of Sinkies always calling themselves “opposition”.
    It sounds like fighting against issues and a trouble maker.

    Just bloody call yourself an “ALTERNATIVE” Party will great ideas. It sounds more friendly. You can then still oppose and suggest alternative ideas in parliament.

    I hope this GE, the parliament will be formed with multi alternative parties and left PAP to become the minority party. I hope it is not wishful thinking.

    History is the making on 10 July 2020.
    Vote for Alternative Party.

    VTO PAP!!!!!!

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  • My CPF savings is your money?:

    Those who partake of USURY will not stand on the Day of Resurrection except as one driven by Satan to insanity. That is because they say: “Trading is just like usury,” but indeed God permits commerce while God forbids usury. So whosoever receives this admonition from his Lord and stops partaking in usury shall not be punished for what is past, and his past is deferred to God but whoever returns to Usury, will be dwellers of the Hellfire – they will abide therein….
    and they trade in usury though they are forbidden from it and they devour the people’s substance wrongfully. And We have prepared for these ingrates a painful torment.

    (Quran 2:275, 4:161)

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  • Lockdown:

    There will be a LOCKDOWN after the ERECTIONS

    There will be a LOCKDOWN after the ERECTIONS

    There will be a LOCKDOWN after the ERECTIONS

    There will be a LOCKDOWN after the ERECTIONS

    There will be a LOCKDOWN after the ERECTIONS

    There will be a LOCKDOWN after the ERECTIONS

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  • $99 999 999 vs $999 pay?:

    It takes 99 999 999 herbs to create a potion for a
    $999 lowager to defeat a $99 999 999 dowager.
    Its like little david and the Goliath.

    But dafts are deaf, dumb and blind.
    Dont they know Its the End of World?
    It ended when no one cares about the fate of
    his StudyHighNoJob children, grandhildren and
    great-great grandchildren….

    Wei shen bu hui kai bian?
    Wei shen me?

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  • No need so many parties:

    It’s of no use to have so many parties to form an Informal Alliance called CharParty. No prata flipflop
    tactics can win the race to make a Significant Political Climate Change.

    One Strong Alternative Party like the one helmed by the most respected veteran TCB – TheCircuitBreaker can stop the atrocious Lightning from killing the Helpess People on the ground, once and for all…

    Got It?

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  • Deprived Ejaculation:

    The GE voting choice is simple to make :

    1. PAP is assured the ruling party even before voting starts. So there is no chance of regime change. ITS SAFE to vote for opposition.

    2. Only idiots and retards want more gst and more tax wasting RUBBER STAMPS people of questionable intentions.

    3. Only idiots do not want o be served better by their servants.

    4. Only idiots want dictatorship for the sake of political stability.

    5. Most importantly, given world highest salary for their positions may have misled them that they are worth something.

    6. Only idiots want to live in the dark and unable to audit the govt. How any idiots exist in singalore? This determines the erection results.

    Ejaculate your angst or be deprived of ejaculation?

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    We have been in SLUMBERLAND too long, time to wake-up and to do the right thing for our FUTURE GENERATION if we love SINGAPORE!

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  • mountain_tortise:

    Yes Opposition is the wrong word use by current party to make alternative party looks bad, as if everything other voice out is against or oppose to,

    Don’t forget each time they get more than 70% votes, they think they have the mandate of the people, question if all wards were contested ?

    Human behaviour is such, they think more for themselves and currently but forgets their off springs and future,

    Many ask what have WP done over past 10 years ? what do you expect them to do when there is only 6 out of 89 ? Many will complain here and there, but don’t even have the courage to stand up and speak out, we should appreciate those who dare speak out, yes sometimes these people may give wrong information or rather they’re of different opinion but are label as liar trying mislead others, that’s the job of govt to correct them not penalized them, unless proven such people deliberately mislead

    we have a govt more interested in fixing alternate parties, than fixing the countries problem,

    Many are so contend during covid 19, govt give us $, did the $1K to $2k really helps those really in need, whom lost their job bcos of CB, losting your job is long term effect till u find your next job

    Could CB have been avoided ? looks back to Jan if i recall correctly, some petition not to let certain groups of people coming to Sin, yes i understand the conflict and economy damage, well didn’t we have St John island to be used for quarantine, why these people whom allow comes back, wasn’t quarantine on off shore from island but allow to self quarantine at home, so end day how many community cases we have till date, mostly are dormitory workers as reported, was CB necessary ? do we still think current crops of leaders are good enough or just wayang or just press panic button ? didn’t past leaders say we cannot built a welfare state ? i could go on and on, but i think most people are just too lazy to think or lack foresight but believe our govt will always be able tackle every single problem, its your choice vote wisely

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  • Tremendous:

    Candidates and elected chiefs knew all along they have to pander to the group whip. So if they continue joining or bring in the same group, it tells villagers that no one in the group is really having the villagers’ interests at heart from the start. Giving the villagers a tough time and turning their backs at their cries for the first four and a half years then try to sayang them in the last half a year. Villagers are better off with oppo villagers. Any oppo villager by now.

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  • John lee:

    I concor. Pap hv fail in promising singaporean swiss standard of living, failed to return our cpf on age 55, failed the promise of maintaining hdb value….

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  • Dun Bluff Mi U Tink I 2pid?:

    The Pappies are governed by their Party Whip (discipline master) when voting for policies.

    They can debate until the cows come home (wayang in parLeement) but when it comes to voting the discipline master will make them toe the line. No such things as “We are our own checks” like what Woody said. How do you even check your ownself???

    So you will need oppos to question everything that the pappies want to implement.
    6.9m / 10m population
    Water tax hike
    Climate change $100b

    All these directly affects your pockets. You will be paying for it.

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  • trublu:


    Are these good sgs no better than daft like CC$,DISgraceFU,milk-maid Jo,ng chee meng,KIM yong-gan,ong ye kung,VB???


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  • trublu:


    Cheers to LHY for being part of us,common singaporeans.
    Pls vote for REAL MPs,enuf of FAKE ONE$$$!!!

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  • Too many zonks in sg:

    I know of a Singaporean who regretted and said :
    1. I voted pap cos I fear Singapore boat is rocked may sink like Titanic.
    Now I regret as things are not right also.

    There is no rocking of boat.
    Only improving the boat and ensuring the captain steers in the interest of the people and not of himself.

    It’s tough to educate people.

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  • Crooked PAP:

    SDP’s Chee Soon Juan calls out MP Murali Pillai over delays in Bukit Batok

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  • Vote leader in:

    Vote all the leaders in…should be able to contribute more than newbie.
    Should stand in SMC.
    Make more sense for Singapore .
    Test therm in Parliament…should raise the level of debate .
    Policy likely to be better when scrutinize vigorously and argued by different groups…

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Crooked PAP:
    SDP’s Chee Soon Juan calls out MP Murali Pillai over delays in Bukit Batok

    People, especially Bukit Batok residents, should know that Murali was a reluctant candidate. He was put in Bukit Batok by-election to prove voters were racist. Murali was a guinea pig.

    PAP was hoping for Murali to lose. If Murali lost, there was no need to change the constitution to reserve the Presidency for a Malay. All PAP needed to say was the President to be from a minority race, for reason that Singaporeans were racist.

    Unfortunately for PAP, Murali won and PAP needed to change the constitution to prevent Dr TCB from the Presidency Election.

    PAP also troubled with the event, making 4=5, an Indian is a Malay.

    That was the reason that Murali behaves that way, careless!

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  • Opposition need to work harder:

    Opposition need to work much harder…
    Not so easy to get extra $16K a month OK ?
    Please work harder for the people vote…

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