You want to live in fear for how long?

GE2020 is here on 10 July 2020 in the midst of pandemic. For the 70%, I know you are afraid that the PAP could be voted out. You are held at ransom. Cannot be helped, fear!

BBC reported UN’s 2018 population estimate; more than 40% of Singapore population were immigrants. These are holders of Singapore’s NRIC and all are of voting age, they vote the PAP out of gratitude. They love the mess created by this government. It is not their problem and they benefited from such a situation. They could pack up and return to where they came with ease or emigrate to another country as Singaporeans. You know they make a lot of money from our subsidized housing. I knew of an ex-foreigner Singaporean sold his house (bought with dirty money) and withdrawn his CPF, took a total of $1.2M and returned to where he came from, now he is one rich ex-Singaporean.

Out of the _60% true blue NS-liable Singaporeans, not all is eligible to vote. Also there is 5% of PAP’s cronies and elites and brainwashed, 5% needs PAP’s constant supply of oxygen. Bukit Batok by-election proved my point. So, as long as you call yourselves a SINGAPOREAN, vote against the PAP! Only Singaporeans can save Singapore, not ex-foreigners.

We may be out voted by new citizens, at least we could give a clear signal that PAP’s policies suck! Let’s take back our jobs, university grants, hospital care, etc given to foreigners.

PAP is not worry to be voted out, it even planned to increase GST and other tariffs after the GE. SO WHY YOU NEED TO WORRY! PAP is asking “So, what can you do?” Don’t be afraid to get back your country, for yourselves and for your children. Vote against the PAP. When it gets less than 55% of the votes, you would see more PAP’s Ministers and MPs attending Parliament sessions! Only then these Ministers and MPs would speak for you in Parliament and not sleeping! This GE is the last chance you have to take back Singapore because more foreigners will become Singaporeans.

FTs would take away your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with the help of the PAP government. Singaporeans need to attend all kind of training and re-training, whereas FTs with questionable and fake qualifications are doing what you were doing. Your children may be working under such FTs. You were told that your children don’t need a degree to work under such FTs. You want to kneel and bow to foreigners in your own country? Your children CANNOT!!

Remember to ask yourselves these; Why the constitution was so desperately changed for an Indian to masquerade as a Malay President? Why one exonerated himself of “allegation of abuse of power” in Parliament and not in court? Why his brother’s family have to leave Singapore? Why his brother supports the Opposition? Why one needs POFMA? Was there something fishily wrong!?

Let our parliament be Parliament, not Par-LEE-ment!! Let Temasek be a Singapore’s wealth investment company not a Casino of one gambler. Let Singapore remains the country for your children and not be forced out by foreigners and you have to travel miles to visit them!

Paraphrasing what Brad Bowyer had said; we know there is a problem with accountability in the Government, and the government is not doing anything about it. Who’re we going to blame? Can we blame LKY for not waking up from his grave? We only have ourselves to blame for knowing something was wrong and we allowed it to continue!!

I belong in the Pioneer Generation, I don’t have much election to go, but I sure want to see a change in the government, for my children and grandchildren. I don’t want to see the last generation of Singaporeans. Don’t you have had enough of this PAP government? Dr. M asked that too!

From a 22-years old HK protester; “We believe this is the last stand for our future and freedom, we’d rather die in the fight than slowly suffocate to death after we lose the fight”. HKongers fought for their cause, facing tear gas, pepper sprays, rubber bullets, jail, and police brutality.

Singaporeans only need to vote wisely, if we’re unable to do it, we will become minority in our own country. So what’s your fear? We were NS trained, aren’t we?!! For your love of your children and country, vote against the PAP! WE CAN ONLY DEPEND ON SINGAPOREANS TO TAKE BACK THIS COUNTRY! Don’t be “idiot” and “disgraceful”, as someone has called us!

Remember not to spoil your votes. Don’t leave blank votes, someone will vote for you during counting! We need to put in more Oppositions in Parliament. No FEAR, vote against the PAP, “for our future and freedom”!


Not My Problem




19 Responses to “You want to live in fear for how long?”

  • Top Money for Top Talents:

    Dear Singaporeans,
    You must not fear opposition who pressure you to vote for them.

    Instead, you must question them back,
    1. Will our woman folks become maid in other countries.
    2. What is wrong with collecting more money

    Just look at ROC Taiwan, the stupid Taiwanese vote in Democratic Progressive Party and now their women folks become porn star.

    Facts 1:
    拍A片暴紅 獨家訪問母親:她開心我就開心 (ROC Taiwan mother’s happy for daughter to star in adult movie)

    Under Democratic Progressive Party 蔡英文rule,
    Facts 2:
    1. you can kill someone and get away scot free. 杀人无罪。哈哈哈
    2. LGBT can openly poke ass/rub puss* in public.
    (you can do your intimate private bed room affair in public)

    Do you want our lovely Singapore to descend into lawless, chaos like disUnited States, Hong Conk and ROC Taiwan 呆湾?

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$
    Singaporeans must be Cheaper, Better, Faster.
    Workers must accept wage sacrifices to keep businesses going.

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  • Top Money for Top Talents:

    Dear Not My Problem,
    You quote : From a 22-years old HK protester; “We believe this is the last stand for our future and freedom, we’d rather die in the fight
    Dear Singaporeans,
    Do not trust what the stupid Hong Kees said.

    After smelly unsanitary CCP passed the National Security laws, all so called freedom fighters went into hiding...

    Hahahahaha… Hong Kees would rather die in the fight ?….
    Hahahahaha… All gone into hiding after security law is passed.

    I had facts. Even Democracy leader Martin Lee 360 degree turn around and support the security law.
    李柱銘好驚國安法 嚇到立即支持23條

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$
    Singaporeans must be Cheaper, Better, Faster.
    Workers must accept wage sacrifices to keep businesses going.

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    Singaporeans are possessed by this demon called FEAR. I hope this message will get through.

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  • silent protest on july 10th:

    @Not My Problem
    thank you for your most passionate words to encourage sgs to fight for our country.
    we were once a proud country.
    now true sgs are saying they cant even sing the national anthem or recite the pledge with a true heart.
    my vote has been with the alternative parties for few GEs already.
    for us MG or PGs we can see our sg sliding eversince LHL took over.
    so lets use our one previous vote wisely on July 10th.
    God Bless everyone with the wisdom to do so..

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  • Tremendous:

    I repeat. The village has only six years of lifespan if those chiefs are still returned to power. Villagers who complain that oppo villagers are no good need to think harder. They don’t have to go through the rumble and tumble against the oppressive machinery. They had a choice like all other villagers but they chose to stick their necks out. Villagers should not behave like idiots in the polls.
    Einstein said that there are two things which he thinks could be infinite – the universe and human stupidity, but he is more sure about human stupidity as infinite than the universe.

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  • A lost cause:

    Sinkies are generally self-centred, not in my backyard NIMBY mentality. Ownself for ownself.

    Pappies are greedy and self serving. Ownself check ownself. You mati your problem.

    These two make great bedfellows for 50 years and still counting……

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  • You lost $$$$:

    How much are we paying the GST?
    [assuming 90% spent]

    All the money for happy retirement or children studies paid to taxes and GST. Hikes and Hikes.

    While CECA, FTs, FWs are taking away good paying jobs from Singaporeans.

    Time to Say NO and Vote for Change.

    TakeHome$……..Last 5 Yr……….. Next 5 Yr………….. Total
    ………………………[email protected]%………….. @9% GST


    It can be said that your greatest mistake had made you lost $32, 760 dollars [assuming take home is $8000] for picking the wrong Party.

    It can be said that your next greatest mistake will make you lost another $42,120 dollars if you repeat the same mistake again.

    With your wrong pick, everything you have to pay yourself including all the compulsory shields and shields, fake subsidies, sky high HDB pricing etc. like the landlord renting the space to PAPi and had to pay to PAPi instead of PAPi paying the landlord for taking the space.

    Pick a Caring Party so that you can retire happily and your Children future is guaranteed brighter. Considering the dollars paid to the GST for nothing in return [not even considering the income tax etc], you can never be wrong to vote for change, logically speaking isn’t it?.

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    Not my problem, very well said!! I support you and make it my problem!!

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  • One pioneer to another:

    We will become like red Indians in the USA,I can never know why we give so much scholarships to foreign kids,
    Millions$,stupid and foolishness on part govt,
    Imagine 2 kids next each other,one well fed clothes and with tablet and books supplied,another kid fr lower income ,no pocket money no tablet
    Not well fed or clothed ,guess which kid better taken care of,
    Imagine a father who takes in kids outside family whilst own kids not well cared for

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  • Yoda:

    Don’t be silly. Nobody trusts the Opposition to form the Govt. Don’t repeat the mistake of the last election! Don’t field opposition candidates in all the wards, this will scare voters AWAY FROM THE OPPOSITION. Field only 50% of the wards – and put enough opposition into Parliament to break the PAP’s 2/3 majority!

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  • Ahlim:

    My vote goes to all the missing.i think

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported onlinecitizenAsia website :Quote – “Online comments emerge that PAP new candidate Ivan Lim allegedly a “How Lian” character
    Correspondent by Correspondent 26 June 2020

    The People’s Action Party (PAP) introduced a few more new candidates today (26 Jun) to contest the upcoming General Election on 10 July next month. Altogether, PAP has unveiled 27 new faces for the upcoming polls.

    One of the new PAP candidates slated to contest in Jurong GRC is Ivan Lim Shaw Chuan, 42. He is the General Manager at Keppel Offshore & Marine (KOM).

    KOM was the unit in Keppel involved in a major international corruption scandal back in Dec 2017. It was found to be giving bribes of more than US$50 million over 13 years to Brazilian officials in exchange for business deals.

    During an earlier introduction, it was revealed that Lim was awarded a scholarship by Keppel to study at Singapore Polytechnic, after which he continued to pursue his degree in marine engineering, graduating with first class honours at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Rising through the ranks, Lim is now general manager at KOM. DPM and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat praised Lim saying that he has had a very unusual journey in his education.

    Lim told the media that he wants to champion the needs of the vulnerable. “I’m concerned about elderly residents and children who require social assistance, especially those with special needs.”

    “I chose to serve with PAP because the PAP values and attributes are close to my heart. In particular, being compassionate, and also being self-reliant on the ground,” he added.

    Negative stories of Ivan Lim emerge online

    Not long after his introduction, netizens began to come forward spewing negative stories of Lim’s past.

    A Facebook user shared that Lim was allegedly the commanding officer of his battalion and would speak “using a condescending voice” to tell others not to step into the air-conditioned tentage that he was using.

    “His action and speech were simply that of an elitist,” the person wrote. This was reported in Asiaone.

    The person added, “So now he is going into politics to represent the ordinary folks in Parliament. With his character and personality – will he?”

    Others commented that Lim’s alleged “bad character” can be found all over on Facebook with negative remarks supposedly coming from his poly classmates, colleagues at Keppel as well as people serving with him during NS and reservist days. Some said he was a “shame” to PAP:

    Still, more people called him, “selfish”, “arrogant” and “how lian” (Hokkien term for “show off”) with little empathy:

    The online comments appear to be contradicting the down-to-earth public persona presented at his public introduction.

    Response :How Lian Ivan Lim come from the corrupted Keppel & Offshore Marine Unit, didn’t he? Pui! Pui! Pui!

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  • Dual Cititzens:

    Those foreigners who took on SG citizenship and later returned to live in their country of origin or emigrate to another country may not have given up their SG citizenship and passports, and continue to enjoy all the benefits and privileges of citizenship.

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  • Polling agents are Key:

    I think the next and final level of Draconianism in Singapore is Abolishing Democracy from the Constitution.

    But I am not saying this will be done.

    I wonder how many new citizens are there in total since 15 years ago to today? 1million? Anyone has the figure? 40% citizens today are new citizens? I have no statistics.

    How many of them come from communist party led China?

    My point is :
    1. FEAR is not going to be effective going forward. The tipping point was reached I think since the last GE post LKY.

    2. Now there is Profma and shagamugam .
    But despite these, there is clear evidence fear is being overcome by the peasants who have started to wake up. After the GE, many more will step forward because of an exponential effect. One step forward, 3 new ones see the path and follow .

    3. Unless the Constitution abolish elections, FEAR will be castrated soon.

    The prostate of fear must be removed.

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  • no love lost:

    the Khaw and the Goh retired off..must be laughing all tge way to the banks.
    made mil$ or perhaps a cool bil$ in salaries plus plus all their 40years plus in parliament , for just being yesmen to the useless emperor and not much else.
    so folks vote as many of these jlbs out as possible.
    no love lost …

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  • Best man win:

    May the best man win for each constituency.
    Each should be judge on their own merits and capability…not party.
    Need the best team to guide Singapore …turbulent time ahead.

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  • Crooked PAP:

    SDP’s Chee Soon Juan calls out MP Murali Pillai over delays in Bukit Batok

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Dual Cititzens:
    Those foreigners who took on SG citizenship and later returned to live in their country of origin or emigrate to another country may not have given up their SG citizenship and passports, and continue to enjoy all the benefits and privileges of citizenship.

    Usually, SG’s new citizens who emigrated gave up their passport so as to be able to withdraw their CPF completely.

    FYI, there are more than 1 million Singapore new-citizens from Malaysia origin, mainly ethnic Chinese and some Indians. They have the better of both world.

    Mostly brought HDB flats in Jurong, Woodland areas. They rented out their flat and travel daily back to Johor. Cost of living in Johor is cheaper.

    Image S$1= 3 ringgit. How much can you buy with S$1 in Singapore and how much can you buy with 3 ringgit is Johor!!!

    Dr M said Singaporeans are rich, but can only shop at the road side stores!

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  • Nick:

    Say NO to threats and intimidation. Vote wisely.

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