Managing the foreign workforce

The ministry of manpower has to manage the local and foreign workforce to meet the goals of ensuring that locals have jobs and that the business has access to the foreign workforce to meet their needs (where the locals are not available).

They tried different methods in the past years and have not found a good solution.

They tried the “Fair employment Framework” which requires the employer to look for locals first, before asking for approval from MOM to employ foreign workers. They created two portals for the employers to look for locals.

Both portals do not appear to provide the solution.

I like to suggest a new approach to achieve these two goals.

a) MOM should provide in its portal, the types of job, the required qualifications and the minimum salary.

b) Interested local and foreign workers can submit their interest in this portal. They have to provide evidence that they have the suitable qualifications. MOM should be satisfied that the qualifications are genuine. The workers can pay the employment agents to make the submission.

c) The employer can view the available workers in the portal and invite them for an interview and hire the suitable workers.

d) The employer has to pay a levy to recruit a foreign worker. This system can continue. It should be extended to cover employment pass holders as well.

e) The govt can provide a wage subsidy to the employer to employ a local worker. It can be 20% to 30% of the wages for one year. This will cover the employer CPF contribution.

The above measures will give the employers a financial incentive to employ local workers.

There is still the risk that the foreign worker may be willing to accept a lower salary than specified or allow the employer to recoup the levy from the wages. This risk can be managed separately, if it is serious. However, this risk is not likely to be serious, as the employers have the financial incentive to employ locals.

The new approach also reduces the incidence of false declaration on qualification and experience, as the checking will be done by MOM or its appointed agency.

I hope that the above approach will make an impact and give better job opportunities for locals, and still allow access to a foreign workforce to supplement the local supply.


Tan Kin Lian




10 Responses to “Managing the foreign workforce”

  • Harder Truths:

    You have never worked in a real office I see.

    The last few years in my current job there were two bosses – one from HK and the other from India. Immediately they set out to bring as many of their countrymen as possible to $G. Now half the office is full of South Asians (apparently each village has a university) and the other half from HK mostly refugees from China crackdown). There are only one or two $G left. These FT bosses have since moved on to other companies where they will do the same thing.

    People still do not believe the FT have already won in taking over the private sector. Try to get a job without being interviewed and assessed by an FT and you will see what I mean.

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  • Trust only myself:

    If MOM even consider this proposal by TKL, then it means that whatever rules they set in the past had failed……..are they ready to admit it?

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  • Bird brain xia suay minister:

    Where is Jo Teo? Missing?

    Resign or retire like cow?

    If not, then about 2 weeks time to kick this incompetent woman out.

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  • $5000 per day ICU:

    MSM going to town with Bangla recovery from Covid after 2 months.
    If ICU cost $5000 per day, and G not footing bill, most people will die of heart attack on seeing the bill.
    That is the sad fact.
    Covid should not be used to publishise so-called quality care; millions are being spent.
    This is not our usual medical system at work.
    Would our Bangla friend have recovered if he knew on day one he had to foot the bill; the anxiety alone would have killed him.

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  • Reduce FW and FT:

    Reduce FW/FT by at least end of the year.
    Employer will then have to employ local workers…give wage subsidy support for local worker during the transition as local pay need to be higher.
    Enough jobs will be created for local unemployed or underemployed now.
    Any Government want to be elected need to make a firm commitment to the people…to reduce FW/FT.

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  • Dun Bluff Mi U Tink I 2pid?:

    Tan Gold Chain, not sure if you are aware of the current situation now. If not, I suggest that you too get down from your ivory tower and see what is happening on the ground and then comment.

    Why do we need “foreign talents”? Our local university grads cannot make it despite having the best universities in the world/Asia? You mean the universities/tertiary institutions that these “foreign talents” come from are better than the NUS NTU SMU SUTD?

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  • opposition dude:

    Ha ha ha all PAP has done is a nice wayang from the time the FCF was announced. Have you noticed that you don’t read much about the FCF in the newspapers on how successful it’s supposed to be in helping locals find jobs? And come on, just advertising for a mere 2 WEEKS before an employer can start looking for a foreigner?

    And the vast numbers of Grab drivers out there tell you everything you need to know too. Why are all these people not working in the industries they were formerly from?

    And when a daft cotton comes from sheep guy tells you SUPPOSEDLY that 80% of jobs created went to Singaporeans but is terrified to reveal the number of Singaporeans in each sector and tries to reverse the question onto why the opposition is trying to divide people then what does that tell you too?

    Screw the PAP good on 10 July lah, they have never bothered to reduce the foreigners on the island at all. From 5.11 million in 2011 to 5.81 million last year you can see how many hundreds of thousands of people have been let in. And please do not forget their 6.9 million figure by 2030 hor!

    Vote wisely and show PAP just what exactly you think of their wayang about helping Singaporeans and making life better fo us all!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    As long as we abolish CECA and disallow ex-foreigner or foreigner HR managers we should be Ok. Everything will fall into place.

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  • Sleeman_1:

    As long as we abolish CECA and disallow ex-foreigner or foreigner HR managers we should be Ok. Everything will fall into place.

    This implies that the majority races are incapable of managing the country, and lazy to the point that even the untouchable Dalit can run the country, money and jobs stolen, and law changed to allow more criminals into the country etc.

    No wonder the once-peaceful state is in chaos. Do something, else your kids will never forgive you.

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  • reset:

    Time to reset.
    Return Power to the people.
    Create more decent jobs for our unemployed and underemployed Singaporean.
    Reduce the FW/FT numbers …too much reliance on them at the expense of Singaporean.
    Crazy for our senior PMETs to be only good to be grab drivers and security Officers…waste of experienced human resources.Our best university in the world graduate can’t even compete with FT from unknown university for decent jobs here.
    Maybe we should sack all our University Staff and replaced them with FT from university where our FT come from…then our local graduates will be well trained with super skills to find decent jobs anywhere…

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