Online Hate Spoils Singapore’s GE2020

Dr James Gomez

While online campaigning can reach different audience segments, hate speech makes Singapore’s democracy space online unhealthy. It exposes political parties and its electoral candidates to online harassment.

This election highlights the issue and the need to promote a healthy online space.

Hate speech can be defined as any communication that attacks or uses pejorative ordiscriminatory language against an individual or a group based on their identity factor.

In GE 2020, it is political hate speech against opposition parties and politicians,rather than fake news, that has become a key online feature. The shift toonline campaigning over social media in an election run during the COVID-19 pandemic has made this highly visible.

Mainstream media pages on social platforms attract the most hate against oppositionparties and politicians. These platforms perpetuate hate speech by allowing suchcomments to stay on. In turn, these online hate comments have an unacknowledgedand undiscussed impact on the mainstream media.

Political party pages and personal and public profile of election candidate pages also attract hate. Often, they attack the party chief, key party figures or its policy ideas in a disparaging manner.

Often accounts spewing hate are accounts offer little or no information about the realidentity behind these profiles but they are the ones who upload the most posts. There also individual persons who use their real profiles who repeatedly target known opposition politicians.

Hate posts are often left in the comments section or sent to an individual or party’sinbox. These messages are crafted for reputation damage and aimed at attackingthe electability of the candidates or to create discord within the political parties. Messaging themes are often recycled from the past mainstream media reports.

Hate speech against those who hold different political views has been built up overmany decades via PAP propaganda and the media framing of its critics. This has been internalized by many of its supporters and contributes to the rabid tone of the online environment.

Using the online space for political expression has advantages, but its wellness has been damaged.

We need to address this.


Dr James Gomez

Candidate for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC
Singapore Democratic party




10 Responses to “Online Hate Spoils Singapore’s GE2020”

  • Crooked PAP:

    PAP will pay a heavy price in Bukit Batok as they continue to bash Dr Chee.

    PAP is so afraid Murali may lose. The more PAP bash Dr Chee, the more votes he will get and win Bukit Batok.

    Expect PAP to fire their biggest guns on the last day of campaign. PAP will go out to frighten Singaporeans the country will collapse in PAP dont win 2/3 Majority.

    PAP will also tarnish Dr Chee, Lim Tean and Dr Tan image with character assignation tactics.

    Singaporeans go head to vote for more Opposition. This is your last chance.

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  • trublu:

    Character assassination is DEBASED.

    Coming from political LEADERS,it is even more shameful.

    Fight like REAL MEN,not like hooligans.

    Lets have more Gentlemenly debates,we are all educated people,not some bandits?

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  • Asd:

    I think how not to have hate speech when it’s obviously not fair to the opposition in many ways such as air time on tv etc etc if you are ethical you know who you should support isn’t it

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  • Harder Truths:

    99% of these are paid trolls from you-know-who.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Since we are on this trail, how about the following initiatives by leeders that you will hear about only after the election

    Electronic tagging – better than China
    Social Credit Score – better than China
    Population – more people here than per sq. m. than Indian slum
    ‘Work from home’ to become ‘work from Chennai/Beijing’
    Next virus (there WILL be one) will be deadlier and quicker. Same policy – see who dies and then act.
    ERP extended to your kitchen
    CPF deferred until 80
    No more GE – just like Presidential Elections – the party keeps going and going and going….

    Who will try?

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  • Hong Kong Hero First Run Road:

    Dear Singaporeans,
    Please do not trust people who ask you to vote for opposition.

    When TRE ask for donation to keep the sites going, all the Oppie Singaporeans ran away. Little money comes in.

    Oppie Singaporeans are like Hong Kong pro democracy leaders, all BIG mouth talk BIG only.
    When it is time to show action, Oppie Singaporeans, like Hong Kees, all ran away with their tails in between them. Hilarious …. hahahahahahahaha

    Please look at your Hong Kong Hero Vietnamese Joshua Wong and gang all FIRST TO RUN ROAD after the National Security law is effected on 01 July 2020. Wahahahahahahahahaha

    I had facts.
    1. 原姿晴:精人走頭 傻仔送頭
    (Canto English translation: The smart run away with donated money, the stupid do jail time)
    2. 港獨頭目不顧支持者被抓落跑出國 (translation: Leaders first to flee with donated money, Dumped supporters do jail time)

    Even our own gay boy Roy also run road to Taiwan to enjoy PAP.(Poke Ass party)

    Now, where is Oxygen and all Ang Mo Tua Kee who had been singing high praise of Vietnamese Joshua Wong and gang ?

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$
    Singaporeans must be Cheaper, Better, Faster.
    Workers must accept wage sacrifices to keep businesses going.

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  • Debate on ideas:

    Hope this election is more of good ideas to address the problem Singapore will need to face in the years ahead…
    Less on personal attacks…

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  • PAP is afraid of Dr Chee:

    PAP is so afraid of Dr Chee of SDP it resorts to personal attacks. Dr Chee must be really good. Bukit Batok voters should put him in Parliament and send home PAP MP Murali Pillai. He needs to send more time with his family after his son wound up in jail.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    When one hates himself for what he TRULY is…is there a better space to VENT your Frustration…

    However, there is a Difference between One who Hates himself and the One who is CRITICAL of hateful personalities…Father and Son hateful Racism…

    “Singapore is NOT ready for a Non-Chinese PM” when we had an Iraqi Jew name David Saul Marshall who was Chief Minister the Forerunner to Prime Minister…essence is the same leh!!!

    That is Downright HATEFUL coming from the Racist Father & Son

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  • George:

    Tin Pei Ling and Tan Chuan Jin are part of a political party that must be stopped in GE 2020, Singaporeans must vote them out !

    VOTE PAP OUT ! !


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