Candidate Lee Hsien Loong’s False Accusation about Opposition Parties

Candidate Lee Hsien Loong had said in his speech that: “At this moment of danger and alarm, the opposition parties are talking as if we can just keep to our old ways and the crisis did not exist. They showed no recognition that we’re facing the crisis of a generation. They’ve been completely silent on how to tackle Covid-19 both during the last six months and in this election campaign.”

The SDP has been actively critiquing the work of the ministerial panel in leading the response to the COVID crisis since March. These posts are available on our website and Facebook.

Moving forward, our campaign strategy is specifically targeted at the post-COVID world with a focus on jobs, retrenchment insurance, support for seniors and ultimately ensuring that people are taken care of in a time of economic insecurity. This was launched on April 28, 2020. Our chairman, Professor Paul Tambyah who is an international expert in infectious diseases has outlined the scientific approach to COVID and the post-COVID world in a publication co-authored with some of the leading authorities globally. This is available at

It would be good to know if the Ministerial Committee has thought about these matters as no such information is available online and the PAP’s approach to jobs seems to be recycled versions of previous failed attempts to raise productivity or improve the lot of Singaporean PMETs.


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12 Responses to “Candidate Lee Hsien Loong’s False Accusation about Opposition Parties”

  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    A Looney Candidate with his usual Looney TUNE for Looney and Silly Listeners…

    “Thinking” Listeners should Tune in to the Broadcast & Tunes in YouTube and FaceBook of PSP-WP-SDP-RP and their respective personal FB…

    Watch & Listen and KNOW the “Truth” and NOT the Looney Tunes meant for Lunatics

    Pick your CHOICE…

    the “TRUTH” which is reachable and attainable…

    or the Moon where Luntics reside??? even a Rainbow where you will find a Pot of SHIT…

    a CONvincing “Hard Truth” of ILLUSIONS!!!

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  • scam by PAP:

    PAP must be planning to fire all their guns on the eve of Polling Day. PAP will put FEAR in Singaporeans. Dont be fooled. Vote for the Opposition confidently. Opposition needs 2 more GRCs in Parliament. Dr Chee and Dr Paul need to also win to question all the crazy policies PAP is passing in Parliament, Dont forget, no PAP MP will be our voice in Parliament becos they are merely rubber stamps for their Minister masters.

    Let’s deny PAP of another 2 GRCs. Vote for Opposition !

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  • oxygen:

    HOW DO PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics “talk” seriously about our lives, our jobs and our future – except in their usual false motherhood preachings – in this election WHEN they are dishonest of 10 million population agenda of yet another “float balloon” and still POFMAed those who seriously dare brought it up for electoral debate?


    Without explicit confronting its failed Population Recycling Economics, how can PAPpypolitics convince peasants that it is serious of undertaking massive “structural transformation” of the economy said/confessed by PAPpys to have been hit by a “wrecking ball.”

    Is that why PAPpypolitics craftily avoided offering specific details of how it will restructure the economy (at what costs and where the money going to come from and the unemployment incineration that will entail, what risks that the restructuring will fail with catastrophic consequences etc etc ??) and which sector specifically of its planned action???

    Remember PAPpypolitics exclusively has all the knowledge/information of what reserves have been wastefully spent on dorm pandemic spread lock down and what is still left in the kitty to fight on. The onus is on PAPpypolitics as incumbent party to present its case and the nation including opposition politics to aggressively debate its model.

    If opposition were to undertake the lead in post-Covid recovery plan in the blind of this financial information, PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics might as well throw in the towel and confessed it can’t manage the crisis and the forward recovery hopes and plan.

    In relatively stable time in the last 2 decades – except for the GFC – PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomic ran the economy to the ground until it (was confessed to have) maxed out and no attempt was made in restructuring the sick economy.

    NOW IN CRISIS, HOW ARHH and still want to lead?

    Voters should sack you mob for incompetent economic mismanagement and poor leadership!!

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  • trublu:

    I just invite voters to ponder sincerely.
    If you are a parent who loves n cares for your *family*,would you insist that they go collect water at the river knowing that there is a *crocodile* looming around?

    Would you,could you?

    The PM N GAHMEN say aloud they care for us,everything they di,they CONSIDER FOR ALL sgs especially the weaker among us.
    Is that so?
    Then why insist on holding GE during the height of COVID?
    Just to take advantage by instilling fear?


    WE CARE FOR you?


    Vote for caring MPs.

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    They’re doing gutter politics because the competition is very strong.

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  • Halimah Indian turn Malay ???:

    “At this moment of danger and alarm” but Loony sees fit to hold an election.
    If it’s so critical, why put everyone at risk ???
    Hypocritical to the highest degree, any reason why Loony and his Cronies should not be kicked out.
    These PAPIGS are trying to hold on to their power and self entitlement sky high salaries at all cost.
    Teach them a lesson they’ll remember for good, kick them out.

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  • oxygen:

    PAPpypolitics ALSO IMPLORE for big mandate to handle the impact of Covid-19.


    They already had overwhelming mandate in the last 6 months and VOTERS SAW HOW EASILY THE PANDEMIC CRISIS MANAGE THEM (instead of the other way around).

    We could have done a lot better IF MOM HAD BEEN SHUT DOWN OR PUBLICLY SHOUT OUT of this crisis handling from political actors/actress with a disruptive political calculus (at least the election should not be held now in the thick of public health risks and in displaced DISTRACTION of and leaving little political space for robust debate on crushing national economic agenda of our lives, jobs and future).

    It really should have been left to non-political healthcare experts INSTEAD OF THOSE COMICAL FIASCO of not so SUFFICIENT INADEQUATE mask supply revelations but not POFMAed.

    PAPpypolitic’s manifesto of “our lives, our jobs and our future” is vacant rhetoric – not even shout out loud to inspire peasants conversation by its own GRC-loving inductees.

    How do opposition “debates” with this mob who is as loud as mute and deaf as earthworms sheltered in GRC bunkers – most seemingly unprepared of enlightened public conversation of its own manifesto or the 10 million population wheel that fell off the moving (election) cart.

    Even flubbing East Coast Heng stumbled badly at opening address on Nomination – PAPpys themselves seem unprepared for this very rushed election and this negativity is compounded by REPEATED one-sided forceful negative intrusion from POFMA as well.

    Hyflux knew of at least the 8 million population agenda even before April 2010 when it won the contract for desalination plant yet PAPpypolitic denied the existence of the 6.9 million population target now. Heng said this controversy is a “distraction”. And yes, it is PAPpypolitics fabricated distraction of the peasant’s and opposition voice/attention of what the 6.9m, or 8m or 10m population means of restructuring the economy ahead.

    What debate now – a few hours left before mandatory cooling off period before polling date?


    What big mandate PAPpypolitics is now begging from voters? And for what political calculus of advantage it is seeking of that “big” mandate??


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  • Lim helen:

    NAdia in ang mo kio had not visit my block but done by pap members only. So was the previous mp ang hin kee for the past years.

    The block sent through R&R and we were not given a choice to vote for the colour but done by RC instead.

    Less than 9 months… paint is seen falling off the walls and ceiling.

    We would vote for them

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  • Harder Truths:

    Well – too bad but not surprised at all. Goons are back in power.
    With the majority they wanted.

    Let the ballsless suffer – they voted for it. Do not deny them their right to their just reward.

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  • Just $0,33 aday:

    It’s pathetic Singaporeans sold their soul forv33 cents a day. But for a group of state funded self decorated warless hero to con the hands who feed them are not only pathetic but scum extremi. A legacy of this kind is so treaure is stupid beyondcredemption. onecwho nurtured such a legacy is e historically cursed to have pisui generation, in n 0 out just like responsibility comes with no accountability n self grab n law. .


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  • Next GE:

    Then is chan chun sing hoping death within the party so he can be next in line for the next five years. Would Heng or Lee definitely not Ha will creat the crisis for him. When these questions were posed, many think that chun chan must be dreaming with the gorilla stench warps his peabrain. As to the next questions mant do not think that two named do not have even the fart worth of LKY to garnish such spell. By that time even a natural disaster which is the next best thing chun chan can hope but most likely he woukd see the daylight of it. Nervetheless this should depend on whether Heng operates withaccountsbility come clean with what Sinkies want to know? Is 9100 millions true? Would he come clean with how he spends the 60 billions? Would he honour what pap denial of ‘10 millions pop filling up with aliens unregulated trash such as from us, hk junks. As the Buddhists will say. It is not becos of no karma, it is not time? So time is given for more evil to heap up, So heng better watch out for the shits indianee , josephine, chan spill out to drown him!

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  • Re just $0.33 a day:

    Just for 33 cts, Singaporeans betray their own future generation to the downrright greeds n consters. No, not pathetic but condemned to lesser than pigs n dogs. The 100 millions (Fake but why dare not tell the true amt), not 10 millions when there r proofs n ST records. Rip the records can be ordered the ST bootlicking journalists but cannot get those downloads. Singaporeans chose suicid

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