No end to COVID-19 in migrant worker dormitories

It has been 3 months since #COVID19 exploded in Singapore’s migrant worker dormitories. Yet, there still doesn’t seem to be a proper plan in place to manage it. Meanwhile, the workers are exposed to infection and re-infection.

If the government brings workers in, it has a responsibility to ensure appropriate care for them, not least because of the spillover effects into the community at large. These workers are not meant to be hired and discarded at will – because they are still human, like us.

In spite of this mismanagement, the PAP still has the audacity to hold an election. Does their shame has no end?


Roy Ngerng





14 Responses to “No end to COVID-19 in migrant worker dormitories”

  • Curse of the LEVY slaves....:

    Pappy should’ve married a doctor instead.

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  • Protect Atas People:

    It’s super amazing that in sg the no. of covid cases can go up and down as and when the rotten PAPayas want it to without having to answer to anyone de hor?

    Weeks prior to GE, total cases per day were often regularly at 4XX to 5XX, some times even 6XX cases. Then early / mid Jun onwards, before announcement about GE on 23Jun, covid cases suddenly dropped to 1XX – 2XX.

    After GE, as expected, slowly but surely, the cases are now starting to climb already.

    Do the rotten PAPayas really think that every singaporeans are stupid? They really think that singaporeans can’t see through their wayang? Can’t believe that they still can bluff people to think that they did well in handling the covid pandemic and still expect to win big in GE2020.

    They even got the cheek to talk about 2nd wave when we’ve not even managed to stop the 1st wave at all.

    And it’s quite obvious they’re now again looking and waiting to point fingers at us for the spike in the covid cases, blaming people for crowding the beaches on weekends and for being complacent. KNN! Until now they still haven’t even settle the dorm cases, yet nothing has been said about themselves.

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  • we didnt vote for this gov:

    this cunning gov has had 50plus years of practice.
    they politicise everything to their advantage, even a virus affecting hundreds every day.
    yet 61% dafts are still so blind.
    another 5years of suffering for the 40%..

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  • Why so long ?:

    What it take so long to solve the infection problem at Foreign Dormitories ?
    Testing still not completed ?
    Why still so many cases ?

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  • Shirley:

    I only see PAPaya keep tightening their grip on locals over covid 19. They should have focus on tightening laws on migrants as they were the ones mainly have Covid 19.Even community case were mostly work permit or work pass holders. We should permanently reduce number of migrants and freeze on the issuing of new citizenship and reduce number of work pass and work permit holders.

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  • Billy ma:

    One word to summarise the situation – mess

    One word to mark the handling of the crisis – incompetent

    One people who’ve & will suffer even more – Singaporeans

    One party who’ll walk away scotfree – PAP

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  • #06-1995 Lei Sor Guai:

    Spread and re spread.

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  • opposition dude:

    PAP is just letting it spread in the dorms, that is too obvious to ignore. As long as no one mati can liao is their thinking. These Banglas won’t be here forever anyway so once their work permits come up for renewal it will be the easiest way to get rid of them.

    After all to the PAP these people are dirt cheap to be replaced so if a certain number balek another bunch will be brought in to replace them, it’s as simple as that.

    Keep hammering home the fact that a small island has over 46k cases. No amount of propaganda can cover THAT up!

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  • Realistically:

    @ Roy Ngerng

    At least this comment of yours is valid.

    In my view, These SCUMS have no shame, honour nor integrity so long as they can continue to pay themselves the highest undeserved pay and other bonuses and advantages to reap more money.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    When I think about the stupidity of voters during this GE2020, Bukit Panjang
    voters come to my mind. I think the most stupid of all voters are the 53.73% voters in Bukit Panjang.

    They have an international renowned infection doctor who they could vote into parliament to help in the control of Convid-19 during this pandemic period and they screwed it.

    Now we still stuck with a taskforce which only acting of hindsight still looking for magic solution and hoping to rewind the clock.

    We are now seeing company closing one after another and there seems like still no magic solution.

    We still experiencing inconveniences negotiating mazes of barricades at shopping malls to be fever screened, when the infection is asymptomatic, the taskforce called it symptom-less. What’s the temperature scanning checking? I have to ask!!! So many reported infected people visited shopping malls, how many were detected by the temperature scanning?

    [email protected] the 53% Bukit Panjang voters!!

    Josephine Teo already washed her hand and waiting to throw the ball to the next minister. Infection in dormitories still continues and increasing!!

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  • More Imported Cases:

    We knew that these foreigners already got Covid 19 from their country of origin, why do we still allow them to return to Singapore to work ?

    Is the PAP seriously want Singapore to be Covid 19 free or to get more Covid 19 people into the country ?

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  • xoxo:

    Just to share some light moments.

    NOW,i know why he was not for wearing mask.
    He really looks like a TERRORIST with that mask!

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  • LeeHLoong made history!:

    DHS whom HumkaChan was plotting to punish by his definition of accountability to dissociate him n his accomplists from responsibility to Singaporeans [whom he repeatedly threatened to displace n replace from their jobs n tertiary education with his NO Problem to import any number of foreigners to fill the 10 millions threat] to filial accountability just about the time when Late Mr n Mrs Lee, his TP GRC caravan driver, came with their warning against their gorilla they have uncannily thrust upon their DNS after they have got rid of the orphaned grands with a wrong white which he n his maternalage adored for generation (dynasty by direct line not his designated hs dual seat warmers plan of nepotic sucession since he cannot get another peanut to fill the second Seat warmer. A Havard is better than a barefooted urchin, he visioned. Humkachan thought he would use anoth death crisis to finalize his ploy.

    But DNS chose the history he desperately wanted to make before he appears tall before his nethered old man hopinh to be spared the beslt in his hand. Covid has climbed n has saved pap which humkachan shrewedly revealed to strengthen his ground for criminized his new found,eld definitIon and as a tribute in repayment for his free rides n his millions! What a better way to abort the dynasty he has been collaborating

    But humkachan has been teated in Parl n revealed his foxtail n now has to await another crisis to materialize his new dict capability of sealing le Li fate b4 humkachaned by the indomixed pstlbs around him with Shamless admitting their oaths as farting since he has revealedvhis agenda of politics n religions no mix as he bulled in parl like his indian chiefs allowing bulls in the street n hide them from being trumped!

    So lhl has made history with the dormitory black hole of SIN as the foreign media reported n soon the gorilla den will have to gorillarized all the Shamless species, not forgetting the statutorily insult to the clan Sham has shamlessly slammed for standing up in Parl his cause n his mp duty for His constituent n his fellowmen,

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  • Worry:

    Need to open the economy with confident fast…
    Need to do much more testing quickly like China.
    The damage to the economy and livelihood will be terrible …job support is only temporary.Many jobs will be lost. Much hardships ahead…

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