Hypocrisy At Its Max!

Singaporeans have been bluffed by the brilliant marketing of their slave masters. Lovely and great messages on MSM and social media by the slave masters seem to be doing wonders for sheep. Remember the lovely and understanding message after ten seats were won by oppositions during GE 2020, ” Election results a clear mandate for PAP but also reflects desire for more diversity of voices in Parliament”?  (LINK)

Many people are starting to believe the masters are starting to attend to the needs of the public, to reform and be more open. But the first day of debate, you see the camouflage is starting to fade when you hear, “Opposition voters are free riders”. Self exiled political analyst Bridge Welsh said again and again that the masters will pretend to listen but do the same. Of course, now they have four years in their hands, they got ample time to play with you till the next GE is near and you will start to hear nice and warm messages to bluff you again.

The debate on FT, nothing concrete came out of it, they will not calibrate the inflow but still to their plan, just slowing down whatsoever. Opposition voters are now called free rides, what about those MPs who were in GRCs or new MPs allocated to big GRCs? What should these MPs be called?

Singaporeans need to understand the cry wolf fable, it has been told in schools and also appeared few times here. The wolf can bluff you three times, how many times you need to be bluff? They will never change, AHTC court case will continue, FTs will still land in SG every day, every opportunity to insult or name calling will happen because they have four years on their hands. And during this mean time, please bear with the pain, 61% voted for it.


Mdm Siow




16 Responses to “Hypocrisy At Its Max!”

  • Partial truth?:

    But human being cant live without lies ! If u criticise your friends weaknesses, will he she not lose temper ? If you sar kar your boss even if you dont get good promotion or good increments , your boss also dont give you too much trouble.

    Your relative is a screw up good for nothing bum ? Will u f him or accept it as boh bian? Actually you should be grateful to him. Imagine your career n salary not taking off , marriage also problem but because he’s worst than u the limelight is on him especially during CNY. Less pressure on u.

    When Andrew tio stroke , there were some not so friendly but not unreasonable remarks. Someone here said muz censored.

    Cancer people obviously losing the battle, you also tell him you must will it and fight to the very end. Why not ? If you are tired and cannot take it, just run to god asap?

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Not only a Hypocrite but an EVIL ONE…26th August Deadline is OVER and the hours are counting for the appearance of the TRUE MASTER of Evil, the Owl @ ISTANA!!!

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  • Im not a free rider in EC DRC:

    If PAP won less than 47 seats in GE2020, and the Opposition is not ready to form a coalition government, so be it.
    Who has created such a situation?
    Is this a scenario in your scenario planning? What have you done?
    If the beholden generals, senior civil servants and Indian-MalayEP are going to attempt a coup, so be it.

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  • Dear Mr Lee:

    Not everyone who votes Opposition wants PAP to be the government.
    Do not overestimate PAP or yourself.
    No one is indispensable.
    No offence, and with all due respect, LKY has passed away, life goes on, for the better or worse.

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  • I wonder ...:

    Is having NCMP morally right? PAP intention is to have opposing voice? I think it is to tell the voters there is no need to have Opposition MPs to voice opposing views, so please do not vote for the Opposition.
    Your PAP MPs sometimes also offer alternative views and in the end, they still vote Yes in the Parliament.
    They may cry like Lim Boon Heng, Lim Swee Say, Josephine Teo, but it one of a kind (DNA). I have seen them on TV bashing Opposition MPs in Parliament, but not the PAP Ministers. It is not that I love to see bashing like in Taiwan Legislative Yuan.
    Is it morally right to having PAP cronies in RC/CCC, ok you may call them your appointees, or PAP controlled PA nominees, even in Opposition Constituencies?
    Is this really for Singapore unity? or is it used as PAP machinery to …?

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  • My dear LHL:

    I am not a free rider.
    You are many times smarter than I am, I hope you can do something about it, not just to grow the GDP, help the rich get richer.

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  • Dont trust PAP:

    You have told your members PAP must win to be in power.
    For whose good?
    Or just to perpetuate PAP power and enrich yourself and cronies?
    Many of PAP policies speak volume of this.
    Threats, PA, Town Councils, GRCs, NMP, NCMP.
    The late corrupt Teh Cheang Wan blatantly threatened Singaporeans that the Civil Defence, Fire Brigade then, will rescue residents trapped in lifts in PAP constituency first over residents in Opposition wards.
    The Town Council establishment is not to give power to the MPs over their constituency, it is more like to burden and stretch the thin resources of the Opposition. Luckily, the Opposition Wards without the insider info of Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, and PAP MPs networking, manage to get by over time.
    Next comes GRCs.

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  • Billy ma:

    As expected. Lhl is a zebra leopard.
    A crossed breed.
    Very crossed after a strong mandate yet full of anger because not 100% Singaporeans voted for him.

    Even saddam hussein who manipulated the votes did not dare make it 100% in favour of him. He was smart enough to declare 99%.

    But it seem that lhl expects 100% of the votes to go to him.
    Greed & insanity sometimes goes hand in hand.

    He got inheritance from lky but it was not enough. If he can’t get everything then none of his siblings can get it as well. And if he is not entirely happy with it then the next thing is to destroy.
    If he can’t have it, must make sure others don’t lay hands on it.

    Good thing now we have 12 oppositions in parliament which may enable the voice to be a little louder.

    Believe you me, expect the PAP MPS to be even more quiet.

    Because these free drivers know the real & true sentiment in the community.
    Just that their own wellbeing is more important.
    For PAP MPS, their moto is ‘it’s better to live without pride & dignity than without $$$’.

    So since PAP MPS are not allowed to speak for the people, they do the next best thing ie shut their mouth.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    GRC is supposed to ensure minority races to be voted in parliament, but now only useless Chinese candidates enter parliament by GRCs. Can we call these MPs free riders?

    What about an Indian masquerading as a Malay to be selected as a Malay President? This free rider is now earning million $$$ doing nothing!!

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  • xoxo:

    Yep,mdm Siow.
    But it is spelt as hypocri$y?
    At least when applied to the Pompou$ Arrogant Party,eh?

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  • Typical Sheeple:

    The typical papig voter is the real free rider.
    Because nobody wants to live in a NKorea type state with one-party rule, every thinking voter wants Opposition.
    But this papig voter also wants his HDB lift to be upgraded; so he votes pap for his own self interest.
    Thus majority of sinkies have become very selfish.
    So all, finally will jump into the sink-hole together.

    Dear Mr Lee:
    Not everyone who votes Opposition wants PAP to be the government.
    Do not overestimate PAP or yourself.
    No one is indispensable.
    No offence, and with all due respect, LKY has passed away, life goes on, for the better or worse.

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  • 100,000 Jobs for Sporeans:

    Yes bear with it. For graduates who have been unable to land a job, stick to Grab delivery and driving PHV. Four more years of “tong” to ensure you have food on the table. Grab only employ Singaporeans so your “jobs” are protected.
    They’ll bring in even more foreigners over the next 4 years, mostly working from home, so more people will be ordering food, and more Grab delivery jobs can be supported. See how well this Garmen take care of you ? Our Grab delivery guys are all highly educated one.

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  • Boh Chee = Human Nature:

    Its human to lie.

    Most of the time we cant even be honest with ourselves.

    People lie also because of social reasons and the receiving end cannot stomach it.

    Example, my father knee pain issue. From 60 or above , i advise him several times to consider surgery. Rejected , sometime i kena screw by him. He always said No need i apply China ointment or paster. After 65 plus he retired, i advise him again, kena screw again several time. My mother also agree with me but also failed to convince him. He said i eat tonic to recover. Year after year he would said recovering soon. Today 80+, go see doctor for routine check up suddenly mention about surgery. Now doctor rejected as my father too old.

    My father delayed in surgery was like 35 to 40 plus years ago , his older brother my uncle did it before but wasnt successful. Probably disappointed n depressed , jumped off and reported to god. Because of the incident, probably psychological fear.

    When my father 65 , i justified with my father that uncle’s failure is like 20 years ago. Many advancement since then, so it should be reasonable okay and at 65 he still fit to physiotherapy or exercise to recover. In the end only kena screw.

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  • Eden & the wolverine bluff:

    “Only crime and the criminal – it is true – confront us with the perplexity of radical evil; but it is the hypocrite who is really rotten to the core. The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced Communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction (i.e., the reality of experience) and the distinction between true and false (i.e., the standards of reasoning) no longer exist.”

    Hannah Arendt, “The Origins of Totalitarianism”

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  • Sebeiho:

    Opposition voters are called free riders. Undeserving MPs and Ministers are only taking free rides, not free riders. Nothing wrong with taking free rides, right?
    This will be the type of spin from PAP and especially lhl. Damn it!

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  • SureDie:

    The powerful and the rich will dictate the scrotum of narrative. By the law of Sin and death, the master and slave relationship shall be established.

    Even lawyers have to bow or be arrested

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