We Need Real Action, Not Crying!

These so called 4G PAP Ministers are a pathetic lot who cry in Parliament every so often when they are confronted with the ugly truth of their incompetence!

Can’t handle Covid-19, Cry for frontline workers.

Can’t protect Singaporean jobs, Cry.

If only Politics was about crying, the best school at teaching how to cry would be the mandatory first stop for all aspiring Leaders.

Singaporeans must be served by men and women who are resolute in Putting People First and protecting their interest.

No amount of tears can wash away the shame of having Singapore being described as one of the greatest failures in the World as far as Covid is concerned, or the anxiety of Singaporeans who are seeing their jobs being taken away by foreigners, or the anger of the Many who see through all the empty words being spilled in Parliament about protecting Singaporean jobs when there is no sincerity in changing the existing labour policies which have led to nearly 400,000 Foreign PMETs working in our country!

These weak men and women of the PAP will bring Singapore to utter ruin in the next decade.

We need Strong Men and Women who have faced down the adversities of life to pull Singapore through the greatest crisis of modern times. Not cry babies who have been pampered by high salaries and live in ivory towers.

We Must Regain Our Dignity, Our Country, Our Future!


Lim Tean





18 Responses to “We Need Real Action, Not Crying!”

  • WTF:

    Ya, there are too many Ah Quah in the PAP. Time to get rid of them and put tough and brave people to lead the country. We mean business.

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  • Harder Truths:

    She needs a pacifier.

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  • I got it:

    Monkeys see monkeys do.
    If crying can secure and keep one’s job, maybe for JT, then PAP should set up a post graduate course (a new free money fund will be created called CryNowFunds).

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  • 61% cotton sheep:

    1, lee kuan yew cried, when he masqueraded the separation from Tun.

    2, the lim boon heng cried, when he sensed pap was shaky.

    3, so much so the 4th gen all trying to cry one better than the other.

    all the wayang for the sake of conning sheep to produce cotton for the pap ownself pay ownself S$m system.

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  • PAP are wimps:

    Only wimps cry.

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  • Great Asia:

    As early as Feb I already told you that PAP fat cats were telling lies about the COVID-19 crisis. Because I knew from the beginning that PAP fat cats had the intention to tell lies to keep the economy going , so that they can hold the GE2020.

    I asked this question since Feb: Will PAP tell you the travelling patterns of people infected by COVID-19?

    In the early months, they refused to disclose the travelling pattern of infected people to avoid shutting down the economy. They didn’t test the foreign workers who were sick for COVID-19. Instead, sick workers were given MCs and sent back to their dormitories.

    They are liars!

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Ahpoh:

    People cry when they do wrong.

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  • bgkl:

    It’s been a long time coming. Without substantial Opp., these yaya-papaya parliamentarians do not seem ‘blooded’ for debates. Continue to hoot them ah!

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  • Flickshit:

    IF crying can solved problems, then we don’t need to pay them million dollars salary while our old folks dies from hunger or die without seeing a doctor due to no money or our children going to school with an empty stomach…

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  • xoxo:

    Hers are not the TEARS OF COMPASSION,those are tears of indignance,frustration,DISSONANCE?


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  • opposition dude:

    Well the term crocodile tears rings true each and every single time. No point crying when nothing has been done but words spoken and forgotten just to SOUND like something is done.

    We are told 22k pass holders have lost their jobs since covid started. We do not know how many, if any, of these 22k might have been converted to PRs. While there is no doubt that some aliens have left the island there is also no doubt that these jobs they were doing are gone as well.

    Do note that these aliens didn’t leave because PAP made the effort to reduce their numbers oh hell no. These people left because their jobs were gone and they had no choice but to balek.

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  • 鸟龙的人:


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  • Action please:

    We need action to solve the Citizen problem.
    Please keep the promise that every Citizen matters and no Singaporean will be left in the lurch in this crisis of a lifetime.
    Make sure no citizen walks alone …and get help when needed.
    Action is more important than words….

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on ST :Quote -”India sees a record jump in Covid-19 cases as it continues to ease restrictions

    A worker sanitises the premises of a shopping mall in Chennai on Sept 1, 2020.PHOTO: AFP
    Nirmala GanapathyIndia Bureau Chief
    NEW DELHI – India recorded a new high of 83,883 coronavirus cases over 24 hours on Wednesday (Sept 2), just as the government started preparing to open metro services as part of its effort to ease lockdown restrictions.

    The new caseload represents the highest single-day increase since the coronavirus was first detected in the country in January.

    India is the world’s second most populous country, with 1.35 billion people, and the third most affected by Covid-19, with 3.85 million cases.

    Health experts noted a worrying upward trend even though testing had also increased.

    Testing increased from 10 a day on Jan 30 to an average of 1.1 million, the Health Ministry said, adding that 1.17 million were tested on Wednesday.

    “It (the numbers) mean two things. One is that the virus is indeed spreading to more places and affecting more people,” said Professor K. Srinath Reddy, president of the Public Health Foundation of India and a member of the Indian Council of Medical Research’s Covid-19 task force….

    “It also means increased testing is detecting people with the virus. The combination of the two factors has led to the increase in numbers.”

    He noted that the large increase was coming from cities other than the metro cities, with the exception of Delhi, smaller towns and villages.

    “Delhi is like a yo-yo. It showed some initial benefits between June to July. But in August it slipped up and the authorities are beginning to scramble again,” said Dr Reddy.

    The capital Delhi had seen a decline in cases over the past month, leading the government to say the city had turned a corner.

    But cases shot up to 2,000 over the weekend after daily increases of around 1,000 for 50 days.

    Delhi recorded 2,509 news cases on Wednesday but the city government has ruled out a second wave.

    “We could have called it a second wave if there were no positive cases for one or two months and then cases would have started coming again. The virus is still there in Delhi,” Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain told reporters.

    Related Story
    Indian states and private sector launch new job portals for millions left jobless by Covid-19
    Related Story
    Indian economy runs into big trouble amid coronavirus disruption…”Unquote .

    Response : Better kick out all the Indians from coming to Singapore .Their corona virus will kill us one day ! Pui ! Don’t forget to send Josephine Teo Li Min to India too .

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  • Cry is OK:

    Cry is OK lah…please cry for the Singaporean who are suffering.
    Do something for them,especially those earning below $1500 pm…and the elderly poor.
    Very hard for them to survive,especially under this crisis time.

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  • Billy ma:

    Cry cry cry

    Salary not enough is it?
    Too much work is it?
    Not enough praise is it?

    This us the symptom of every PAP minister especially lhl.
    That’s why we see them behaving badly & even pretending to shed some crocodile tears.

    Even that cow boon kwa cry because he got so little applause & praise that when fellow crony Charles c says a few nice words.

    PAP ministers & Mps don’t deserve any applause since they paid themselves so well.
    They had already got rewarded 10x over.

    Lhl may expect a status built for him, roads named after him, maybe he us eyeing terminal 5.

    So sad to see these greedy disgusting people who pretend to care for the country & people but in reality only wanted power & money.

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  • AristoCATs - Cry for ?:

    Alternative view –
    for failure to differentiate between Efforts vs Results !
    Outbreak at Dorms!
    Bonus evaporates – won’t cry?

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  • Action please:

    Time to take action against companies who are unfair to local.They have no intention to consider local employee.
    Should stop them from employing any more FTs.
    Also do not renew their existing FTs when expired.
    Some private clinics here has so much FTs from the same nationality and may even be related.Worst doing jobs that can easily done by locals.
    MOM should look into such companies….not fair to local.

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