The presence of free riders in our midst

Although Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has been saying that the People’s Action Party won a clear mandate for GE2020, it is clear that he has been stung and shaken at the loss of 10 seats to the Workers’ Party.

In calling the WP and opposition voters “free riders” in Parliament yesterday, PM Lee showed his true colours.

Not many of us are familiar with the term “free riders.” PM Lee mentioned that economists use it – in that context, free riders are people who benefit from something without expending effort or paying for it.

PM Lee was referring to those who voted for the opposition while wanting the benefit of having the PAP as the ruling party.

The WP’s Pritam Singh took exception to the labelling of opposition voters as “free riders,” saying: “I don’t think the residents in Aljunied, in Hougang for 30 years now, and even Sengkang, as a result of the last election, will appreciate being called free riders. They are not free riders.”

Are the 39% of Singaporeans who voted for the opposition free riders?

How does PM Lee know the motivations of people who voted for the opposition? He gave the example of one middle-aged female voter but one swallow does not make a summer.

Now that PM Lee has alerted us to the term “free riders,” we start to look around us and realise that there are indeed free riders in the flesh.

Free riders are politicians whose performance fall far short of sky high expectations and their astronomical salaries.

Free riders are politicians who enter Parliament by the backdoor, through the GRC system, hanging onto the coattails of Ministers.

Free riders are losing election candidates who get appointed as grassroots advisers, at the expense of winning candidates who have to conduct their meet-the-people sessions out in the open at HDB void decks.

Free riders are the sons and daughters of the famous and the powerful, who are granted an easy passage in life.

Free riders are new citizens who enjoy all the perks and privileges of natural-born citizens without the sacrifices, without having to go through National Service.

These are some examples of free riders in our midst – opposition voters do not belong to the same league.


Augustine Low




31 Responses to “The presence of free riders in our midst”

  • Well said!:

    Well said!!

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  • LHL talking cock:

    Parliament: PM Lee, Pritam Singh cross swords over ‘free rider’ election tactics

    “Their exchange followed a speech by PM Lee in which he detailed why it is crucial for Singapore to get its politics right.”


    LHL should explain why policies like GCT’s “exempting foreigners from CPF” followed by his (LHL’s) policy to “open the doors wide for foreigners” that resulted in thousands of Singaporeans PMET to lose (and continue to lose) their job to foreigners should be considered as “right politics”.

    LHL should also explain why he kept secret the policy to “open the doors wide” to foreigners. It was only made public by Woody Goh during the campaigning for GE2011.

    Singaporeans needs EXPLANATIONS from PAP not more bullshit and self-serving “spin”.

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  • 鸟龙的人:


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    i can see a lot of promise from the new WP MPs.
    they are young, intelligent and alert.
    i like their rebuttals in response to the PAPs bullying tactics and name calling.
    we should all support them..and help them win another 5 seats next GE!

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  • Poon:

    Spot on . . . LHL has opened a can of worms — on himself and all his cronies in the PAP, so many free riders!

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  • WhatHypocrisy:

    He is the strongman. This model of government is the same in every nation. It is a very highly unstable model of government with an anointed or elected leader or head who borders on madness to a genius of a nutty professor.

    You want to “check and balance” his “goods”(RESERVE)?

    Yoy CANT, without “BINDING” the strong man.

    Mar 3:27 KJV No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.

    It is the same everywhere. From Trump to Xi, LKY set the example of Asia strong man as the model or your point of prostration.

    Is the PAP government, founded by LKY, unrighteous?


    It is righteous hence the strong man is right to allude to the fact that many voted them into power, again and again, because they did…right. Are the oppositions free riders? Yes because they ride on the popularity of a ” righteous government”.

    And that’s where the problem lies.

    They are “righteous”( in the best interests of all according to the…strongman)

    If you anoint another strong man, let say Mr Singh, to replace Mr Lee, then you will have to be servants of the righteousness of Mr Singh.

    This model is worldwide and anyone with secondary intelligence will tell you will end up with a very toxic world, which is evidently true every time you turn the pages of the news.

    But not the elites, someone even like Jamus. They continue to support the model or idol and unload weighty intellectual garbage on simpletons(blind faith) who praise them of their “righteousness” while denigrating the “righteousness” of the more popular government or Head.

    Mat 5:20 KJV For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

    All who support this model of government, or kingdom, possess or will deliver the “righteousness” of the scribes(lawyers) and the pharisees(religious).

    It is a subjective authority and subjective wisdom hence you cant overcome the strong man in the House.

    The only way out of this world wide problem is the….kingdom according to prophecy.

    But alas, it has been hijacked by falsehood.

    The strong man, you failed to BIND, you shall live and die by his….wisdom(serpent)

    More than 50 years in power, and still going strong, despite all the hair raising concerns of the people raised partly by oppositions.

    And on the global front, the tiny city state strongman has to succumb, and wag his tail, to the….dragon, for the root of all evil by which he pays himself the highest political wages, the wages of Sin and you attempting to eat of the fruits of his….goods(reserve)

    What hypocrisy!

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  • Great Asia:

    PAP has an army of free riders to feed, and they are using taxpayers’ monies to do so.

    Foreign trash who have come to take our jobs are not free riders? They need to pick up arms to protect Singapore? We served NS to protect these free riders from foreign countries.

    How about the few hundred millions we paid each year for foreign students to have free education in Singapore? After graduation, they are given jobs as well. They are not free riders?

    Ha ha ha!

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  • KT:

    Well said, Augustine ! They are sour grapes. When the surprise win of SK GRC by the WP is hard for them to swallow or caused them sleepless nights. They never remembered the evil ways they put many GE obstacles that are unfair tactics on the oppositions, otherwise, they wouldn’t have won 83 seats. Can we call these 83 seats free-riders ?

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  • Aiyo:

    How does PM Lee know the motivations of people who voted for the opposition? He gave the example of one middle-aged female voter but one swallow does not make a summer.
    Remember some heavy PAP Minister said a person can afford to buy a HDB flat with a $1000 per month paycheck?
    At what cost, and trade off?

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  • Realist:

    Lee Hsien Loong rode on the back of his father. In the army he got 7 promotions in 6 years. The biggest free rider. All those govt scholarships awarded to cronies’ children. What’s that called?

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  • By calling Singaporeans ...:

    … free riders, is this constructive politics?
    At best, it is sour grape, sore loser?

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  • Dear PM:

    Did any voter tell you she/he does not want to free rider riding free on the RC/CCC run by PAP/PA cronies?
    I am sure the answer is Yes.
    Don’t pofma me, claiming it is no, no evidence, you did not hear or read …
    I hereby tell you unsolicited, I do not want to be a free rider on such RC/CCC.

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  • Free riders? Bunch in white!:

    The PM has just opened up a can of worms! I was often reminded that if I have nothing better to say, say nothing at all! Really, who are the free-riders? The ones who got into Parliament and become over-paid ministers through the backdoor riding on the coat-tail of Senior Ministers in GRCs. The paper generals who didn’t fight a single war but rewarded with over-paid positions in govt-linked companies upon retirement or seconded there.Those who shamelessly pave the way for equally shameless relatives to be in lucrative jobs. And the “mother of all free-riders” must be the one who rakes in millions every year and proclaim such payments to be a state secret while wasting tax-payers money twitting nonsense incessantly! So who are the free-riders? I say the bunch in white! LHL should understand that when you live in a glass house, you should never throw stones!

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  • Flickshit:

    There are too many Free rider in PAP camp, lost count. even some ministers are free riders themselves. They just walk into parliament at the back-door and get million dollars salary. So are these free riders felh shameful, disgraceful or thick-skinned..

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  • Asd:

    I think free rider are people working in the army with salary yet free food free parking free socks free body powder free towel free track shoes free free free free riders

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  • Another PAP MP talking cock:

    Straits Times: Baey Yam Keng gives props to K-pop group BTS in speech to struggling businesses

    “The MP for Tampines took cues from the South Korean idols’ successful virtual concert held in June to urge more local businesses to be more innovative during the economic downturn and rely less on government handouts.”

    The PAP got addicted local business “addicted” to “cheap” (no CPF) foreign workers and now call on them to be more innovative during an innovative downturn.

    The above is like a drug pusher getting a person addicted to illegal drugs and when he no longer has money to pay for drugs tells him to get “cleaned up”(kick the drug habit).

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  • PAP has failed Singaporeans:

    Straits Times: A spirited debate on minimum wage, but where are the details?

    The details can only come from PAP because it has all the info (some are kept confidential by the Singapore Department of Statistics) needed to come up with a minimum wage for Singapore.

    Coming up with minimum wage should not be difficult. Just refer to the studies that are done when the CPF Minimum Sum is reviewed for regular adjustment. This certainly has to be based on the cost of living in Singapore.

    The reason why PAP is dead set again a minimum wage is obvious. A minimum wage would should the MASSIVE UNDEREMPLOYMENT in Singapore. Over the last few years prices have gone up substantially making Singapore one of the most expensive place to live but wages have been stagnant depressed by the massive influx of “cheap” (no CPF) foreigners.

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  • fixing of pap:

    one day, in about 4 years from now, pap shall be defeated in the polls and shall be the minority party in New Parliament.

    every fixing trick by pap in parleement today shall be used on the pap liars in New Parliament.

    what do we say?

    heaven has eyes. fixing of OPPO is not just for pap to do only. fixing of pap is also in the works, akan dating in 2024.

    BTW every time we glance at the Lj face our blood boil. that fake arrogant Lj face that only lee kuan yew can reproduce.

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  • harry:

    Free riders are spouses occupying high position in govt-link organisations
    with exorbitant benefits(at the expense of the people) and does little work.

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  • What about free rider Ivan Lim:

    Singaporeans are still waiting for PAP to “come back” to the Ivan Lim saga. It is timely because LHL raised the issue of “free rider” in Parliament. “Free riding” is certainly what Ivan Lim was trying to do with the support of PAP. But the latter got “cold feet” when Ivan Lim was called out for bad behavior and threw him under the PAP bus of free riders.

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  • Thus saith Darth Vader ....:

    “Thou sheeples shall not free-ride in my Father’s kingdom!”

    What the *#/>! We gonna look for Master Yoda we wanna freedom!

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  • WP Voter:

    Is the PM referring to the pre-election monies given to each citizen? If it is, then opposition voters are not free-riders. Papa simply threw monies away to win election.

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  • LHL is full of crap:

    LHL speech in Parliament is full of the usual PAP bullshit. It emphasizes the future and mentions token assistance from the Government.

    Rich people like Cabinet ministers and top civil servants have the luxury of talking about the “future” because they have the wealth (and position) to go through the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. Most Singaporeans do not have this option. They must focus on the “present” where they live.

    Many Singaporeans need a job NOW to eat and to look after their families. And the solution is not difficult but LHL (and PAP) does not have the balls to adopt it. Training is useless because in a downturn employers do not need more staff. In fact, they most likely need to downside to reduce cost.

    The solution to Singaporeans’ main problem is simple. Give the job of a foreigner in Singapore to a Singaporean by cancelling the work visa of the foreigner to force him/her to go home.

    LHL said he is worried about sending the wrong signal that foreigners are not welcome. What a stupid thing to say? What “signal” did he sent out when he opened the door wide for foreigners with exemption from CPF? He screwed Singaporeans big-time and he knew it. That is why he kept it secret until it was exposed by Woody Goh during the campaigning for GE2011.

    Other developed countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, EU, etc. give the citizens priority for jobs. Why is it the OPPOSITE in Singapore? Why are Singaporeans treated by PAP as 2nd class citizens in their own country? “Cheap talk” and even crying by PAP will not change this FACT.

    Cancelling the work visa of foreigners to force them to go home so Singaporeans can take over their job will signal that the government is CORRECTING a mistake. but this is also difficult for PAP because of its HUBRIS. PAP (and LKY) have never admitted they made mistake.


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  • Billy ma:

    If my father is the prime minister of the country, I’ll be a PM also.

    If this makes me a free rider then lhl is the biggest of the big free rider on record.

    So who is lhl ho ching Halimah unknown new PAP MPS to point finger at anybody else.

    We free riders took only a few $$ here & there, how much each PAP minister & MP get?

    Ho ching took so much that it can not be disclosed.

    Now who are the true free riders???

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  • childish and bullush paps:

    shameful comments coming from pm pinky and his goons.
    after free riding on sg citizens for decades ..
    paying themselves & theirs mil$ salaries whilst native sgs cant even touch our cpf.
    every thing under the sg sky that they can think of is taxed and double taxed ..
    price increases coming soon..then theyll start tweaking the cpf rules again just to make us sgs suffer.
    you wanna bet? it happened after each GE.
    if we sgs could vote u pap out all the better but 61% are still beholden to the Establishment….but heaven has one day ….
    dont anyhow call opp voters free riders.
    then PAPs are free loaders.

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  • Iswaran also talking cock:

    Straits Times: Parliament: Govt agrees in principle to live-stream Parliament sittings, will study details

    “Parliament is a forum for serious debate on national issues. The debate in Parliament should be vigorous, but the tone should be sober,” Mr Iswaran said.

    “An element of cut-and-thrust is unavoidable, even necessary, because Members want to show Singaporeans that their concerns are expressed, and questions asked and answered in Parliament.

    “However, it is equally important that Members come to grips with the issues and their complexities and not simply play to the gallery. Live broadcasts risk compromising this.”

    He added: “Our aim, as always, will be to achieve transparency, accountability and accessibility while preserving the integrity and dignity of parliamentary proceedings.”


    What is there a need to study anything on this issue? Singaporeans should see their MPs as they are.

    PAP knows one it “opens the door” to livestreaming Parliament sitting it cannot close it later without serious damage to PAP.

    PAP MPs in Parliament “need to come to grips with the issues and their complexities”. Good luck. These “useful idiot” have always been told what to do and say or not say.

    WP MPs have the “advantage” because they can ask tough questions and demand answers.

    Any heated discussion will likely come from PAP MPs refusal to answer questions from WP MPs.

    Iswaran must be really stupid (or thinks Singaporeans are or both) to mention “transparency” and “accountability”. PAP has NEVER been transparent (or open). This is also the reason there is not real accountability.

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  • Maliki also talking cock:

    Straits times: Parliament: In tackling inequality, S’pore has to reach consensus on social compact it wants, says Maliki

    “There needs to be societal consensus on what is a basic and reasonable standard of living we commit to provide to all Singaporeans, bearing in mind that increases in support and benefits provided are not free, but ultimately paid for by everyone through taxes,” he added.”

    “He added that public healthcare and home ownership are heavily subsidised in Singapore, allowing all to meet their fundamental needs.”

    “Singapore has to continue work on building a strong and dynamic economy that can give its citizens good jobs, reasonable wages, and sustained salary increments that increase with workers’ productivity and skills, he said.”


    Why is there a need achieve a consensus on standard of living? Wasn’t this settled decades ago when Woody Goh targeted and Swiss Standard of Living in the 1970s. Everybody accepted this. It is also quite easy to determine the appropriate standard of living – just use the MEDIAN wages AND productivity of real 1st world countries. What Maliki is suggesting is another laughable attempt to confuse the issue of standard of living after Woody Goh failed big-time delivering on what he promised.

    PAP should define “subsidy” before claiming healthcare and home ownership are heavily subsidized. Is it a “cash subsidy” (i.e., Government as a whole is out of pocket providing it or is a “market subsidy” (just discount from private sector prices but the Government as a whole still makes a substantial profit). Public housing prices have gone up 30x over the last 5 decade but real wages only went up 6x over the same period. (Per capita GDB wet up 40x. Minister salaries went up over 70x). HDB prices more than doubled since LHL became PM. How can home ownership be still heavily subsidized. SLA which sells state land to HDB for building flats makes (and holds) billions from selling land which cost zero. It never had to pay for the land. The land price is determined by the Government Valuer, no negotiation.

    Maliki should not mention “productivity” considering PAP’s dismal record on productivity growth over the last 5 decade. It was often NEGATIVE for many years. This explains why Singapore is NOT a real 1st world country in terms of wages, productivity, work quality and standard of living. LKY was fixated with GDP (not productivity) growth. He opt for the “soft option” – a BIG MISTAK Singaporeans are paying for now. For this LKY is right called “Lee Con You”.

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  • why pap folks all talk cock:

    pap has whip.

    when pap clan member and if disagree with pap, must pretend to go to toilet while voting process is on.

    otherwise, kenna whipped jialat jialat.

    that is why even a useless, 100% obviously useless piece of CB such as pap sexpert, can be minister.

    in the end, whose fault?

    61% sheep producing cotton for pap is at fault.

    it is laughable because all these 61% sheep are not the connected ones but those who rely on bus mrt to move about.

    yet these sheep, 61% of them, has chosen to enrich the pap folks who are biding up the COE even during a pandemic.

    we just laugh.

    BTW we ensure every of our kid the 1st day out of non pap U buy a car. because car lite is never for us. it is for pap folks and their children. the laugh is because only 61% sheep from cradle to grave don’t own a car whereas the pap folks they vote into power tell these sheep to be car lite and these sheep believe it.

    we just laugh.

    in own land of birth, from cradle to grave, never owned a car because of the very pap folks they voted into power.

    BTW despite all the car lite BS by pap folks, 61% sheep must really check and tally how come the small clan of pap folks all own so many cars per human body.

    do we care if 61% sheep gets crowded out of their bus mrt by aliens imported into pap island?

    ffff. No. we really don’t care. we just laugh. that’s all.

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  • SGP is ready for INDIAN pm:

    we think the current mess in pap parleement shall clear up if we have an INDIAN prime minister.

    then, there shall be no more free riders.

    after all, if pap island has an INDIAN president, why stop there and not make it all the way by appointing another INDIAN as prime minister.

    we holding pink I/C fully support the motion to appoint an INDIAN as prime minister, we fully disagree with the appointing of an INDIAN as president.

    what are we saying?

    INDIAN appointed as president – we don’t support.

    INDIAN appointed as prime minister – we support fully since we now have an INDIAN appointed as president.

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  • Scratchhead:

    Ownself increase ownself salary, highest in the world. Fark you PM, are you having a joyous FREE RIDE? HC salary $100 million pa, CB is she having obscene FREE RIDE? Tew Leh Loh Mold.

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  • PAP Started as Opposition:

    History reveals that PAP was once an opposition party. So, those who voted PAP into parliament (and continue to support PAP) were also free riders? Don’t cry over the spilled milk, be more gracious to voters and respect their votes. It does not look good on the PAP to pass such a remark.

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