I wonder if the AGC is also investigating

PAP MPs who flouted circuit breakers rules were not charged or fined or issued warnings, or even questioned. It’s as if nothing happened at all – while ordinary Singaporeans are fined on the spot for committing the same offence!

I wonder if the AGC is also investigating this, like it is now investigating the Liew case.

It can go after someone for a private Facebook post, and someone who holds a private, indoor Skype chat.

Sometimes, I don’t understand how the AGC operates, and how prosecutorial decisions are made.

So, if the AGC takes action against the Liews, should it also not take action against PAP MPs?

How does the system work? I don’t understand.


Andrew Loh




14 Responses to “I wonder if the AGC is also investigating”

  • Send foreigners home:

    Straits Times: 2 in 5 workers retrenched in Q1 found jobs by June despite economic slowdown: MOM

    That is only 40% (less than half) found jobs. It can (and should) be a lot better by cancelling the Employment Pass and S-pass of foreigners to force them to go home. Singaporeans can take over their job.

    PAP should stop talking (and crying) about unemployed Singaporeans and actually do something about it. “Cheap talk” and crying in Parliament do not create jobs for Singaporeans.

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  • PAP MPs talking cock:

    Straits Times: New MPs Speak

    HANY SOH (PAP) Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC

    “Ms Soh, a lawyer, spoke on the need to look out for lower-wage workers, such as food delivery riders. She suggested a 15-minute parking grace period for such riders and that malls have designated food delivery pick-up points. She also called for more awareness and action to push for green living and sustainability in Singapore, proposing that taxi operators be allowed to introduce carpooling to maximise the use of the vehicles’ capacity.”


    RACHEL ONG (PAP) West Coast GRC

    “Ms Ong, chief executive of local enterprise Rohei, wants society to stop seeing age as a barrier, but as a qualifier for jobs. People need to have the mindset that everyone has valuable skill sets that the community needs.
    She also called for society to nurture creativity to complement critical thinking, adding that Singapore needs to build school and work cultures that give people time, and mental and physical space to carry out pilot studies of their vocational interests.”



    Mr Huang, director for enterprise development at Temasek International, said that to stay relevant, Singapore has to continue to invest in the future of technology, and be a leader in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing. He also said Singaporeans need to maintain a profound respect for plurality in the country, adding that deep trust and mutual respect need to be the basis of relationships among Singaporeans.


    Only 1 of the above 3 have a cock but all three are “talking cock”.

    Did Hany Soh bother to find out if the food delivery is a Singaporean PMET who lost his/her job to a “cheap” (no CPF) foreigner? It is ludicrous to be talking about 15-minute grace period for parking instead of focusing on why the person is food delivery driver.

    Rachel Ong talks about age barrier. Is she aware of the age barrier in Government-linked companies and agencies? It is laughable that she talks about “creativity” and “critical thinking”. Do local school encourage creativity and critical thinking? Wasn’t too long ago “thinking” was an issue local schools so Government has a slogan “Thinking Schools, Learning Nation”. Local student are trained to be exam-smart but have poor analytical and communication skills. Most of the are really “trained” to be mediocre.

    Shaun Wang is the most ludicrous talking about “deep trust and mutual respect”. What has he been smoking? There is trust and respect between Singaporeans but there is NONE BETWEEN PAP AND SINGAPOREANS. The PAP treat Singaporeans like “growing mushrooms” – “kept in the dark and fed with a lot of shit”. Trust and respect are two-way streets. Trust and respect to be trusted. Also “trust” is not enough it should be “trust but verify”. Flying F16s must have deprived Shaun brain of oxygen. His brain died and he does not realise it.

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  • TumasikPatriot:

    He who plays the violin calls the TUNE even if he is in Pink Panties not Jockey…

    “Beholden” piece of spineless SHIT!!!

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  • Stop:

    Stop issuing WP and ep and stop prs n dependents to return!

    We are wasting our reserves without any returns. Pappies must stop this immediately.

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  • Hard and ugly truth:

    The office of The AG takes orders from LHL and Ho Chin.Family and friends of theirs ARE ABOVE THE LAW.LHL still have not investigated Jason Lim the WANKER who stood in Jurong GRC and backed out after much negative comments against him.The ELITES are THE LAW.

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  • Hard and ugly truth:

    The Chairman of the Changi Airport Group is of questionable character and SHOULD BE SACKED IMMEDIATELY,he has TIES TO HO CHIN and the PAP. The Minister of Home Affaires should grill the HEAD OF THE SPF for doing SUCH AS SLOPPY JOB.Only GOD knows how many innocent where convicted by the the SLOPPINESS of the SPF.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Every government and legal system is under the control of the despot and his minions. Even LHY was not safe for awhile, not to mention his son.

    But we all know nothing will happen, right? Ownself protect ownself.

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  • BunchOfSnakeOilSalesmen:

    how did our beloved country SG get stuck with such losers ..
    I’ve long stopped listening to their cock n bull speeches.

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  • Went to Japan:

    Straits Times: 2 in 5 workers retrenched in Q1 found jobs by June despite economic slowdown: MOM

    As PHV, Grab Food, Part time, Social Distancing ambassadors, Insurance agents or property agent.

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  • Billy ma:

    In this particular case, multiple parties should be investigated & bring to justice accordingly.

    First of all, the Liew family particularly the Liew who made the allegations & his son.

    Next is MOM

    3rd is the police investigators.
    4th is the prosecutors.

    Then the AG office.

    Last but not least the district judge.

    It’s clearly a bias in favour of the Liew family.

    Everything is just wrong.
    If this is not clearly lay out then the trust in the whole judiciary system is broken.

    But knowly how lhl is, he’ll do his usual trickery ie declare in parliament that everything is OK so no need to do any further explanation.
    It’s a waste of the country resources he’ll give as an excuse.

    Lhl will also shout about how the judiciary is laud through out the world as one of the best.

    Of course, the dude will tell Singaporeans to focus instead on the recovery from the virus.

    This is the ‘new norm’.
    This is the most hated words I least want to hear.

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  • flickshit:

    There is no LAWs in Singapore lah,,,, all the laws are being white washed by PAP and its cronies crooks..

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  • Do it Right- reclaim PMET jobs:

    How true ! We should reclaim some of these PMET jobs for currently displaced local PMETS. This is the right solution, not creating internships / short term jobs. The 100,000 new jobs created are not the same – internships don’t pay enough to put food on the table as many of these displaced PMETS have families and aged parents to feed, and housing loans to pay off !

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on shipandbunker.com : Quote – “Hin Leong Founder’s Family May Be Allowed to Keep $75 Million in Assets

    by Ship & Bunker News Team
    Thursday September 3,2020

    The family of Lim Oon Kuin (OK Lim), founder of troubled Singapore oil trading firm Hin Leong, may be allowed to keep as much as $75 million worth of their assets, according to price reporting agency General Index, as the company’s creditors sue them for $3.5 billion.

    The family may be allowed to retain 5% of their assets, estimated at up to $1.5 billion, General Index reported Wednesday, citing market sources.

    Earlier this week Singapore newspaper the Straits Times reported that PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), the firm appointed by a court as Hin Leong’s interim judicial managers, is suing OK Lim and his two children for $3.5 billion.

    PWC accuses the family of  “deliberately concealing [Hin LEONG'S] losses and portraying it as a profitable company when it was in fact massively insolvent, “the newspaper said.

    OK Lim is out on $3 million bail, the newspaper reported, after being arrested earlier this month and charged with fraud.

    The charge related to a gas oil trade with China Aviation Oil(Singapore) Corporation Ltd, with police alleging a forged document was used to secure more than $56 million of trade financing.

    Hin Leong is the parent company of one of Singapore largest marine fuel suppliers, Ocean Bunkering.

    Ship & Bunker News Team.

    To contact the editor responsible for this story email us at [email protected]“Unquote.

    Response : $3.5 billion should be in US Dollar. CNA even reported it at US $3.85 billion. How come Lim Oon Kuin and his two children no need to go totally bankrupt and judicial con people court still allow them to retain $75 million in assets? Like that can meh? Law allows? How huge is $75 millions in assets  and $75 millions may be US dollar some more. Pui! Rich people owe huge billions no need to go bankrupt meh. Lim OK and his two childrens commit fraud (as reported out) too, also no need to be charged to go to jail meh? Pui! The post was not POFMA. So AGC no need to investigate why the OK Lim and his two childrens can still keep $75 millions asset and no need to go totally bankrupt?Pui! Is law apply equally to all bankrupts people?

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  • Ahpoh:

    SOMETHING IS WRONG.Not something went wrong.

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