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The minister Vivian Balakrishnan emphasised the need on speed of entry or proximity registration as Singapore is progressively opening up for conferences and business-related events. He said of the need of Levels of granularity and to enhance the level of protection for the people concerned. [ LINK ]

But the minister ought to know or failed to inform the public on the “Reliability” of the token used for the protection of lives, as he put it, providing the level of protection of its citizens concerned.

I am of the opinion that it would be a crime if the token is proven to be unreliable since no Characterization and tests results have been shown, particularly as the minister put it, in the context of mass gatherings and crowd related events.

My points are transient proximity [virus contact], mobility of individuals and token Bluetooth transmission data collision [even with spread spectrum or frequency hopping technology] preventing those proximities and contacts from detection or recording within the transient periods.

I would refer the minister to the published paper “Analytical and Experimental Performance Evaluation of BLE NeighborDiscovery Process Including Non-Idealities of Real Chipsets” by [David Perez-Diaz de Cerio, Ángela Hernández, Jose Luis Valenzuela, and Antonio Valdovinos].

Without delving into the technicalities, Table 6, therein, provided an example of the Probability (in %) that not all of the devices [200] are detected in the Active Detection Window of 5 seconds example, for a transmission interval of 500ms, the loss detection could be as high as 19.69%. Now, it must be borne in mind that the detection window used in the Table 6 is 5 seconds. Therefore, in comparison with the “Tracetogether” token implementation of 5 minutes [extracted from Government technology Officer], the Probability of non-detected devices would soar to unimaginable and dangerous sky-high percentage.

I am hoping that the Minister will realize the matter in increased “Levels of granularity” and place importance on “Reliability” especially when citizens safety is of concerned here. I am proposing that the “Tracetogether” token be put to a mass gathering Characterization and test [the size of 340 tokens within proximity in 18.6 seconds contact transient] carried out by impartial and neutral parties like NUS or NTU before mass distribution and implementation [mandatory?] to the public. I am against wasting time and tax payer money and polluting the earth of expended batteries and giving its citizen a “false sense of safety/security” [as the PM had put it on the donning of mask].






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  • Impartial and neutral parties:

    Have a good laugh at the end. Thank you.

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  • Tremendous:

    They got a s*ake called Bala to launch the device, and the s*ake bows to his million dollar pay every day. Instead of running another POFMA, it’s cleaner to show concrete evidence, independent numbers and researches that the device works to the level of granularity. How many people did they test on before they launch or did the s*ake take the money out from his salary to develop and launch the device ? First, it blew up the youth games budget. The village is not a smart nation if they cannot even hold the s*ake accountable this time.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Others are working on vaccine, our SG government working on tracking of infection as if we want this pandemic to drag on.

    I know PM said he’ll stay until Covid-19 is under control. Well we can expect GE2025 to another pandemic election.

    ELD already has the experience, no problem the next time.

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  • mike:

    Every crisis is opportunity for making money. Fortunately or unfortunately, the gahment gets to monopolize it. Even true for us ^.^

    Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route

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  • Every effort helps:

    Should appreciate every effort to help open the economy faster.
    The economic impact of the Virus is killing many Citizens and many are suffering.Especially our jobless who are not getting much help from the various support scheme.Many has fallen between the cracks.

    If the trace token system helps to control the Virus but need to improve to make it better,by all means do it with the input from the experts.

    Need to do more for our fellow Citizens who are suffering now…especially the elderly poor.

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