Positive aspect of Parti Liyani’s case

This case involves a maid who was accused by the employer of stealing their belongings. She was charged, found guilty in a trial and sent to jail. The sentence was overturned on appeal.

Most people focused on the negative aspects of this case, i.e.

* Sloppy work by the police
* The prosecution seemed to side with the employer, who was a prominent person
* The district judge sentenced the maid “wrongly”

I like to focus on the positive aspect of this case:

* A lawyer was willing to work pro-bono, with a non-government organization, to lodge the appeal
* The appeal judge overturned the decision of the lower court

Mistakes could be made by certain parties along the way, but justice does prevail in the end.

I do not think that there was malice on the part of the employer to lodge the complaint of stealing, nor of the part of the prosecutor in charging the maid, nor of the magistrate who decided that the maid was guilty as charged.

The appeal judge has his own view of this case, and he has explained it in detail in his findings. I also respect his decision.

I look upon this case as an endorsement of the justice system in Singapore – that it has the capability of redressing a wrong that has been made.


Tan Kin Lian




20 Responses to “Positive aspect of Parti Liyani’s case”

  • Do more:

    Better to reduce mistake in the first place. Need to improve .
    Not fair to the innocent party. Unnecessary suffering and cost.
    Still it is good to see the systems check and balance still functioning.

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  • Poon:

    Ah Tan, you sure sound like an IDIOT. Nothing more to say.

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  • oxygen:

    CLOSET PAPpypolitics puppy farting political gases? Or was this silly brevity yet another page of the puppy’s usual detour to simplistic fiction or is it the work of puppy’s pretended or real ignorance?

    I gather that empty vessels make the most noise – just like this one overly scholastic piece of a technological garbage of suggestive “smart nation” self-delusion.


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  • Sebeiho:

    This is a VERY naive view!!!
    To begin, this case showed a very prominent case of system bias. Looking at all the past cases, it is VERY CLEAR there are two types of law, one of the connected, and one of the others. When I say connected, it means you have to be an elite, with money and sone social standing.
    The district judge is totally incompetent, as detailed by the High Court judge. This incompetency breed from the very bias in the system.
    Imagine this;
    1. The intention was to prevent somebody to report an abuse.
    2. Fabricated lies to prevent re-entry to do so.
    3. Policeman were not serious to investigate.
    4. Tell lies and plenty of lies in court to substantiate case.
    5. Trial judge did not exercise integrity or dare not go against the system of bias.
    6. Prosecute a jail term to show the seriousness of the offence.
    Where on earth can you find positivities out of this case?
    Home and lawyer Anil stepped in to offer assistance because they wanted to seek justice. High court judge Chan Seng Onn is NOT one to believe in system bias but go for the truth.

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  • abcd:

    Have you ever been wrongfully accuse of something that is fabricated or being blamed for things that are trumped up? and then convicted and jailed?? How is it positive when these should not have happened in the first place??

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Mr. Tan; the positive aspect of this case was; we uncovered the sloppiness of police investigation. We confirmed money talks. And there is such thing of wrong judgement.

    However all these we already knew!

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  • MarBowling:

    Karma and Retribution have finally caught up with this LEWD FamiLEE. Whose FamiLEE is NEXT? This LEWD Bugger is just a small FISH! Period. Now, some of those BIG FISHES with same and similar DNA must be shitting in their pants! Heaven and the Barn Owl are WATCHING their BACK and Sneaky movement 24/7/365!

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  • xoxo:

    Talk more cock again.
    It is obvious there was MALICE from the Liew$.
    There was taking side from the authorities.
    You are LML’s buddy, i guess.

    Look, why no *elites* nor TKL come to the DEFENCE of JBJ,DR CHEE, ROY,RAVI and other lesser sgs?

    You are also a bird from the $ame Feather.

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    TKL sees the good side of all involved in this case.

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  • John Richards:

    How much did they pay you? It was a clear case of ‘fix up.’

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  • Harder Truths:

    “…I do not think that there was malice on the part of the employer to lodge the complaint of stealing, nor of the part of the prosecutor in charging the maid, nor of the magistrate who decided that the maid was guilty as charged…”

    Eating all that Jenny Craig shit has killed your brain cells . Typing on a keyboard is not a sign of smartness. Ah Meng could do it better than you – even now.

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  • opposition dude:

    The few positves cited by Kin Lian will not be enough for us because the negatives resulted in the wrong sentence passed and a person jailed for something she did not do.

    This statement “I do not think that there was malice on the part of the employer to lodge the complaint of stealing” is hilarious! The intention as has already been reported is that he wanted her deported so she could not fight back. So how can there be no malice?

    The extrememly sloppy work done by the mata is outright glaring. Why did they do it they way they did? No one bothered to supervise ah? No big shit police commissioner come out and say something to support ah?

    And furthermore, the fact that Liew has connections to PAP is even more jialat. The newspapers will never print this fact but we can see the big picture. So all these allegations of Liew being given preferential treatment and the mata tidah apa way of investigations tells us all we need to know and make our own conclusion.

    And if you have noticed, they have not dared to pofma anyone too. This is what happens when there is massive public pressure!

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    John Richards:
    How much did they pay you? It was a clear case of ‘fix up.’

    An Idiot need NOT be paid just stay as an Idiot to receive attention and that is enough to FEED his ego

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  • ITE Only:

    @ Do more

    Seconded. There are other severe cases for the high court judges to work on.
    This case spread over years is a waste of tax payers monies , resources and time unnecessarily.

    Will the maid be compensated ( loss of income and other grievances ) ? Will TKL hire her ?

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  • nathan chen:

    This time, it’s a miscarriage of justice reversed. There can be no reversal for miscarriage of justice if the State hanged the wrong man. Our Criminal Justice System looks increasing shaky after the maid acquittal. PAP apologists pls continue your yarn spinning.

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  • Jman:

    Dear Mr Tan,

    While it does show the legal system is still working, we have to put all the events in context.

    It took that long for the final verdict, and at no less than the highest Court in Singapore. This should have been sorted way before this at the very first hearing. And the way it was handled is sloppy at so many levels, it is entirely unjustifiable and indefensible. This case was the culmination of a whole long series of cut corners, prejudged minds, people looking the other way, well connected people setting up helpless member of society, and not just one or two oversights.

    Rather, your comments might be better framed as there being something left to be redeemed, than anything else.

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  • Ahpoh:

    Rotten food will cause diherra.no.good.side.one.

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  • Leaving things unexplained:

    (I do not think that there was malice on the part of the employer to lodge the complaint of stealing, nor of the part of the prosecutor in charging the maid, nor of the magistrate who decided that the maid was guilty as charged.)

    Log, stock & barrel – without an iota of supporting evidence – doth Tan Kin Lian absolve in toto the guilty “powers-that-be” of all negativities! But your justice, your reasoning is absurd because Parti was absolved of all the negative charges directed at her by the powers-that-be. You are manifestly fence-sitting in judging this criminal case; frankly, I hardly think your 50/50 evaluation casts any light on the facts of the matter as they stand.

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  • Ah Tan Ah:

    Mr Tan, imagine yourself going through the same process as Parti.

    Four years on bail.
    Cannot work.
    All the while being accused of being a thief.
    Have to account for all, ALL, your belongings.

    Then freed.
    The judges, prosecutors, police and the minister in charge didn’t even say sorry.

    Then, you come here and say again that the system can “redress the wrong” done on you.

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  • Realistically:

    It is a pity that my total debunking of this retarded numbskull based on the facts, evidence and realities has not seen the light of day……..even as what is written is just a blatant attempt to distract from the travesty of justice against the helpless and poor maid so as to protect the reputation of a known and widely acknowledged crony of the emperor with clothes regime, whose response by Dilhan Pillay, the CEO of Temasek Holdings International and slated to take over Ho Ching as the CEO of TH.

    I question the (improper) motive of Tan Kin Lian, the said numbskull whose view is in direct contradiction to Law Minister and Home Affairs Minister, K.Shanmugam who had stated on public record that “something has gone wrong” in the prosecution of Liew Mun Leong’s Indonesian maid of more than 8 years, Ms Parti Liyani.

    Tan Kin Lian has also refused to take into account how the unjust judicial decision to convict Liyani would be consistent with the public pronouncement by the emperor without clothes as to how to “FIX” his critics/oppos and to buy his supporters’ votes of which protecting Liew Mun Leong would be in line with his “huying” of his supporters’ votes.

    What is abundantly clear is Justice Chan’s indictment of both District Judge Olivia Low and the DPPs from the Attorney-General’s Chambers who had obviously breached her oath of office pursuant to the State Court Act in Olivia Low’s case and that both Olivia Low and the DPPs had prima facie contravened section 16 of the Administration of Justice (Protection) Act and plausibly the Penal Code……

    sinkies should, by TKL’s sheer baseless attempt to protect the emperor without clothes regime’s bankrupt policy which I think most sinkies have come to realise, also question if his contesting the Presidential Election of which he had secured around 5% was part of the conspiracy to split the votes against Tony Tan, who was the PAPies’ anointed & supported candidate for the PE. In the event, Dr Tan Cheng Bock only lost by a whisker………if those who had voted for TKL had instead voted for Tan Cheng Bock, the disasters which had happened under Tony Tan and now Halimah Yacob’s watch could have been avoided if Tan Cheng Bock had been the President.

    By TKL’s repugnant conduct in support of the emperor without clothes, it is logical to me that he had been made CEO of NTUC-Income’s insureance even as his lack of critical thinking skills must be apparent with his shameless pro-emperor without clothes’ stance in the past.

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