Injustice and inequality

Recent news in the past few weeks have seen injustice and inequality enacted onto Singaporeans and workers on the land.

We have seen how the inequality and unfairness enacted on residents in Singapore mean they have been unfairly persecuted by the PAP government, we have seen how workers in the dormitories continue to be a mere afterthought of Singapore’s #COVID19 policy, and how death sentences to be carried out are done so in such inhumane ways. While the PAP and its affiliates can speak in racist ways, ethnic minorities who speak of the racism they face are instead persecuted and warned for doing so. Singaporeans and low-income workers here are merely digits to be disposed of.

Yesterday, Pingtjin Thum was interrogated for hours by the police and had the police invade his home, to take away his belongings – all because he dared to conduct credible independent journalism, and because he continues to stand up bravely.

These are Singaporeans and workers on our land whom have been bullied, oppressed and silenced, and who have been told that their lives do not matter in the eyes of the PAP, which has grabbed power for itself, while abusing the power to rampage over Singaporeans and the low-income residents here.

These series of alternative portrayals of news headline try to use the flippant way in which the PAP treats the lives of Singaporeans and residents, and takes a look at how it looks like if the law is against them in the way they force it on Singaporeans.

The contrast between real-life headlines and these alternative images show how power has been greatly misused and abused by the PAP, and how we have been allowing them to get away with their abuses for the past few decades.

We have been fed so much propaganda that when we get the chance to look at what things will look like when the PAP’s law is applied evenly, it makes us realize how badly the PAP has behaved. The PAP is the horrible school bully who will steal your lunch and kick you off your swing.

The PAP has abused our land, our laws and our citizens and workers for far too long. And it has got to stop.


Roy Ngerng




13 Responses to “Injustice and inequality”

  • Harder Truths:

    There is no hope for this migrant -infested island – the time for change is long gone. You face the Ogre’s question – die quick or die slow.

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  • PAP's Singaporeans First:

    South China morning Post: Singapore’s death penalty in the spotlight after court puts man’s execution on hold

    “Speaking to reporters after the court session, Ravi said Syed had told him Singaporean citizens were being scheduled to be executed first given that foreign inmates were for now unable to receive visits from their overseas-based families.”


    Even in executions PAP is pro-alien. Singaporeans First but only in executions.

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  • Ahpoh:

    May be is Best to lay disclaimer in our system……

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  • change for SG and sgs:

    the abuse of power will only stop when sgs stand up and VOTE this PAP regime OUT!
    no other way..
    even reducing their voter percentage is not good enough.
    they never change their cruel ways.
    make nice promises at the elections but after GE as we’re seeing now, its business as usual.

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  • 乌鲁坤克磊辣:


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  • TumasikPatriot:

    Singaporeans are IDIOTIC sheeple CONvinced & CONditioned…sad that a Country I was born in raised and most likely Die…is no better than a 3rd world Dynastic Ruled shitpot bar the ILLUSIONS created…

    We were once a happy, carefree and contented LOT ruled by the British though it could have been BETTER…they left behind a system that FAR SURPASSES the Dutch in Indonesia and the French in Indo=china…

    and when Freedom bell starts to ring in Malaya Singapore heard it and a Nationalistic fervor begun in the UK…where students from Malaya & Singapore were like a Brotherhood for Liberty…

    Malaya was GRANTED independence in 1957 the same year the British Grant Citizenship to all foreign aliens with conditions in Singapore

    All went well including our self-rule in 1959 with Nationalists-Commie sympathizers and the NEW PATRIOTS happily put in place and power without GREED to a group of Ordinary Citizens that includes some elites…from the POOL of elites step out an Evil Bastard…

    And…like they say the rest is HISTORY…Freedom Bell was cracked the Blind Lady with the SCALE had her BLINDFOLD loosen

    “THINK” and you are or remain a CONditioned Sheep minded by sheepdogs with evil eyes

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  • Police CLOSE DOWN:

    Are they a bunch of robbers? Stop harassing people!

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  • popcorn:

    The recipients of inequality and injustices are not coming out to say anything because they are mostly incapable, acceptance or powerless.

    The writer, in this case, was exceptionally outspoken, a rare exception in Singapore, can’t speak for all, himself was or had been subjected to injustices under the regime. But to many others looking at his case maybe less sympathetic(he deserved it) towards him.

    Nevertheless, the social ills are real not perceived.

    It is what the big guy looking down at man’s affairs sees that matters.

    Either you follow what was written or face the consequences of your wickedness.

    And they, the s*ake in the garden, will not listen so enjoy your popcorn folks.

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  • Investigate Liew Mun Leong:

    Straits Times: Parti Liyani, ex-maid of Liew Mun Leong, seeks court nod for inquiry against two prosecutors

    First things first. Any inquiry must start with the Liew family. They started this fiasco by illegally deploying their maid. Then tried to cover it up by framing the maid by accusing her of theft.

    Singaporeans want a THOROUGH and COMPLETE inquiry, not a SHAM inquiry from SHAMugam.

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  • Uselesstankl:

    Health Ministry (MOH) said that travellers coming from India must produce COVID-19 test results from recognised labs which are “internationally accredited or recognised by the Indian Government”.

    The tests must









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  • Is the monopoly over justice?:

    “It is an unfortunate human failing that a full wallet often groans more loudly than an empty stomach…. Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country… The only sure bulwark for continuing liberty is a government that’s strong enough to protect the interests of the people, and a people strong enough and well enough informed to maintain its sovereign control over the goverment.”

    - President Franklin Roosevelt

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  • start with agc is ok too:

    Investigate Liew Mun Leong:
    Straits Times: Parti Liyani, ex-maid of Liew Mun Leong, seeks court nod for inquiry against two prosecutors

    First things first. Any inquiry must start with the Liew family. They started this fiasco by illegally deploying their maid. Then tried to cover it up by framing the maid by accusing her of theft.

    Singaporeans want a THOROUGH and COMPLETE inquiry, not a SHAM inquiry from SHAMugam.

    we think it is ok to start the jailing process with agc.

    why do we think so?

    everyone with a brain aka 39% knows pap liew mun leong has one way or another swayed agc to FIX the low wage maid.

    as all humans, as shown by kDramas, are the same, the agc is going to save its own skin and start to spill the beans, UNLESS of course the hold, aka corruption in agc, pap liew mun leong has on agc is so great that die die agc must side with pap liew mun leong.

    1, we shall see whether pap liew mun leong who failed to FIX maid using pap clown fix the OPPO manual will be saved or thrown under the pap bus.

    2, we shall see whether the pap police was under pressure from agc or was in the take too together with agc since agc shall need, as usual, to find the lowest ranked scapegoat.

    3, we shall see whether pap judge was offered a S$m role in CAG or Surbana or Capitalland. after all, in pap land, nobody works for free and at pap judge level, nothing less than S$m can move an inch.

    4, we shall see whether pap clown wife the one purportedly earning S$99.9m pa is going to come out an BS 61% sheep again why pap liew mun leong is a good man who did good for pap island.

    5, we shall see if any pap parleementarian, finally, and for once, has the backbone to say something about pap liew mun leong needing not only to be jailed but to be jailed 6 years 6 months.

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  • Seen to be done:

    Justice and equality practices not only need to be done but seen to be done.
    This will build trust which is critical for a nation to deal with major crisis such as a Covid Pandemic.

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