Pappy Master Class Acting Skills and Feigning Ignorance

The unemployment and under employment have gotten worst and worst over the years, this pandemic has pushed this further and becoming very obvious since many local PMETS are being let go. Many of my PMET friends have suddenly become redundant during this period. And checking with them, many told me they are let go but so many FTs were kept intact instead. This to them is quite unbelievable situation because they of course think that being a Singaporean, local must come before foreigners. This complaint is not new, I had heard many such problems over the years and this problem has some what extrapolated with massive import of foreigners in progress in which 2019 we saw the most number of work permits and passes issued. I personally had been interviewed by FT manager who later hired their own natives, not just once but a few times.

The PAPPY has maximised the media under their control, you can see so many advertisements every where, from buses to MRTs to Facebook talking about jobs for Singaporeans, ironically they always include PR who are foreigners who have no roots in Singapore. The believed this sort of marketing that they are creating jobs will appease locals who are unhappy with the situation. Of course, they are many dumb sheep will believe what they see without checking next layer of truths. According to many sources and replies online, many had gone to WSG, E2i, CDC and NTUC. They are asked to pay to attend CV class, find career coach or recommend to do low level menial jobs like hospital attendants or security guards. Many said they had waited weeks or months or even years for a reply. So how come the advertising on media and social media are so aggressive but the reality is so far? PAPPY mastered the art of acting, acting as if they want to help but they are the ones who created the problem, isn’t it? Who let in the FTs? Who converted them to locals as PRs or new citizens? You are expecting the source who created the problems to solve the problems? It does not take a genius to tell us the answer!

Heng said trade agreements did not impact Singaporeans, Harimau had to use parliament opening address to tell Singaporeans foreigners never affect employment? If Singaporeans not affected, why are they trying so hard to use news, newspaper and public events to keep reminding us locals foreigners never impact Singaporean rice bowls? Please tell me as my IQ is not very high, why the ministers are trying so hard? Nothing better to do?

Lets be logical, 4.0M ballooned to 5.8M population, how many foreigners in Singapore? You need O level maths to calculate? Singapore is probably over taking Dubai as we do not have oil and Dubai not giving foreigners toilet paper citizenship like us. The recent exposed banking sector and foreign employment at our sovereign funds have been there not just 2020, been that way for very long. Most of these highly paid third world FTs have become PRs or new citizens. When questioned, they will always say 80% or 90% locals and refused to break down further because they can’t tell you the truth of the situation. But the their profiles and pictures tell a thousand words right? When you corner them further, they cry racism, xenophobia and discrimination as if you are the ones in the wrong, isn’t it? Are you expecting them to come clean and tell you the truth?

Whatever lousy policies, they always say its better for citizens, with you and for you. From CPF and CPF changes to Medishield to RA to GST to Foreign Talent; their message is always same. They have become masters of their own truth, the truth it does not benefit citizens, it benefits them and their party. Don’t live in denial unless your IQ is low.

Singapore is a small island, it is world most expensive and many companies are moving out to alternatives, so it means the job pool is getting smaller. The non stop import of foreigners, converting them to locals or new citizens finally showing huge strain in this pandemic. But they are not pulling the plug, they are out there telling you you are not impacted and we must remain open all doors and industries to foreigners to compete with you. Recently I watched PSP coffee shop video Ms Wong talk on employment, she actually said she found many PMETS driving PHV, even CTO and CFO. Honestly she is not the first one, I also found many PMETs driving PHV. So why are local PMETs driving PHV and many third world FTs still landing in Singapore looking for accommodation as they found jobs as tourists? Don’t believe? Go Facebook, look for rental and accommodation in Singapore!!! Did Heng or govt interview these PMETS driving PHV? Recently, the media trying to glamourise downgrade to PHV or Grab Food with article saying PMET director very happy doing Grab Food since he lost his job. If you hurt them, then you brainwash them to accept their fate.

I read the recent article that PAPPY will never change, trust me it has been decades, I believe the same. They will always feign ignorance, put more money into media and social media to pretend to solve the problem but will continue to do the same. Massive import of third world foreigners will never stop, our population will breach 6M by 2025. The general election is over, they have four years to play you. Thanks to 61% of your votes, they have mandate to dictate the lousy policies that will impact you.


Eva Siow




28 Responses to “Pappy Master Class Acting Skills and Feigning Ignorance”

  • Team Captains:

    These self-appointed team captains get the most capable, sorry, wrong, most profitable team to fight their games.

    Singaporeans? Are you the cheapest, 24/7 slaves the team needs? No? Step aside.

    Those #%$^& 61%, sigh.

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    Aiya, tell me who controls the narratives & why pap is going after activists, bloggers etc, who are govt critics. Why is PAP going after New Naratif?

    I hope to live to see the day pap becomes the minority oppo in Parliament; pap has hang on to power for more than 61 years!

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  • xoxo:

    Dont just blame the 61 pct.
    The lack of a strong oppo in the form of A SOLID ALLIANCE is impeding the OPPO itself from winning over more fence-sitters.
    GO ASK PRITAM, he said those words in parLEEmen!

    I am appalled that the WP LEADER uttered such words!!!

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  • oxygen:

    LEE-jiapore’s POPULATION RECYCLING ECONOMICS is fake economy – even admitted to have “MAXED OUT” in 2015.

    That is 5 years before Covid-19 pandemic wrecking ball came smashing in.

    @ Eva Siow, how much of this dilapidated crumbling economy can be saved?

    The 61% of the peasants who voted for this crap DESERVES EVERYTHING they got of reward.

    I worried for the rest.

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  • Uselesstankl:

    Hear what Ms Brown said about pap….

    I hope isd and police is not working today or next day or forever…..

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  • DavidNeo&IreneVanessa:Bastards:

    61% stupiak.

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    MORE of such Contributing Articles that will wake even the stoopidest of sheeple…

    2025 is just around the corner should we SURVIVE the Evil Lies & CoronaCrown…

    The Bunch of Idiots KNOWS and will cash in as MUCH as they can B42025…what have they to Lose???…

    NOTHING but a little Faceeee… a Face that even when Spat upon will allow the wind to DRY it rather than to Wipe it

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Recently, Myanmar is having its election, its nationals in Singapore have to queue in 2 lines from its Singapore embassy in St Martin Dr right up to the bus stop at Tanglin Road. A distance of more than 500-600M. This event takes about 2 weeks.

    So can you imagine just how many Myanmar nationals are here in Singapore?

    That’s only Myanmar, what about Thai, Pinoy, Vietnamese, Malaysians, PRC, CECA Indians?

    Easily there are more than 2 millions foreigners in Singapore, at any one time, even during this period!! They are not here as tourist, they are here to take your meals, all the 3 meals, with the help of our own PAP Government!!

    Go ahead trust this PAP Government!!

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  • Do more please:

    Need to do more for the PMETs who are unemployed or underemployed.
    Especially the Senior PMETs…apply for many jobs but never call for interview.

    The support scheme from MSF is of not much help…
    Can see but cannot get.Useless.Even if get is so miserable.
    How to survive in this Covid environment ?
    You will have to walk alone…when you need it most.
    Empty slogan.Will be dead if help ever arrived.

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  • @ xoxo ..mai hum's reputation:


    L.O. & behold also stated:
    “P.M. I’m not desperate for power!”

    Hahahaha….. xoxo guess who is?

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  • ForeverSlaves:

    Fight for your rights or remain being modern slaves.
    Those jobless who are not eligible for Covid grants, cannot make end meet, don’t be shy to seek help from Comcare. Go to CC to enquire more info if you not familiar.
    They don’t allow withdrawal of your CPF they need to provide monetary assistance to you. Its your money after all. It may not help much but at least better than nothing.

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  • Harder Truths:

    This kind of propaganda is common practice in totalitarian regimes.
    Loyalty to the island is loyalty to the regime, and vice-versa.

    Very soon all citizens must show ‘loyalty’ to the regime. Watch ‘loyal’ TV programs and sing ‘loyal’ songs. Wear ‘loyal’ clothes. Give information about your disloyal neighbour to the regime for a small ‘loyalty’ reward. Get children to rat on their disloyal’ parents at school.

    Yes, $G is the envy of every other regime on this planet and a model for them to follow.

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  • Stupid policy:

    Those that need help badly…cannot get.
    Those that don’t really need it…so easy to get.
    Those who responsible to help,only keen to apply rule rigidly.
    Not interested to do the right thing to help fellow Singaporean.

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  • Foretold N Fulfilled:

    People did not take the “Departed One” seriously when he warned his “daft” citizens that one day, they could become drivers and maids to foreigners. It appears to be more than a warning. That day has come (the driver part), sooner than expected, a fulfillment within our life-time. One time, i called for a Grab; a shortwhile later, lo and behold, a Mercedes Benz showed up, spacious and very clean inside! During the ride, a casual conversation started, and I asked the driver – middle-aged, respectable-looking and educated – why he was doing Grab. He said it was just for the fun and he enjoyed it, althout I had my doubts. PAP’s FT policy will continue to deprive and drive out locals from good-paying jobs. As local FTR drops, imported citizens and PRs will be the new faces of SG to replace the PG and MG.

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  • Propogader:

    Has anyone watch the CNA video on Poverty in MALAYSIA this week, WHY Malaysia? The video concentrate on 1 guy who has loss his wife and setup a workshop just b4 covid19.

    There is NO poverty in SINGAPORE lah from this video, (trying to cycko singaporean) Daft right

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  • Fake news for sure:

    Straits Times: Most Singaporeans remain open to foreigners here; only 14% negative towards them: Survey

    Many Singaporeans would remain open to foreigners if they are here doing low-paying jobs Singaporeans like cleaners, garbage collectors, unskilled construction workers, etc. to

    It is a different story for jobs done Singaporean PMETs. Thousands of them have already lost (and continue to lose) their job to “cheap” (no CPF) foreigners.

    The FACT is “cheap”foreign workers also depress local wages.

    Another FACT is that demand from the large number of foreigners in Singapore also pushes up prices making Singapore one of the most expensive place to live with stagnant salaries.

    Another FACT is that the Government can easily ensure Singaporeans have a job during the current economic downturn by cancelling the work visa of foreigners to force them to go home. Singaporeans can take over their job in Singapore. It is that simple.

    The Government must ALWAYS look after Singaporeans first. Foreigners must be sent home to create jobs for Singaporeans.

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  • oxygen:

    @ Fake News for sure


    THERE IS SURVEY and there is fictional castle/dreamland fantasy fabrication.

    A “survey” can CLEVERLY ask the respondents to elicit the “RIGHT” answer – such – as do you think our cosmetic beautify your face? The respondents are “trapped” to supply the implicit “approved” answer of RESOLUTELY “YES!!!”. If the correct answer is intended to be “NO”, the respondents will be caught with the embarrassment of

    -discovering/justifying why the cosmetic does NOT beautify her face and


    To save herself from all these angst/agony, the respondents will all reply the “approved correct” answer as YES – the cosmetic survey make her beautiful face even more prettier!!!

    In survey research corruption in so-called “market research”, this is call the “hello effect” of asking the “right” question to elicit the “right answer”

    SO YOU ARE RIGHT, survey research, particularly those politically flavoured subject-matter, are often FAKE NEWS, just like political podcasts.

    There is survey dressed up in cover of 1% truth, 99% lies, fantasy and propaganda – OFTEN TWISTED OF ITS QUESTIONAIRE AND INTERPRETED RESULT.

    They are meant for the “consumption” of GULLIBLE peasants.

    Fake news for sure: Straits Times: Most Singaporeans remain open to foreigners here; only 14% negative towards them: Survey

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  • Bluff sheeples for years&years:

    The Pharaoh promised his people they would become rich if they bought into his MLM-funds construction plan.

    Now, that turned out to be the very first pyramid scheme. In our times, we have our homegrown sort too…..

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Every countries has their own affairs.

    Just look at this china news.


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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Or look at this USA lady. Have h some perseverance. Everybody have their own problems.

    Woman finishes Illinois Bar exam while in labor and right after giving birth

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  • Harder Truths:

    “…Massive import of third world foreigners will never stop, our population will breach 6M by 2025…”

    By 2025? We will reach 7m by then, if not more. This is how they service the government coffers. New arrivals must spend, loan, borrow and this creates debt which is wrongly taken as GDP.

    There are literally millions of foreign immigrants waiting to come to $G. They should not be disappointed.

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  • why suffered in silence:

    I share your view. I believe they have a hidden agenda for importing more FTs into Sinkapore, inspite of PMETs being compelled to drive GRAB or doing GRAB delivery. Correct me if I am wrong, you dont need rocket science to rationalise. Their purpose could be to build buffers for the next election. There are approximately 22,000 new citizens each year, excluding those PRs who were given citizenship. For every GE, conservatiely,there will be a pool of 110,000 new citizens. Imagine the accumalative sums after several years, the buffer the gahmen built is gross.This buffer serves as a handicap for opposition during each GE. Hence , for those dafts who refuse to acknowledge the dire situations we are in, you believe you and your children have a future if you dont vote for alternative party?

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  • Observer:

    Hope Singapore keep higher stocks of food and cleaning products.

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  • most uselss:

    I believe 10M is on, just that they do not want to admit, so during election, they POFMA and claimed fake news.

    If 10M is not on, why they keep digging up graves, reservoir, airport and reclaim more lands? Why BTOs are getting higher like 50 storeys?

    And worst, they keep telling you foreigners are needed, no impact on locals, they create jobs for locals…. and using media and ministers to keep telling stories about foreigners and shaping our opinions with fake articles and surveys.

    Bro and sis, this FT thing is not yesterday, it has been this way for years, but this pandemic has made this problem more obvious, so they are doing comestic work on social media looking as if they are solving job problems and shaping our opinions with many sponsored articles.

    The PAPPY has converted millions of FTs into PRs and locals, this is why they still have 61% because many new citizens are voting them and hopping PAPPY would further convert more of their kind. This explains why locals are discriminated at jobs where new citizens, PRs or FTs hire their own natives.

    The cowardice of Singaporeans cannot be underestimated, many are so timid to vote against them, until they are impacted. Singaporeans a lot of them have no courage at home with their wives and let alone vote against people who constantly intimidate them with their power.

    We will have more and more third world migrants arriving and being converted for next 4 years, thanks to 61%.

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  • Partial truth?:

    Not all having bad time.

    At least for some mediacorp artists they are having a joy ride. Local TV advertisements majority if not all assigned to them.

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  • 5 Mayors vs 500 Tissue Pedlers:

    5 Mayors can hardly eradicate Pseudo-Beggary?
    50 Tissue Packet Peddlers per Mayor?
    The number of Mayors should be doubled so
    the ratio of TPP:MYR becomes 0:10?

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  • why 61% sheep is wrong:

    when pap prices land cost into every ffffing thing pap touches, things become expensive.

    the same thing, made by the same manufacturer, costs many times more in pap island than just a short hop across the causeway in JB.

    61% says cannot be helped. what ffffing morons.

    1, pap justifies forever up land costs citing more mouths needing more land. ffff. local born only 3m. plus 0.5m economic parasites which pap calls PRs. 3.5m total. yet there are 6.9m mouths in the island which pap says not true only 5.9m which is pure pap BS. why not remove 50% of the mouths who never do a single day NSF NSR and free up land so that land prices can fall back to reasonable levels?

    2, rising land costs do zero for 61% sheep. because over 80% of the 61% live in over priced HDB rental units which values go to zero at end of 99 years rental lease. so rising land costs only benefits pap clan members. rising land costs hurt 61% sheep.

    we just cannot believe it during GE2020 that 61% sheep says it is ok to be so short changed in own land.

    wonder of wonders. we just wonder how 61% sheep can survive as Grab driver foodpanda in a land priced out of their reach by pap.

    mind this. pap island actually belongs to 61% sheep. alas. sheep being 61% sheep, says it is ok to vote into power S$m faced liars to lord over them.

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  • Hooray to Singaporeans!:

    During this pandemic, PAP government gave handouts to locals and PRs!
    PRs are not citizens of the country, why must they also receive the same benefits as Singaporeans?
    A lot of Malaysians are PRs, work permit and S-Pass holders, it is overdue that they return to their country so that locals can have jobs! What is PAP doing, getting M$$$ SALARY and doing nuts!
    Serve all the PAP supporters right if they had fallen into this hopeless situation!

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