The Guise Of Liberal Immigration Using Foreign Talents

Around Sengkang area near Sengkang river, I see many new BTOs going to be ready, they are residing near the river, which was the forest which was supposed to be conserved. And now the BTOs are actually a few metres from the river, there is no more forest. This leads me back to the 10M question raised by Dr Chee, Lim Tean and many online postings about population plan. If we are not going to 10M, why are we digging all these from Tenga to Bukit Brown, and still reclaiming land around our seas.

The recent pandemic has made so many locals lost their jobs, so this foreign talent issue is becoming sensitive. You see again ministers coming out to defend that no locals are affected and in fact these foreign talents create jobs for locals. Honestly, they have been repeating the same mantra over years and decades. I have worked in the IT industry for years, the talents I saw mainly from Malaysia, India, Philippines and third world countries. Most of their qualifications come from un-ranked universities and of course a lot were sponsored by the govt to study and later work in Singapore for few years. I am not sure why the govt keeps saying they are talent, their skills and attitude are mostly third rated. In the places I worked, I found Singaporeans most productive and focused but they were all outnumbered by these foreign talents. And when the foreign talents landed management position, they hired their own natives. This explain once an Indian management comes into the office, not long they office will start hiring Indians, this is a norm now.

As a Singaporean, when I think of foreign talent, it is going to be someone from prestige university like Havard, Standford, Princeton, or someone who possess skills or knowledge which most Singaporeans do not possess. But the reality is I don’t see much or any of these calibre in the companies are work, these days I don’t even understand the English they speak in office, it is so hard to hear the Pinoy or Indian accent English. If they are those cleaners you see down your block, you can understand. But when they are EP holders and making more than $5000 a month, you wonder. When you check their linkedin, they are from some ranked above 100 or even 200 university. I m lying? Go into your office, check their profiles on linkedin, tell me how many are from Havard, Princeton and Standford?

So my conclusion is this foreign talent is actually a guise for liberal immigration. 10M is becoming so sensitive that they will POFMA if they need but would not tell you the population plan. During this pandemic, I still a lot of foreigners landing in Singapore getting jobs and ministers keep saying we need foreigners, you know this massive import of foreigners will not slow down or stop. If they do, who is going to buy all the new BTOs or ECs being built? The conversion of many of these third world foreigners is strategic, what I see is for GDP growth and votes. Many of these new citizens told me they vote the party who gave them scholarships, PRs and new citizens because they want them to keep door open so that they can bring their relatives, friends and families.

Things in Singapore is failing often now, things are not perfect, quality of work is shoddy, more than 40% of the work force are foreigners (not including those already converted to new locals) and productivity has dropped. Foreign talent scheme is sacrificing quality for quantity, instead of having Sam from Havard, we have someone from some unknown school from third world and rebranded “foreign talent” by the party who imported them. While the real quality locals are told to retrain or end up driving PHV or doing Grab Food, the inferior quality third world are given your rightful lunches.

We are heading towards 9.9M for sure….if not 9.9, it could be 9.8 or 10.1; no one will tell you the truth. 61% loves it this way.


Tan Lok Seng




16 Responses to “The Guise Of Liberal Immigration Using Foreign Talents”

  • opposition dude:

    Well, these supposed new citizens didn’t really help PAP much back in July when PAP needed their support. Otherwise their vote share wouldn’t have dropped almost 9% liao. We might see these new citizens as a great number but the election results show otherwise. Just look at East and West Coast GRCs, where were all these new citizens?

    Take heart fellow true blues, as we head into the next election more millenials will be able to vote. Would surprise no one if PAP lost 2 GRCs or more in the next election seeing how they are doing things.

    Have faith in the younger generation to kick out more monkeys!

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  • Do more please:

    Need to reduce the “not so talented”FT here…
    Only allowed real talented FT to be here…those that Singapore do not have.
    Time to take serious action and solve the PMETs unemployment or underemployment problem.
    If still no action…maybe time to change the Ministers?

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  • Dr. Chan:

    @Do more please
    ‘Real’ FT will choose to go to ‘Real’ First World e.g. USA, UK etc.
    Only ‘Fake’ FT will choose to come here ‘Fake’ First World. At least it is better than their 3rd world home country.
    But some of these ‘Fake’ FT can use Singapore as stepping stone to the ‘Real’ First World also lor.

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  • Truth, partial truth:

    No $100 million. Could be $99 million or $101 million.

    No plan for 10 million. Could be plan for 20 million. Or just anyhow build for as many million as possible.

    Simple sheep get conned by the sly wolves.

    The “not so new” new citizens understand Singapore better with time. They also voted against PAP. The euphoria of gaining citizenship wears off when they realise how hard life is in Singapore.

    opposition dude: Well, these supposed new citizens didn’t really help PAP much back in July when PAP needed their support. Otherwise their vote share wouldn’t have dropped almost 9% liao. We might see these new citizens as a great number but the election results show otherwise. Just look at East and West Coast GRCs, where were all these new citizens?

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  • Keep Guessing:

    When have they been fully transparent with the people? Why are they allocating more and more land for housing development if the local FTR is not growing? If not for more PRs and new citizens, then who? They will develop every sq ft of land they can find until there is no more for the next govt to develop! As more high-rise buildings take the place of nature, the island will get hotter, and will worsen with gobal warming. They even “evict” the dead from their final resting place!

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  • These Are Not Talents:

    I also worked in an American IT company from 1982. Mr MD was an American, My Software Director was from Taiwan and my Support Director was a Singaporean Chinese. The Support Analysts are a mixture of Americans and Singaporeans. These people are the real Talents.

    Then the first Indian Software Company opened an office in Singapore and approached out company for business. As a Sales Manager, I brought them to see my prospect- a Transport company. During the discussion the Indian Software guy told the prospect that everything they needed could be done. After the meeting I asked him whether what he said was true. He replied positively.

    After the application software was completed, the prospect complained to me that this was not what he wanted. When he asked the Indian guy to modify, the reply was that it will cost them another S$20,000.

    I felt bad because I recommended the Indian Software company to them, In the end my support personnel have to do the modification for the prospect.

    From this, I realized that the people from this Software company are not the real talents. The actual Indian talents have gone to work in the USA for American Companies such as Microsoft etc. Immediately our company gave instruction to stop giving them any business. Now, there are more of these people in Singapore.

    Heng Swee Kiat please continue to sign more CECA Agreement especially when local company do not benefit from investing in India. For Fark sake wake up.

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  • Cunning rats:

    Its been going on for some time..
    They thought we sheeps didnt notice!

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    They feel threatened by people with legit commonwealth degrees. These people will want to ascend the ranks and be boss one day. So they will get displaced!

    They take pleasure in denying legit degree holders job oppotunities. What is more insulting than to report to someone with a bogus cert, less qualified or even unqualified?

    This FT thing is an insult / slap in the face for all who earned their degrees the hard way.

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  • liew mun leong must be jailed:

    FIRST, pap says pap nus pap ntu pap smu are world ranked universities.

    SECOND, pap says need to import aliens since without aliens the world ranked nus ntu smu local born will not have a job and will need to leave Singapore to have a job.

    THIRD, in any advertised job vacancy, over 90% are filled by aliens even though these aliens hold Executive MBA from HULL which is far down the pap ranked nus pap ntu pap smu.

    from the above 1, 2, and 3, obviously something is wrong.

    world ranked nus ntu smu graduates cannot hold a candle next to Executive MBA from HULL.

    worse, these aliens live in condo, scold sheep security guard, draw a wage many times higher than minimum wage S$1,300, never waste a single day in NSF NSR.

    worst, the 61% sheep who has a hand in the mess. from birth to death, never owned a car. believe in all the pap lies. bear children to be Grab driver foodpanda for aliens and pap S$m clan members. and very happy about such mess.

    61% sheep is the source of the pap mess. it is NOT the invited Executive MBA from HULL aliens who live in condo and outshine local born with nus ntu smu degrees. it is the local born 61% sheep who caused its own misery.

    just wonder. an Executive MBA outranking pap nus pap ntu pap smu. truly 61% sheep is the wtf local born who caused own misery.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Bad news – it will happen. Say in 30 – 40 years?

    Good news – before that time $G’s economy now run by communist regime would have collapsed.

    Better news – by the time this happens those we will be dead or too old to care what happens.

    Best news – TKl will be gone too.

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  • xoxo:

    In NEW TECH industry,we may need to bring in REAL EXPERTS with knowhow and the whewithals to kick-start.
    But,no Fake FTs please as it would be a NATIONAL LIABILITY rather than an asset?

    Look,in the past 20 years,eversince *LOONG-NYNOMIC$* started,THEY have been DUMPONG FAKE FTs with LOW PRODUCTIVITY to replace GOOD sg-talents who built the finance and commercial sectors here.

    What Sg needs are real technologists and industrialists,not fake FTs.

    What we need in govt are not mere book-wormi$h scholars but THINKING sgs to lead us into a more challenging future.

    Chasing that rainbow sounds nice but we must not be constrained by non-thinking group-thinkers?

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  • Went to Japan:

    I get support calls from third world, particularly India or Philippines, half the time I am guessing what they are talking about. Even the scam calls from Singtel, they dont even speak properly when they trying to scam you.

    I was in a MNC, more than 60% are foreigners, many converted to new citizens, a lot of them their degrees are dont know what ranking…. but cant even speak. But on EP passes and the management also their natives.

    Many of them are PRs or new citizens.

    You know…. it is Political Allegiance to white party as hard as they try to deny it…….

    But again 61% voted for it.

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  • Vote for change:

    As long as the electorates vote for PAPpy to be the govt they will continue their acts believing they are doing the right thing!

    We have to bite the bullets till the next GE to VTO!

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  • John Richards:

    Local developers are probably lobbying the Govt to bring in more residents. How else can they maintain the price of new condos and HDB blocks?

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    10 million with 49-59% Foreigners eventually for a little Island being the MOST “CRAMMED” city in the world…will ASSURE the PAP stays in Power and the sheeple bleating Why??? But still, VOTE in their favour…

    How stoopid can People be, is it “Too little TOO LATE”???

    The sheeple and Patriots have 4-5 years to DECIDE a CHANGE or as I said is it too little too late

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  • How to cut CECA fake talents?:

    The name CECA already implies they cannot be cut because it is an obligation except when during crisis otherwise the India government will bring Singapore to international court and revoke the licenses of all the tens of billions of dollars investments.

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