Mixed feelings on Workfare Special Payment

I read with mixed feelings that about 470,000 lower income Singaporeans (LISs) will receive their Workfare Special Payment (WSP) in October.

On one hand, I am much hearten that during this unprecedented and challenging time, LISs are again getting some much needed financial help from the government.

On the other hand, I am disappointed with the numbers of so many LISs among us. The cut-off income criteria is only S$2,300/ monthly. Considering that Singapore is the most expensive county in the world to live in and about 20% of our working population qualify for WSP must make me sick to my stomach.

I could imagine that when the late Minister Mentor wrote his book, From Third World to First, it must have given him tremendous pride, a sense of achievement and maybe even comfort that the pap government of his generation together with a largely uneducated Singaporeans managed to surmount and overcame all odds that were stacked against them through their sheer discipline, grit, hardwork and ingenuity and brought forth a Singapore that was backward, poor and vulnerable to become a first world oasis in this part of the world.
As I compose this commentary, one very insulting thought came back to haunt me again and that is the self entitled mentality of the pap ministers.

Goh Chok Tong, at one time publicly described those people who earn under $500,000/ annually as mediocre and Grace Fu once mentioned that any further reduction in ministerial salaries will be hard for people to contemplate political office.

To Grace Fu, I will say this to her; you have grossly underestimated the mettle and the sense of patriotism of Singaporeans. You can only use your own sentence to describe yourself!

To me, such rubbish uttered by pap politicians must never be left unanswered.

Today, with such an overwhelming numbers of low income foreigners working among us and without the benefit of minimum wage for our weakest working citizens, too many of our LISs’ wages have been depressed.

Singapore has been quietly regressing over the years under that useless son. I liken today’s Singapore as a big tree, although it is standing, it has been decaying and rotting away inside while the squirrels, monkeys and the birds are still playing and singing on it.

I have no doubt that years later, historians and future generations of Singaporeans will look back at the classic story and hopefully learn some lessons of a father who built and son who destroyed Singapore story.



Simon Lim




12 Responses to “Mixed feelings on Workfare Special Payment”

  • You Are Correct:

    Simon, you are absolutely correct. Father worked hard to build Singapore into FIRST World, Son totally destroy Singapore into Fifth World. What the Fark Man.

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  • Scared n paralysed:

    SINGAPORE — Residents and former residents of Block 174D Hougang Avenue 1 will be offered tuberculosis (TB) screening after a cluster of four people were diagnosed with the disease at four different units at the block


    AND our freak gov is opening our doors to Indians from India !!!!

    So where did TB came from ???

    The BULLSHIT BY MOH saying TB was never eradicated !!!

    Even Australia, ” BAN” its own citizens from coming back with pandemic around !!!

    But our FREAK GOV is welcoming all , with its OPEN DOOR POLICY !!!




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    We are going from first world to last.

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  • Tremendous:

    At the rate now, six more years is all it takes for the village to hurtle its way to insignificance.

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  • who is grace fu:

    There is no need to be proud n arrogant,if I am not mistaken she was with oubor uob grp one time as auditor,how much was she earning ?
    At most 200000 pa max so get of yr high horse

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  • xoxo:

    Please stop using once-off payments to overshadow the EVER-INCREASING amount of moneu you are collecting (or are thinking of collecting) from peasants.

    You wear white outside but are black inside?

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  • Asd:

    I think not first world la first world where got TB one

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    Lowager’s $999 vs Dowager’s $99,999,999!
    It doesn’t take a Great Mathematician to
    agree with a $1500 Mininimum Wage.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    I wonder what happened to Singapore being one of 4 dragons of Asia.

    The other 3 dragons already flying leap and bound.

    Is Singapore just marking time for the rest of Asia to catch up?

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  • pay lah:

    Pay lah ….$1300 pm is not too much to to our Million dollar Ministers.
    Also sad that so many of our Citizen are earning so little that need wage support.
    Something very wrong with our employment situation.
    The gap between the top and bottom is too wide.

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  • The father built what?:

    Not for one moment should we forget that it was the vice-chairman & chairman of PAP, Dr. Goh Keng Swee and Dr. Toh Chin Chye who masterminded the design and development of the institutions of the Republic of Singapore!

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  • MW will bring down the wage:

    some white monkey idiots and gang mentioned that MW will bring down the wage of higher income earners ?? can also say hor that worzfair also brings down wage as employers know that the whatever shortfall (low salary) may be sort of “compensated” by worzfair through taxpayers money hor ????

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